The Amazing Race Asia 3 Episode 1

Despite being something of a two team race, The Amazing Race Asia 2 proved to be quite entertaining and a hit across Asia. We return for season 3 with a cast of 10 teams racing around the world for $100,000, along with Amazing Race Asia host Allan Wu.

The teams begin their race in Bangkok, Thailand. Teams arrive at the starting line, Rama I Monument, via Tuk Tuks. The home teams in this leg are Mai & Oliver and Natalie & Pailin.

Ida & Tania aren’t used to travelling without someone carrying their luggage for them. Natalie & Pailin tell us there’s more to pageants than just looks. Bernie says she’s never failed, ever apparently. Geoff & Tisha are one of those couples that intend to test their relationship on the race, which typically turns out to be a complete disaster. Mai believes she’s a princess and expects to be treated accordingly.

There are 11 legs on the race, 7 of which are elimination points.

The first clue tells teams to not race on an empty stomach. A little bit early for a gross eating challenge, no? Each team must eat a bowl of a local delicacy. Assorted bugs, frogs, and scorpions. Henry & Bernie are the first ones to complete the task. They get out just before the gagging and vomiting begins. Being from Thailand, Pailin & Natalie don’t mind the food at all and finish the task second. Geoff & Tisha are just behind them. The other Thai team, Mai & Oliver, finish next, with AD & Fuzzie right behind them. Oliver’s already proving to be Mai’s mule, carrying her backpack and his despite the fact that the race just began, though he does tell her that’s too hardcore and he can’t do it again. Ida & Tania are sixth. William & Isaac finish seventh, and Neena & Amit are behind them after vomiting their whole meals. Vince & Sam are ninth. Niroo & Kapil, who struggled the whole way through, finish last.

From there, teams must travel by taxi to Caltex (sponsor alert) and wash a “marked vehicle,” which they will later find out is a 22 seat two story passenger bus. Henry & Bernie and Vince & Sam have cab difficulty already, as their taxi drivers get lost on the way there. Much complaining about being tired ensues from all the teams. Here’s something they couldn’t plan on, though. It starts raining. Kinda makes the task of washing cars easier. In spite of their earlier taxi problems, Henry & Bernie finish first again. They look like they’ll be a pretty strong team.

Travelling in their newly washed buses, teams will depart in order of arrival to Wat Phai Rong Wua, where they will find their next clue.

Despite finishing in second, Mai & Oliver don’t know where to go next, so she suggests grabbing a taxi and driving to nowhere.

Bus 1: Henry & Bernie, Neena & Amit, Pailin & Natalie
Bus 2: Geoff & Tisha, Ida & Tania, Mai & Oliver
Bus 3: William & Isaac, AD & Fuzzie, Niroo & Kapil, Vince & Sam

The next clue is to search among Buddha statues in Suphan Buri, the city of gold, for the next clue. What is this find a clue to find a clue stuff? They will take a bus to the temple, and their buses will wait for them for 20 minutes. If they do not finish within 20 minutes, they will have to take another bus. Without any daylight and no hours of operations, everybody is searching with flashlights. Bus three people get screwed. They don’t have to wait for 20 minutes. They have to wait for every single team to finish. If they’re smart, they’ll help each other. But they’re not smart apparently.

Bus 1: Mai & Oliver, Geoff & Tisha
Bus 2: Henry & Bernie
Bus 3: Neena & Amit, Pailin & Natalie, Ida & Tania, Niroo & Kapil, Isaac & William, AD & Fuzzie, Vince & Sam

The next destination is Chiang Mai Bus Terminal. They’ll be going 585km away, which should take about 8 hours.

The detour is a choice between race or rice. In race, teams must drive an offroad buggie through an 8km track. In rice, teams must pound rice into paste and make two rice balls, which may be backbreakingly difficult. The really bad news about rice is the potential for blisters, which could have an impact on future tasks.

Rice (in order of arrival): Mai & Oliver, Geoff & Tisha, Henry & Bernie, Natalie & Pailin, Vince & Sam
Race: Isaac & William, Ida & Tania, Neena & Amit, Niroo & Kapil (after trying rice), AD & Fuzzie (after trying rice)

The pitstop for this leg of the race is Ratchaphruek Garden World, named after Thailand’s national flower.

First: Mai & Oliver (after winning rock, paper, scissors) – they win $2,500 each
Second: Geoff & Tisha
Third: Henry & Bernie
Fourth: Pailin & Natalie
Fifth: Ida & Tania
Sixth: Isaac & William
Seventh: Vince & Sam (were fifth before overlooking paying the taxi)
Eighth: AD & Fuzzie
Ninth: Niroo & Kapil
Eliminated: Neena & Amit

The two teams that made the poor decision of switching tasks after wasting time on their first task get lucky, as Neena & Namit fell victim to lost cab drivers.

Having won this leg of the race, Mai wants to quit. Good riddance I say. Her whining about how she’s incapable will get old sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Amazing Race Asia 3 episode 2.

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