Live Blogging: The Apprentice LA Episode 8

Tonight is the first night dingoRUE will be running a live blog and, the first show to get the live blogging treatment will be the Apprentice 6 Los Angeles! This post will be updated every few minutes until episode 8 “Bend it like Donald” is over.

Now, lets get started, Enjoy!

  • The girls of Kinetic are sitting around the fireplace outside, chatting about everything that’s gone on so far and what needs to be done to win.
  • Back inside the mansion, Surya is giving Arrow a BS reason for jumping ship and joining Arrow. Frank and James both think Surya is a total fake and really can’t stand the guy. Neither can I, to be completely honest, he is so fake its unbelievable.

  • Both teams meet the Donald in the beautiful Echo park. Trump is joined by Bill, a former The Apprentice winner. Steven Nelson, VP of Marketing from GNC (health products company) joins Trump to announce the next task.
  • Task: Perform a half time show during an LA Galaxy soccer game to promote GNC.
  • Arrow – Tim thinking of a boxing ring idea. Having a skinny guy beat-up a big guy after downing some GNC products. Surya steps in, tells everyone to be quiet and think of ideas for 5 minutes instead of talking out loud, throwing ideas out and working together. What a moron, no on lines him!
  • Kinetic – Kristine has done marketing and directing for half time shows before, also PM for the task, good fit. Idea: 4 people dressed in GNC vitamin costumes run through obstacle course. Muna concerned, trying to get everyone to come up with more ideas. Kristine shuts her down and takes offence to Muna not wanting to run with her idea. Muna thinks Kristine is looking for a mute, not a team mate.
  • Arrow – Everyone working together to pick out props, work out ring idea. James concerned with the idea, Surya thinks hes only complaining to have ammo in the boardroom.
  • Kinetic – Team working on props, costumes and obstacle course pieces. Kristine has it out for Muna during this task, although she keeps asking questions and getting in the workers way. Props and costumes get finished up and look pretty damn good.
  • Both teams in their respective arenas, practicing their message, setting up their shows and getting prepped. James of Arrow worried that their message isn’t going to get across to the crowd.
  • Arrow – Last minute scramble to come up with what to say during announcement. Surya whining about James some more, complaining about the entire team being hard to work with. Two faced fool.
  • Trump sits in booth to watch Kinetics half-time show. Announcing is done very well. Muna does some announcing in Spanish to bridge to another market.
  • Frank doing a good job announcing at Arrow half-time show, but the show sucked. Crowd wasn’t into it at all and the execs and Trump didn’t like the idea at all.
  • Trump, Bill and the GNC exec meet both teams at an arena.
  • Exec says Kinetic did a very good job. Arrow, on the other hand, sucked.
  • Kinetic wins the task!
  • Kristine gets to join Trump in the boardroom, Kinetic wins their way back into the mansion. Kinetic gets to travel to Trump National Golf Club LA where they will get to play a round with Trump and the head of Adidas.
  • Arrow – stuck outside in the tents, super windy night, a few contestants trying to brace the tents so they don’t blow away.
  • Kinetic – Angela rocking her golf game. Trump introduces Kinetic to the head of Taylor Made & Adidas. Entire team gets a new set of Trump branded golf clubs being put out by Taylor Made.
  • Trump a big fan of all four girls golf skills. Big fan of Angela, especially, talking her up a few times.
  • Surya talking threw the bushes with Angela, complaining about Arrow, saying he wished he never left Kinetic. Angela and Muna talking about how much they like Surya and think it has to be a personality conflict between him and other Arrow members. Not really, he just sucks as a PM and, really, in general.
  • Inside Trumps office, the GNC exec thinks Surya should be fired. Bill thinks Frank should be partially to blame for the confusing concept and James should take some blame for being a distraction and roadblock during the task.
  • The Boardroom:
  • Arrow enters the boardroom. Trump goes after Frank right away, asking to explain the concept of the half-time show. James pins the blame on Surya. Tim agrees and pins the loss on Surya as a poor leader. Disconnected as a leader and member of the team. To different from everyone else in the team. Trump asks Kristine what she thinks of Surya, she says she can’t say anything because she hasn’t worked with him as a leader.
  • Surya trying to defend himself, fingers James as the biggest problem creator. Thinking ahead to the boardroom during his day to day actions. Surya keeps bringing up his 5 and 2 record and says how much better he likes Kinetic than Arrow.
  • Trump asks who to fire: Stefani says to fire Surya in this task and in general. Tim says Surya. Nicole says Surya. Trump tries to pin blame for idea on Tim, Frank and Nicole defend him. Frank says to fire Surya. Surya says to fire James.
  • Stefani, Nicole and Frank are safe.
  • Surya, Tim and James stick around to face off in the boardroom.
  • The Elimination:
  • Trump asks Kristine and Bill who to can. Kristine says all three of them, Trump likes the answer. Bill says either Surya or James, Tim was just throwing the ideas out.
  • Surya admits to liking Kinetic better and that Arrow needs discipline.
  • Surya says James should be fired for disloyalty. James always brings up points of contrast to cover his ass in the boardroom.
  • James defending everything he does and that he’s not afraid to step up.
  • Tim agreeing with Surya, pinning some of the blame on James.
  • Tim says Surya is good when hes not in a leadership role, but he sucks as a leader and the team would do better without him.
  • Trump picks up on Surya being a poor leader and no one on the team liking him.
  • Surya realizes he is going down and battles to try and get his points across, in the end, all for not.
  • Surya is fired!

Yay! Finally they had the opportunity to bring Surya down and did so successfully. I am very happy to see him go. I think he has been a terrible project manager and he just could not mesh with the Arrow team. Even when Arrow won challenges with Surya as PM, they won through the effort of the rest of the team, not Surya. Surya did nothing but hamper the rest of the teams efforts.

So, with that being said, so ends the very first live blogging experience on I hope you all enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave some comments and let me know what you think, what can be improved upon and what you liked. I’m hoping to give this a go for a lot of the shows I watch, just to make things more interesting.

So ends episode 8 “Bend it like Trump” of The Apprentice 6 LA. Stay tuned for another live blog of the Apprentice LA next week!

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