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Kisha & Jen’s elimination in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 11 after the most expensive bathroom break in history brought us down to the final three: Cara Rosenthal & Jaime Edmonson, Margie & Luke Adams, and Tammy & Victor Jih. One of these teams will be The Amazing Race 14 winner.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Tammy & Victor – 9:15PM
Second: Margie & Luke – 11:24PM
Third: Jaime & Cara – 2:04AM

The final destination city is Maui, Hawaii. Tammy & Victor’s lead has been equalized, as all teams get on the same flight the next morning. It’s all going to come down to the tasks when they get to US soil.

Upon arrival at the beach, teams will prep a pig for a luau, then they’ll carry the pig to the luau and properly cover it based on the examples provided. First, they’ll need to strip in the cab so they’re properly dressed. Jaime & Cara drop their pig in the dirt, and Tammy & Victor follow suit. This is apparently permitted, since they’re just going to cover the pigs in the dirt anyway. Margie & Luke seem to be doing just fine, and they overtake the other two teams, who are repeatedly dropping their pigs. Victor is encouraging his sister. Jaime is yelling at her partner, since she doesn’t have any foreigners to yell at instead.

From there, they will go to the beach at McGregor Point, where they will ride watercrafts to search among 100 buoys to find their next clue. A dumb luck searching task that could go anybody’s way. Margie & Luke retain their lead, though he’s getting on her nerves. They pass the other teams going toward the buoys on their way back. Jaime & Cara get their clue pretty quickly. Tammy is trying to get her brother to let her look since he’s doing the steering. The last two teams are still neck and neck.

The next stop is a surfboard fence. The road block is to remember everything they’ve done on the race. They will search through over 300 surfboards that have pictures related to things they’ve done on the race. A combination searching task and memory task. We’ve seen this cost teams before. Most of the boards have incorrect pictures. There are 11 surfboards, one per leg, and they must place them in the correct order. Jaime & Cara’s cab driver gets lost, and his dispatcher’s response is that she’s not their personal concierge, so it’s their fault that she’s incompetent at her job. What’s the name of this cab company so people can avoid it? Jaime calls the cops, who know exactly where to go. Except now their cab driver needs to get gas. Meanwhile, Tammy & Victor are stuck behind a slowpoke, who’s on a Sunday drive in a no passing lane. Tammy & Victor arrive when Luke’s got about 9 or 10 done. Jaime & Cara arrive after Luke’s made a few incorrect guesses.

Road block (in order of arrival): Luke, Victor, Jaime

Margie says that Luke has been reviewing the things they’ve done in preparation for a task such as this, so he should be pretty good at this, as long as he can keep his pants up. On Luke’s first try, he gets two wrong, not a bad start. His next attempt is still two wrong. And two wrong again. Two wrong for a fourth time. Fifth guess is still two wrong. Jaime’s yelling her way throughout the whole task. Luke’s sixth guess is two wrong, and again the next time. Victor’s just over half done at this point. Luke has a tendency toward frustration if he can’t get something right away, so this could spell trouble. His next guess is also incorrect, and he doesn’t seem to have noticed that he’s missing the last two, not just the last one. More wrong guesses. Jaime’s catching up to the others. Luke eventually changes the 10th surfboard, giving him 10 correct, so he just has one last one to look for. Jaime’s at 9, while Victor is the second person to reach 10. Luke’s next guess is incorrect. Victor gets all 11 right on his first try. Luke gets another incorrect guess. Luke tells Jaime the first board that she’d forgotten, allowing her to complete the task, so she lets him see her final answer so he can finish.

The finish line is the King Kamehameha Golf Club.

The Amazing Race 14 winners are Tammy & Victor. Despite moments of poor teamwork due largely to their big brother little sister dynamic, they were a strong team and are deserving winners. Tammy believes that the race has helped her relationship with her brother to progress. Jaime & Cara come in second place, and Jaime blames herself for being unable to remember the church from the first leg. Cara responds that it’s a team game, and Jaime seems pretty subdued for a change. Margie & Luke come in third place. He says he’s so lucky to have his mom and was happy to have had the experience.

The Amazing Race 15 has been picked up by CBS, and season 15 will be returning in the fall.

The Amazing Race 14 Episode 11

Following much drama in which Jen was afraid to swim with a life vest, The Amazing Race 14 Episode 10 ultimately ended as a to be continued leg.

Jaime & Cara thought they had a chance to come in first for a change, but apparently not. On the cab ride to the “pit stop” Jen is still crying. She’s so over China. Well, then, Phil’s got particularly bad news for you.

Jaime & Cara don’t care who else is with them in the finals. Margie & Luke obviously would like to see Kisha & Jen eliminated.

Teams will search the shops of a street mall for a Travelocity roaming gnome, which they will need to keep with them until the real pit stop.

From there, teams will need to go to Gu Gong Xi Bei Jiao to find some electric bicycles, which they’ll ride past the Forbidden City and across Tiananmen Square to Dongdan Subway Station.

Jaime hates the cab driver, much like she’s hated everybody else on this race.

The detour is a choice between Beijing Opera or Chinese waiter. In Beijing Opera, teams will make each other up and get fully costumed. In Chinese waiter, teams will take orders in Mandarin and recite them back to the chef, then serve the dishes, which should be an easy task for the Chinese speaking Tammy & Victor.

Chinese waiter: Tammy & Victor
Beijing Opera: Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke, Jaime & Cara

Margie & Luke quickly get into an argument at the makeup task. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, and she’s getting frustrated with him, even though it really doesn’t matter if he makes her look like a clown. Jaime & Cara have been taken to the National Opera instead of the Beijing Opera. Now they have to try to find another taxi, and they’re upset and acting like ugly Americans. Yeah, that’s new. Kisha & Jen, who hate China as well, are following suit in that respect.

A U-turn is coming up. Tammy & Victor are the first ones to arrive at it, and they have decided to U-turn Jen & Kisha because they do not want to end up in a footrace with them. They found the U-turn location no problem, but everybody else seems to be getting lost. Margie & Luke find out that the location is inside the opera house, the place they all came from. With that information, they’ve managed to find it before the others, and they find out that Tammy & Victor have done their dirty work for them. Kisha & Jen finally decide to return and start all over, dumb lucking their way into finding the next clue. Jaime & Cara decide to stay where they are, for fear they’ll be told to just go back there again. They eventually decide to return to the opera house. Upon returning there, now they’re arguing with each other instead of just hating the locals.

Because they were U-turned, Kisha & Jen will need to complete the Chinese waiter detour before proceeding.

From there, teams will head to a street market for their next clue. The road block is a gross eating task: grasshoppers, larva, scorpions, and starfish. Similar to the task we saw in The Amazing Race Asia 3 Episode 1.

Road block (in order of arrival): Victor, Margie, Jen, Cara

Victor finishes the road block before anybody else even arrives. Jaime & Cara have made up a lot of ground on the eating task, so it’s down to the cab ride, but they are a couple minutes behind. Because she chugged so much water to get that food down, Jen has to stop to use a port-a-potty before they make a dash for the finish line, and according to Phil, that made the difference.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Niao Chao.

First: Tammy & Victor (win a trip to the Galapagos Islands)
Second: Margie & Luke
Third: Jaime & Cara
Eliminated: Kisha & Jen

Kisha & Jen have been eliminated, bringing us down to the final three.

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The Amazing Race 14 Episode 10

The Amazing Race 14 Episode 9 was largely pointless, as Mark & Michael never had a chance to even make it appear like they were going to survive.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Kisha & Jen – 1:48PM
Second: Tammy & Victor – 1:49PM
Third: Margie & Luke – 1:50PM
Fourth: Jaime & Cara – 2:12PM

Teams will now fly over 1000 miles to Beijing, China, which once again should play out favorably for Tammy & Victor. All teams get on the same flight.

The drama of the end of the last leg continues, no matter how much the two teams involved claim they’re over it. Kisha & Jen continue to isolate themselves from the other teams, and from the country of China in general.

The first stop is a foot massage parlor. The road block is to participate in a traditional Chinese foot massage. First, they will drink a medicinal tea, then they’ll get a foot massage known for its therapeutic powers. It lasts ten minutes and walks a fine line between pleasure and pain. Afterward, they will drink another cup of tea. If you say uncle, they’ll stop, only to start all over again.

Road block (in order of arrival): Cara, Kisha, Tammy, Luke

Cara’s crying while Kisha bites down on her jacket. Tammy’s a trooper and seems to have the easiest time with it. Luke is struggling as bad as the first two were.

From there, teams will head to Guangcai Natatorium. Jen’s already freaking herself out, figuring that they will have to swim.

Tammy & Victor tell a cab driver where to go, then Jaime & Cara grab that cab from them. Tammy & Victor just take the next cab, and they still get there first because they’re able to communicate the correct door to their new driver.

The detour is a choice between sync or swim. In sync, teams try to master the skill of synchronized diving by jumping off the 3 meter springboard in unison. In swim, teams must swim 8 lengths of the pool in a 400m relay. Each member must complete 200m of the relay.

Swim: Jaime & Cara, Luke & Margie, Kisha & Jen, Tammy & Victor (switched from sync), Kisha & Jen (switched from sync to swim back to sync back to swimming)

Jaime & Cara are doing okay on the swimming, even if it is exhausting. Tammy & Victor are slowly getting the hang of the diving. Jen’s convinced she’s going to die. Margie & Luke are also doing fine on the swimming, which is proving to be the easier task. Kisha’s just pulling herself through the swimming task by holding on to the buoys. Jaime & Cara have managed to complete their task first. After Kisha’s done pulling herself through the first lap of the swimming, Jen decides to switch again. Margie & Luke are done next. Tammy & Victor are still struggling to get past a 4 (they need a 5), but Tammy’s not a good swimmer. They eventually decide to switch. Meanwhile, Jen’s having a breakdown on the diving. She wants to go home. Tammy & Victor have completed the swimming task. Kisha pulls Jen up as they switch back to the swimming task. Jen’s allowed to wear a life vest to complete the swimming task, which makes me wonder why they didn’t just do that and avoid all the initial drama.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Drum Tower. Except it’s not really a pit stop. Jaime & Cara are the first team to arrive at Phil, who hands them another clue. The leg will continue.

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The Amazing Race 14 Episode 9

Two teams made stupid moves in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 8, but Mark & Michael were ultimately non-eliminated after they were assessed a ridiculously excessive penalty. In addition to starting off more than three hours behind, they’ll also have to complete a speed bump.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Margie & Luke – 9:36AM
Second: Jaime & Cara – 10:30AM
Third: Tammy & Victor – 10:40AM
Fourth: Kisha & Jen – 12:43PM
Fifth: Mark & Michael – 4:08PM

Cara thinks they would have an easier time if they did not yell. Yeah, good luck with Jaime as your partner.

Teams must fly over 1000 miles to Guilin, China. Tammy & Victor will have an advantage since they speak Chinese.

First flight (connects at 8:30): Margie & Luke
Second flight (connects at 8:30): Jaime & Cara, Tammy & Victor
Third flight (connects at 9:10): Kisha & Jen
Fourth flight: Mark & Michael

The 8:30 connecting flight has been delayed, which allows Kisha & Jen to take the lead. Their lead evaporates when they’re looking for the clue.

Mark & Michael are landing, and it’s pretty safe to say they have no prayer.

Kisha & Jen are still upset that their cab driver got the wrong directions in the last leg, which they blame on Margie & Luke. They approach the clue around the same time. He gets there first, and instead of waiting the two seconds for him to grab the clue, Jen shoves him and calls him a bitch. He doesn’t hear this with being deaf and all, but his mother does.

The two teams arrive at the next clue looking for a fight, and another shoving match ensues.

The road block is to take part in the fishing industry the old fashioned way. They’ll take a raft out to the middle of the river and train birds called cormorants to fish.

Before they can do their road block, Mark & Michael must do their speed bump, which is to wash and dry the hair of two women.

Road block (in order of arrival): Tammy, Jaime, Jen, Luke, Michael

Tammy is the first to arrive but the last to leave, as her birds are disobedient and flying away. Luke gets bit by one of the birds. Jen is amused.

The Ancient South Gate is the next stop. The detour is a choice between choreography or caligraphy. In choreography, teams must go to the central island and learn the dance. In caligraphy, teams must copy a series of Chinese characters to form the name of their next artist’s station. They will have to get past all four stations to get their next clue.

Caligraphy: Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke, Tammy & Victor
Choreography: Jaime & Cara

The first two teams to arrive at the caligraphy task follow Tammy & Victor around, making it a foot race to the mat.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Banyan Lake. Teams have to find the view depicted in the picture in their clue.

First: Kisha & Jen (win a trip to Barbados)
Second: Tammy & Victor
Third: Margie & Luke
Fourth: Jaime & Cara
Eliminated: Mark & Michael

At the pit stop, it’s time for more arguing between Margie & Luke and Jen & Kisha. People are going to interpret what happened in different ways, but picking on the deaf kid’s likely to be the action that gets blasted most.

What a thoroughly pointless leg. Mark & Michael were so far out of it that they couldn’t even pretend they had a chance

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The Amazing Race 14 Episode 8

Having gone the opposite way of the rest of the pack, Mel & Mike were eliminated in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 7.

Last week, CBS managed to get things started on time when the CMAs were on. Now that TAR is back, we’re delayed again. 60 Minutes is running about 35 minutes late due to a golf overrun. A live blog will begin as soon as 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Tammy & Victor – 9:27PM (I’m assuming this is actually supposed to be 12:27AM)
Second: Jaime & Cara – 12:31AM
Third: Mark & Michael – 12:46AM
Fourth: Margie & Luke – 12:53AM
Fifth: Kisha & Jen – 1:05AM

Teams will now fly from Phuket to Bangkok, Thailand, about 400 miles away. All the teams get on the same flight.

When they land, Kisha & Jen and Margie & Luke are right near each other, and their cab drivers (both lost) start talking to each other to figure out where they’re going. Kisha & Jen take off, but Margie & Luke stay behind because their driver heard some locals shouting instructions. Kisha & Jen blame Margie & Luke for their cab driver’s mistake.

They stop at the boat yard. The road block is to assemble a propeller for a longtail boat.

Road block (in order of arrival): Margie, Jaime, Victor, Mark, Kisha

They’d better hope those propellers work okay because they’ll have to ride those boats through the Bangkok canals. Like what happened with Victor, who got his propeller okayed, then his boat wouldn’t move.

The first two teams took their bags with them. Mark & Michael and Kisha & Jen have opted against this, although Kisha did want to go back for her fanny pack and shoes but was vetoed by Jen. Tammy & Victor also grab their bags.

Jen wasn’t aware that they didn’t have their fanny pack, with their money and passports (lose those, and you’re out). Unlike before when Jen didn’t want to be bothered, now it’s Kisha who says not to turn the boat around.

The detour is a choice between broken teeth or broken record. In broken teeth, teams will go to the street of happy smiles and search through 50 sets of dentures to find good matches for 5 of the waiting patients. In broken record, teams will ride in a party taxi and sing karaoke for 5 miles, hoping for good traffic, which Jaime & Cara don’t get, so Jaime proceeds to get rude as usual.

Upon arrival, Mark & Michael realize they’ll need to get their bags at the boatyard. Their boat has left by this time, so they’ll have to find another way. They realize they don’t have enough money to get back. Mark & Michael are arguing about whether to bother getting the bags or not. They do have the money and passports they need to continue, but now it’s a question of how much comfort they wish to continue in. They eventually decide to go back.

A shoeless Kisha and her sister don’t want to go back until the task is over.

Broken teeth: Margie & Luke
Broken record: Jaime & Cara, Kisha & Jen, Tammy & Victor

Now that their detour is over, Kisha & Jen don’t have any money. Luckily a taxi driver has pity on them and agrees to take them to the pit stop for free. It’ll be interesting what the rules are as to whether they’re going to be allowed to go back after check in for their bags that they intentionally left. Last year, Dan & Andrew were forced to leave their shoes because they were dumb enough to leave them behind.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Phya Thai Palace. When they arrive at the pit stop, we find out what the penalty is for not having your passport: go back and get it. They were third, but they’ll need to go back, which they should have been smart enough to do when Kisha was yelling at the beginning (and then again when Jen was telling her they needed to do so).

When Mark & Michael arrive, they are penalized again. Since they ran out of money, they used their belongings, which is a violation of the race rules. They have incurred a 2 hour penalty. Times 2. In total, they have received 4 hours in penalties. This is a joke, right? Make the penalty match the offense. A 4 hour penalty is the same penalty as they would have received if they quit a task, and it’s 8 times the penalty they got last week for tampering with race equipment.

First: Margie & Luke (win a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Second: Jaime & Cara
Third: Tammy & Victor
Fourth: Kisha & Jen
Non-eliminated: Mark & Michael

Hard to say who made the dumber move here. Both teams could have made much better decisions. In addition to their 4 hour penalty, Mark & Michael must complete a speed bump. Makes me wonder if next week even has a point to it.

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The Amazing Race 14 Episode 7

Christie & Jodi were finally eliminated in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 6, thanks to the speed bump they received because of the prior leg (like the blind U-turn, it was planned in a manner that really gave its receiver little chance of survival).

60 Minutes is running over again due to the basketball overrun, but it’s a manageable time of about 10 minutes.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Tammy & Victor – 10:21AM
Second: Mel & Mike – 10:50AM
Third: Kisha & Jen – 11:02AM
Fourth: Margie & Luke – 11:03AM
Fifth: Jaime & Cara – 11:04AM
Sixth: Mark & Michael – 11:11AM

Teams must now fly almost 2,000 miles to Phuket, Thailand, where they will locate their next clue based on a picture of a gorilla. They’ll have to figure out they’re looking for the Phuket Zoo.

Tammy & Victor have been to Phuket before, but Tammy was treated as the baby of the family who wasn’t allowed to do anything (we’ve seen some of this so far on the race). It appears Mel & Mike have been as well, although Mel just speaks mai tai. Jaime’s not patient and doesn’t like foreign languages (good idea going on a race around the world).

Unlike the other teams, Jaime & Cara go straight to the airport, whereas the rest go to the travel agent instead. Doesn’t matter because all the teams make the same flight, arriving after 14 hours.

Mel & Mike are heading to the beach. Mark & Michael’s cab driver has no clue where they’re going, so they have to stop and ask. The other teams find themselves in the same predicament. The rest of the cabs end up going the right way, which could put Mel & Mike in a world of hurt, as they decide to keep going.

When they arrive at the zoo, teams will need to get their pictures taken with a tiger (the tiger’s handler only has one arm), then they’ll participate in a ritual where elephants step and squat over them.

From there, teams will go to the oldest herb shop in Phuket, where they will ask the shopkeeper to open 1 of the 99 drawers. They’ll have to keep going until they find their next clue.

Mel & Mike finally decide to ask the locals. One of them says Phuket Zoo. Nope, that’s not correct, or so they tell him. Another guy tells them it’s the zoo. After he says he’s 100% sure, they finally agree to go to the zoo.

The increasingly frustrated and screeching Jaime was the first to arrive at the herb shop and is the last to leave (except Mel & Mike). Someone needs to put this rude chick out of her misery already.

The detour is a choice between 100 barrels or 2 miles. In 100 barrels, teams must prepare a fishing ship for 10 days at sea. They’ll have to fill 47 barrels with drinking water and move 53 empty fish barrels from the bottom deck to the roof. In 2 miles, one team member will pull the other in a rickshaw for 2 miles.

2 Miles: Mark & Michael, Tammy & Victor, Jaime & Cara (switched from 100 barrels), Margie & Luke (switched from 100 barrels with Jaime & Cara)
100 barrels: Kisha & Jen, Mel & Mike

Mark & Michael have hired a cab driver to lead them through the rickshaw route. Victor can’t run any more, but he doesn’t want his sister to help him either. At the detour, Kisha & Jen see Mel & Mike, who may not be out of it just yet. Because she can’t get her son’s attention while sitting in the back, Margie would rather run and have Luke sit. That sounds like… not a good idea. After her run, Margie’s starting to get light headed and numb.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Wat Thep Nimit Temple. No road block? Teams can walk, run, or hire a ride to get there.

Mark & Michael are the first to arrive at the pit stop. However, they have incurred two 30 minute penalties. First, for tampering with the pumps and trying to slow the other teams down. Second, for hiring a cab driver to lead them along the detour route. Lucky for them, Mel & Mike went way out of their way earlier on the leg, so it may not be over yet. As close a leg as this is, though, it may very well be a big problem. But the clock is ticking down pretty quickly. They must have built up a damn big lead. With about 5 minutes left in the penalty, the teams start coming to the mat.

First: Tammy & Victor (win a trip to Oahu)
Second: Jaime & Cara
Third: Mark & Michael
Fourth: Margie & Luke (Margie passes out at the mat from dehydration and/or heat exhaustion)
Fifth: Kisha & Jen
Eliminated: Mel & Mike

While they try to make it dramatic, it’s pretty obvious Mel & Mike have finished in last. It’s just a question of whether this is a non-elimination leg. Mel & Mike have been eliminated from the race. They go out with respect for each other.

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The Amazing Race 14 Episode 6

Having gotten lost trying to find the detour, Christie & Jodi finished last in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 5. However, it was a predetermined non-elimination leg, so they are still in the race, but they will face a speed bump as part of this week’s leg.

Due to the basketball overrun, The Amazing Race has been delayed about 50 minutes. A live blog will begin when 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Margie & Luke – 12:18AM
Second: Tammy & Victor – 12:24AM
Third: Jaime & Cara – 12:30AM
Fourth: Mel & Mike – 1:01AM
Fifth: Mark & Michael – 1:02AM
Sixth: Kisha & Jen – 1:28AM
Seventh: Christie & Jodi – 3:09AM

Teams will fly to Jaipur, India, a big change from the freezing Siberia. They must connect through Moscow. Despite the hotter climate, the teams realize they’re going to be hit with massive culture shock. All teams will depart from New Delhi to Jaipur via the 5:40AM flight, meaning that the airport won’t do anything to help the blondes to overcome their speed bump deficit, although it will put all teams even and erase the current hour and a half gap they’re facing.

Mel & Mike start off with a taxi headache. Their guy doesn’t know where he’s going, and he runs off to ask. They’d get another cab, but they can’t get their stuff out of the trunk. The rest of the teams are amazed by the crowded, dangerous driving conditions, but from there they hit the poverty that forces them to tears.

Eventually, the teams arrive at their destination, Dhula village in the middle of nowhere. They just go there to be told to turn around and go to Amber Fort (except they can barely understand the voice on the other end of the phone). Tammy & Victor lead the pack, followed by the next 5 teams all bunched together, and then Christie & Jodi bringing up the rear.

The road block is to care for camels. They must load and carry enough food and water to satisfy each of the camels in their group.

Road block (in order of arrival): Victor, Kisha, Jaime, Mel, Margie, Mark, Jodi

Tammy thinks her dad would love to see Victor shoveling camel feed, considering they were born with silver spoons. It’s not entirely clear why the oldest guy is doing this physical task. That should be good news for the blondes who can make up a bit of time. However, unlike most of the other teams, Mel is smart enough to pay attention to the clue and use the basket for the food, instead of the bucket. Kisha finally realizes the “secret” of the basket when she sees Mel doing it, and the other teams are starting to catch on, too. Because he was the only one paying attention and despite all the drama surrounding how the task was supposedly too difficult for him, Mel finishes before all the others. Jodi has made up some time, but they’re still in last with a speed bump ahead.

From there, teams will race to a puppet store.

In the detour, teams must choose between movers or shakers, both of which will send them through the chaotic streets of Jaipur. In movers, teams will have to transport barrels via cycle and then find a small metal elephant. In shakers, teams must join a dance troupe, where they must shake their hips for tips to earn 100 rupees.

Before the detour, Christie & Jodi must use colored paint to decorate an elephant as their speed bump. They’d better be praying for a miracle because the detour is not difficult enough that anybody is going to lose ground on it. The dancing task sure seems simple enough anyway. Perhaps they’ll get lucky and the moving/searching task, chosen by only one team, will be harder.

Shakers: Tammy & Victor, Mel & Mike, Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke, Jaime & Cara, Christie & Jodi
Movers: Mark & Michael

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Jaigarh Fort.

First: Tammy & Victor (win ocean kayaks)
Second: Mel & Mike
Third: Kisha & Jen
Fourth: Margie & Luke
Fifth: Jaime & Cara
Sixth: Mark & Michael
Eliminated: Christie & Jodi

After squeaking by a few times, Christie & Jodi have finally been eliminated, coming in just seconds behind Mark & Michael. Nonetheless, they leave with a positive attitude.

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The Amazing Race 14 Episode 5

Amanda & Kris, one of the stronger teams, were eliminated in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 4 following a poorly placed blind U-turn that gave them no chance of survival.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Christie & Jodi – 12:34PM
Second: Kisha & Jen – 12:36PM
Third: Tammy & Victor – Well, it apparently doesn’t matter what time anybody else leaves because they’re not telling.
Fourth: Margie & Luke –
Fifth: Jaime & Cara –
Sixth: Mel & Mike –
Seventh: Mark & Michael –

Since they’re in the middle of a snowstorm, Christie & Jodi are hoping for a warm place. Next stop: Novosibirsk, Russia via the Trans-Siberian Railway. The train departs at 10:26, so everybody will be on the same train. It’s a good thing nobody got left behind (though it was obviously planned that way), or this would have been a real obvious leg with only one train per day (that’s how you know nobody wants to go there).

The flight attendants believe they have an advantage working together all the time. Kisha & Jen plan to merely stay with the pack and hope for a footrace.

Jaime & Cara and Margie & Luke continue to work together.

Jen is frustrated with Kisha because she’s ignoring the strategy of following the pack and instead going another direction.

The detour is a choice between Russian bride or Russian snow plow. In Russian bride, teams choose a car with a manual transmission called a Lada that they must drive to find a bride, who needs to be driven across town to a church to meet her groom. In Russian snow plow, teams take a Lada to a stadium where they must operate snow plows through a training course.

On their way to the first detour, the first three teams pull over to get directions. While the others are getting directions inside, Victor asks a cab driver outside. Rather than wait the 30 seconds for them to come out, Victor bails. He just lost their trust needlessly. It’s obvious his directions weren’t very good because he’s stopping again. Margie gets directions from somebody on the street when they stop. Victor sees the direction the local is pointing, so he takes off in that direction, again going on his own. Silly man. Again, it’s not worth the half a minute advantage you’re gaining. Their efforts to lose the other two teams have not paid off, and all teams are even when they get to the plows.

Russian snow plow: Margie & Luke, Jaime & Cara, Tammy & Victor, Mark & Michael
Russian bride: Mel & Mike, Christie & Jodi, Kisha & Jen

The next stop is an unpronounceable library with way too many names, the largest library in Siberia. The road block is a winter marathon… in their underwear. They will warm up with their local partners and run 1.4 miles through the snow to the Novosibirisk Ballet and Opera Theater, which is the pit stop for this leg of the race.

At this point, two teams are dragging behind trying to find the church, Kisha & Jen and Christie & Jodi. It will be a footrace for first between the two teams who have been working together (Margie & Luke and Jaime & Cara) and the team that has been working with them when convenient (Tammy & Victor).

As Kisha & Jen slide around on the icy roads, Christie & Jodi hope they can find their way there by following a taxi. The friction remains between Kisha & Jen, as it has through much of the season, but the flight attendants say they’re just going to remain calm and hope for the best. Nonetheless, I suspect time is up for Christie & Jodi, unless it’s a nonelimination leg. Jen has to get some underwear because she’s going commando, while Christie is blurred out because she’s wearing a thong.

Road block (in order of arrival): Luke, Cara, Tammy, Mike, Mark, Jen, Christie

First: Margie & Luke (win a trip to St. Lucia)
Second: Tammy & Victor
Third: Jaime & Cara
Fourth: Mel & Mike
Fifth: Mark & Michael
Sixth: Kisha & Jen
Non-eliminated: Christie & Jodi

Christie & Jodi have been saved by the non-elimination leg. They will have to complete a speed bump on the next leg.

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