The Apprentice Los Angeles Winner – Live Finale

Welcome to another edition of the Apprentice live blog. Tonight’s episode has been weeks in the making and we will finally find out who The Apprentice Los Angeles winner is! There is less than 10 minutes to go before the start of the season finale, so stay tuned.

Since this is a live blog, this post will be updated during every commercial break, so keep refreshing to find out what’s happening, as it happens! Grab a drink, something to snack on and get comfy, here we go!

  • Donald, Don and Ivanka Trump all take to the stage of the Hollywood Bowl in front of a roaring crowd.
  • Trump kicks things off by narrating a recap of the entire season, the challenges, winners and rewards.
  • Don’t forget, unlike previous season of The Apprentice, the finale is pitting the final 4 against each other, not the final 2.
  • Trump introduces the final four contestants, and they are: Stefani Schaeffer, James Sun, Nicole D’Ambrosio and Frank Lombardi.

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The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 13 Live Blog

Welcome to The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 13 live blog! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to recap episode 12 and, after having watched it, I really wish I would have been able to. Episode 12 was, without a doubt, one of the best episode of The Apprentice Los Angeles and was exactly what the show needed to spike my interest again.

Since this is a live blog, all the usual rules apply. I will be updating this post at every commercial break, so keep refreshing and enjoy!

Welcome to the final 4 baby!

  • Things kick off with a brief episode 12 recap, as usual, highlighting the exciting boardroom meeting and the Donald firing Christine and Heidi.
  • James is super proud of everyone that’s left.
  • Don and Donald Trump walk into the mansion and sneak up on everyone.
  • Donald tells Frank he’s a hard one to fire and really has the fight in him.
  • Contestants going to attend a cocktail party with the winners of the Apprentice season 1-5.
  • Trump compliments all the contestants and takes off.
  • Everyone is psyched to meet the 5 Apprentice winners.
  • The contestants enter the Beverly Wilshire hotel and meet up with all the Apprentices but one, who was called away on business.
  • Everyone has a big chat session and the hopefuls get to ask the Apprentice winners a bunch of questions.
  • One of the Apprentice winners tells both teams this is the final task! Both teams have 30 seconds to pick, from all the former contestants, who they want to have on their final team! Things are finally getting exciting again!
  • Both teams scored the teams they wanted. I missed who picked who, so I’ll pick up on that when they show the teams.

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The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 11 Live Blog

Welcome to another edition of the weekly Apprentice 6 Los Angeles live blog! Update this post every 30 seconds or so to see exactly what’s happening, as it happens. I will update this post during every commercial break to give you the most up to date information on the Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 11, enjoy!

  • Kinetic returns from the boardroom and Tim is standing next to the bushes waiting for Nicole to return.
  • Tim comes back into the mansion and both James and Frank jump on him about what Nicole and Trump said in the boardroom about him in episode 10. James lies saying Nicole told Trump to move Tim to their team and that they had arranged something of the sort, which is not at all what true. James is clearly trying to pin a target to Tim.

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Live Blog: The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 10

Another Sunday night has come and another episode of The Apprentice is here, you know what that means? It’s time for a live blog!

This post will be updated at every commercial break so refresh your page every 30 seconds or so to catch the newest updates.
The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles: Episode 10

  • Muna got the boot last week, Kinetic returns to camp to whine and complain.
  • Frank, Tim and Nicole chilling out beside the pool, drinking and talking about being the final three and three musketeers.
  • Trump calls, James answers. Trump says one member of Arrow must move to Kinetic. No one volunteers. James has to pick someone to go. James chooses to send Nicole to Kinetic. Nicole and Tim are both pissed for being split up. They get there hugs and kisses in and Nicole packs up. James apologizes for sending her away and Nicole says she’s taking it personal, she’s definitely gunning for James now.

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Live Blogging: The Apprentice LA Episode 8

Tonight is the first night dingoRUE will be running a live blog and, the first show to get the live blogging treatment will be the Apprentice 6 Los Angeles! This post will be updated every few minutes until episode 8 “Bend it like Donald” is over.

Now, lets get started, Enjoy!

  • The girls of Kinetic are sitting around the fireplace outside, chatting about everything that’s gone on so far and what needs to be done to win.
  • Back inside the mansion, Surya is giving Arrow a BS reason for jumping ship and joining Arrow. Frank and James both think Surya is a total fake and really can’t stand the guy. Neither can I, to be completely honest, he is so fake its unbelievable.

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The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 5

the apprentice la recap
The Apprentice 6 LA on NBC (Image Source:

The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles – Episode 5 Recap

February 11th, 2007 – It’s nice to have things back to normal again. I’m still not sure what happened last week with no show airing and no warning. I would have thought it to make more sense to bump this weeks episode if anything, what with the 49th Annual Grammy Awards being on and all. Oh well, I’m just glad to have things back to normal. I’m lost without my Sunday night Apprentice fix.

Tonight’s episode started with a very anxious Kinetic Corp. standing around with fingers crossed, hoping Donald Trump made the right decision and fired Marisa. After a bit of thumb twiddling and yapping back and forth, both Amy and Heidi walk around the corner and Kinetic Corp. erupts in cheers. Marisa was fired! Shortly after returning to camp Amy and Heidi jumped up beside the hedge and started chatting it up with Aaron about the boardroom, ragging on him for being so quite the whole time.

The next day both Kinetic and Arrow Corp. assemble outside Donald Trumps mansion, awaiting instructions for the next task. It turns out that the Donald has business to take care of elsewhere and is going to be taking off right away, leaving loyal the Apprentice 5 winner Sean Yazbeck to man the controls in his absence.

Find out who got fired in episode 5 of the Apprentice 6 LA, after the jump!

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The Apprentice 6 LA: No Apprentice Tonight?

Well, much to my surprise, it doesn’t look like there is going to be an episode of The Apprentice 6: LA airing tonight. For whatever reason the reality TV season’s newest steaming pile of crap, also known as Grease: You’re The One That I want, is taking up a precious 2-hour time spot for a live show.

The most annoying part of all this is the fact that I can’t, for the life of me, remember them saying anything about the show not airing tonight in last weeks episode. For that matter, I can’t even find anything on the NBC Apprentice 6: LA websites alluding to the fact that it won’t be airing tonight. Maybe I’m just missing something, but I’ve checked the TV listings and haven’t found a thing.

Needless to say, I’m rather disappointed, but at the same time not. Now I have time to catch up on episode 4 and 5 of the FX Networks TV show Dirt! Being an unlucky Canadian with regular old cable, I can’t actually get Dirt so I have to get a hold of each episode as I can through alternative means, and it’s sure worth it. I’m a huge fan of Entourage and can’t wait for it to come back in March, but until then Dirt! is filling in. The two shows have quite a few similarities, though Entourage is definitely the better show, Dirt is certainly off to a good start for the beginning of the TV shows first season.

Anyways, since there isn’t going to be an episode of the Apprentice 6: LA airing tonight, check out these sites to satiated your Apprentice induced lust!

The Apprentice 6: LA Links:
The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 4
The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 3
The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 2
The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 1

And don’t forget, you can always Watch NBC’s the Apprentice 6: LA Online!

The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 4

the apprentice 6 la recaps

The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles – Episode 4 Recap

January 28th, 2007 – Tonight’s episode of the Apprentice kicked off like any other, with a brief recap of last weeks episode. In this case we got a quick recap of episode 3 of the Apprentice 6: LA and got to see Michelle resign all over again, yay!

In the lap of luxury, Heidi officially starts the show off by leading Kinetic Corp. in a team pep talk.

While, on the other side of the trees, the members of Arrow Corp. are making the best of their outdoor digs and celebrating their new found security (after Michelle’s resignation) with a few beers and cheese-doodles around the fire.

But just as everyone was getting all buddy-buddy and cheery again, both teams get a call from Donald Trump himself, but what could he want?

Find out what you missed in episode 4 of the Apprentice 6: LA, after the jump!

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