Amazing Race 11 All-Stars Winners Revealed

What can I say, I’ve never been a huge fan of the Amazing Race. I’ll admit that I really enjoyed watching season 10, mainly because of David and Mary and the Cho brothers, but Amazing Race All-Stars is nearly unwatchable for me. I have never been a fan of Rob and Amber, I quite frankly cannot stand either of them and they’re the main reason for my not having watched much of the All-Stars season, though I now have even less reason to watch as the Amazing Race All Stars winners have already been revealed!

Not only have the winners of the show been leaked, the winners of each leg of the race have been revealed! Though there is no confirmation whether or not the list is actually valid, it has already accurately predicted the first three teams to be eliminated and, in about 30-mins time, will no doubt be right again as Rob & Amber are slated to get the boot on tonight’s show!

Don’t feel like waiting for the end of the season to find out who wins? Find out who the winners of the Amazing Race All Stars are, after the jump!

Here is the illusive list predicting in which order all the teams will be eliminated and who will be the winners of the Amazing Race All Stars, enjoy!

  1. John Vito & Jill
  2. Kevin & Drew
  3. Dave & Mary
  4. Rob & Amber
  5. Teri & Ian
  6. Bill & Joe
  7. Uchenna & Joyce
  8. Danny & Oswald
  9. Charla & Mirna
  10. Dustin & Kandice

And the winners of the Amazing Race All Stars are:
Eric & Danielle

There, I just saved you from watching weeks of drawn out, boring episodes with teams no one cares about, yay!

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Amazing Race All Stars Winners

UPDATE: Sure enough in tonight’s Amazing Race All Stars season finale, Eric and Danielle set foot on the mat first and walked away the Amazing Race All Stars Winners!

Congratulations to Eric and Danielle on a job well done!

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23 thoughts on “Amazing Race 11 All-Stars Winners Revealed”

  1. NO!!!! Charla and Mirna will win not the STUPID “BEUTY QUEENS” or the other 2 “SHOW OFFS” but anyway i reder have Charla and Mirna and Eric and Danielle than the “BEUTY QUEENS”!!! !!!FOR REAL!!!

  2. To the one who wrote the previous quote…it’s actually spelled BEAUTY….and rather…
    charla and mirna are so fake. they say they want to help so they did the humanitarian task. but see how they threw all those food inside the boxes? They don’t really care…they just want to get it over with. The officer tells them…”add a little love to it”…how can they? they’re fake. They only care about themselves. They have no respect for other players yet claim they’re nice people. I searched for the names of the winners tonight just to be sure they lost! Im glad to know they did! Good riddance! The beauty queens are smart and consistent. CHarla and MIrna are bad at ALL roadblocks and detours.

  3. Of the final 3 teams, I think Eric and Danielle are the only ones I’d want to win. I can’t stand the beauty queens because of last season and Charla and Mirna are so incredibly annoying.

    I really haven’t been impressed with this season, kind of disappointing.


  4. Mirna And smurfna are sooooo ANNOYING and NEGATIVE yes think about last night tha\ey said we chose the Humanatarian, yet where DUMPING the STUFF like garabage the gentle even commented ,YES admit it they ARE jealous and only fell good when critsizing etc ,,,but this is only ME OPINION !!!

  5. I think Mirna is very annoying Like saying to the girl when they get the news papers study hard stay away from Drugs 0oh.. Shut-up mirna.. ggrr..! i really want to win the Eric and Danielle but the Beauty Queens there 0k.. But Sharla and Miran STFU!.!

  6. i hate the beauty queens and eric and danielle both of them are stupid. one created contriversies and the other thinks they deserve it. i agree charla and mirna were cheaters in their first race but the have changed. theyr smart and not as strong as the other teams but they have got here and you cant deny that .they have worked . they give their best and just get through. after all its a game and everything is fair

  7. is there any proofs/evidences that would verify that the leak/spoilers are correct?

    nobody actually saw Phil congratulating E&D as the winners of TAR11…right?

    Im hoping that the beauty queens win, they deserve to win.

  8. I’ve taken the fact that every elimination from day 1 has been accurately determined by the list as verification enough to believe the predicted winners will actually win.

  9. hehehe! who will win this race? i hate the beuty queens they are ugly hehehe.. i like to win charla and myrna go go go teletubbies hehehe but its ok also eric and danielle.. but not the ugly queens..

  10. YIELD QUEENS will win the game…!! cobination of BEAUTY and BRAINS.. thats what it takes to be the AMAZING RACE: ALL STARS winners!

  11. is this really true? well, if it is then congrats to them. I think that charla and mirna deserve to win though. lol. I like eric and danielle too anyway. so either of the two.

  12. I think the beauty queens should have won. They had such a great disposition throughout the whole race. It was refreshing to actually see them enjoying some of the countries they went to as well as being courteous to it’s inhabitants.

  13. queens deserves to win that league coz.., they are sharp thinker,, they are wise and they finish every pits off with vigor and there beautiful smiles….so they deserves

  14. Thank god the beauty queens didn’t win. Their attitude and personality, aw ugly. Though i wanted Mirna and Charla to win, at least it wasnt the beauty queens but Eric and Danielle.

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