The Amazing Race 14 Episode 6

Having gotten lost trying to find the detour, Christie & Jodi finished last in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 5. However, it was a predetermined non-elimination leg, so they are still in the race, but they will face a speed bump as part of this week’s leg.

Due to the basketball overrun, The Amazing Race has been delayed about 50 minutes. A live blog will begin when 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Margie & Luke – 12:18AM
Second: Tammy & Victor – 12:24AM
Third: Jaime & Cara – 12:30AM
Fourth: Mel & Mike – 1:01AM
Fifth: Mark & Michael – 1:02AM
Sixth: Kisha & Jen – 1:28AM
Seventh: Christie & Jodi – 3:09AM

Teams will fly to Jaipur, India, a big change from the freezing Siberia. They must connect through Moscow. Despite the hotter climate, the teams realize they’re going to be hit with massive culture shock. All teams will depart from New Delhi to Jaipur via the 5:40AM flight, meaning that the airport won’t do anything to help the blondes to overcome their speed bump deficit, although it will put all teams even and erase the current hour and a half gap they’re facing.

Mel & Mike start off with a taxi headache. Their guy doesn’t know where he’s going, and he runs off to ask. They’d get another cab, but they can’t get their stuff out of the trunk. The rest of the teams are amazed by the crowded, dangerous driving conditions, but from there they hit the poverty that forces them to tears.

Eventually, the teams arrive at their destination, Dhula village in the middle of nowhere. They just go there to be told to turn around and go to Amber Fort (except they can barely understand the voice on the other end of the phone). Tammy & Victor lead the pack, followed by the next 5 teams all bunched together, and then Christie & Jodi bringing up the rear.

The road block is to care for camels. They must load and carry enough food and water to satisfy each of the camels in their group.

Road block (in order of arrival): Victor, Kisha, Jaime, Mel, Margie, Mark, Jodi

Tammy thinks her dad would love to see Victor shoveling camel feed, considering they were born with silver spoons. It’s not entirely clear why the oldest guy is doing this physical task. That should be good news for the blondes who can make up a bit of time. However, unlike most of the other teams, Mel is smart enough to pay attention to the clue and use the basket for the food, instead of the bucket. Kisha finally realizes the “secret” of the basket when she sees Mel doing it, and the other teams are starting to catch on, too. Because he was the only one paying attention and despite all the drama surrounding how the task was supposedly too difficult for him, Mel finishes before all the others. Jodi has made up some time, but they’re still in last with a speed bump ahead.

From there, teams will race to a puppet store.

In the detour, teams must choose between movers or shakers, both of which will send them through the chaotic streets of Jaipur. In movers, teams will have to transport barrels via cycle and then find a small metal elephant. In shakers, teams must join a dance troupe, where they must shake their hips for tips to earn 100 rupees.

Before the detour, Christie & Jodi must use colored paint to decorate an elephant as their speed bump. They’d better be praying for a miracle because the detour is not difficult enough that anybody is going to lose ground on it. The dancing task sure seems simple enough anyway. Perhaps they’ll get lucky and the moving/searching task, chosen by only one team, will be harder.

Shakers: Tammy & Victor, Mel & Mike, Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke, Jaime & Cara, Christie & Jodi
Movers: Mark & Michael

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Jaigarh Fort.

First: Tammy & Victor (win ocean kayaks)
Second: Mel & Mike
Third: Kisha & Jen
Fourth: Margie & Luke
Fifth: Jaime & Cara
Sixth: Mark & Michael
Eliminated: Christie & Jodi

After squeaking by a few times, Christie & Jodi have finally been eliminated, coming in just seconds behind Mark & Michael. Nonetheless, they leave with a positive attitude.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 14 Episode 7 Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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