Amazing Race All-Stars Winners

The Amazing Race 10 winner
The Amazing Race 12 winner
The Amazing Race 13 winner
The Amazing Race 14 winner

What can I say, it’s been hard to maintain any kind of interest in Amazing Race All Stars when the order of elimination and winners have already been revealed.

Tonight was the 12th leg of the race and, as I already knew before watching, Danny and Oswald ended up coming in last, earning themselves a one way ticket home. So that leaves us with just 3 remaining teams: Charla and Mirna, Danielle and Eric and Dustin and Kandice. Who do you think is going to walk away with the grand prize? You never know, the leaked information could be wrong.

Just in case you’re curious, you can find the Amazing Race All Stars Winners after the jump. Enjoy!

Thus far the master list of the Amazing Race All Stars eliminations has been right, but like I said above, the list could be wrong. The Amazing Race All Stars winners are:

Eric and Danielle!

Tonight saw Danny and Oswald get the boot. Next to get the boot will be Charla and Mirna and then Dustin and Kandice, leaving Eric and Danielle standing as the Amazing Race All Stars Winners!

Amazing Race All Stars Winners Revealed

UPDATE: Sure enough in tonight’s Amazing Race All Stars season finale, Eric and Danielle set foot on the mat first and walked away the Amazing Race All Stars Winners!

Congratulations to Eric and Danielle on a job well done!

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  1. I hate the beauty queens because of their dirty ways of playing the race.At least we got to see their true colors which we would not have had it been a beauty pageant. So anyone to win as long as its not them.

  2. i wasn’t be able to watched the season finale of the Amazing Race All Stars, who won?? well… id rather want the Beauty Queens to win than the other two… charla and her cousin? DUH? they’re annoying, Eric and Danielle??? just don’t like them?! they’re not fun to watch… well… Beauty Queens are great! they deserve to win… other sez they play dirty?? no dude!!! this called STRATEGY duh?? you can’t win if u got no strategy… they play nice and fair… just like the others!

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