Amazing Race All-Stars Winners

The Amazing Race 10 winner
The Amazing Race 12 winner
The Amazing Race 13 winner
The Amazing Race 14 winner

What can I say, it’s been hard to maintain any kind of interest in Amazing Race All Stars when the order of elimination and winners have already been revealed.

Tonight was the 12th leg of the race and, as I already knew before watching, Danny and Oswald ended up coming in last, earning themselves a one way ticket home. So that leaves us with just 3 remaining teams: Charla and Mirna, Danielle and Eric and Dustin and Kandice. Who do you think is going to walk away with the grand prize? You never know, the leaked information could be wrong.

Just in case you’re curious, you can find the Amazing Race All Stars Winners after the jump. Enjoy!

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Amazing Race 11 All-Stars Winners Revealed

What can I say, I’ve never been a huge fan of the Amazing Race. I’ll admit that I really enjoyed watching season 10, mainly because of David and Mary and the Cho brothers, but Amazing Race All-Stars is nearly unwatchable for me. I have never been a fan of Rob and Amber, I quite frankly cannot stand either of them and they’re the main reason for my not having watched much of the All-Stars season, though I now have even less reason to watch as the Amazing Race All Stars winners have already been revealed!

Not only have the winners of the show been leaked, the winners of each leg of the race have been revealed! Though there is no confirmation whether or not the list is actually valid, it has already accurately predicted the first three teams to be eliminated and, in about 30-mins time, will no doubt be right again as Rob & Amber are slated to get the boot on tonight’s show!

Don’t feel like waiting for the end of the season to find out who wins? Find out who the winners of the Amazing Race All Stars are, after the jump!

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Amazing Race 11 All-Stars: Teams and Details Revealed!

The rumors have been flying for quite sometime and now everything we already knew has been confirmed! CBS has decided to make it’s 12th season of the Amazing Race an All-Stars edition!

The Amazing Race 11 All-Stars will feature 11 teams from 7 previous seasons, one of which is made up of two separate members from two separate teams.

The Emmy winning reality TV series will return on Sunday, February 18th to it’s usual 8:00pm time slot and will see the teams travel some 45,000 miles, covering 5 continents in only 28 days. This season will be unlike any other as teams will be forced to endure extreme temperatures and weather conditions, battling some of the most extreme heats in the world as they brave the bitter cold surrounding Antartica and fight the fierce heat in the deserts of Chile. The Amazing Race 11 All-Stars will be sure to impress!

Find out which teams will return to The Amazing Race to battle it out for the $1-million grand prize, after the jump!

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