The Apprentice 6: LA – Episode 2 Elimination

Because I’m both lazy and tired, I won’t be posting a recap of The Apprentice 6: LA episode 2 tonight. I do, however, have my trusty list of notes which I will convert into a full episode recap tomorrow.

So, to tie you dedicated Apprentice 6: Los Angeles fans over for another day, I’ll run down a few of the key points from tonight’s episode and fill you in on who was fired by the Donald.

  • Both Frank and Heidi’s teams get their new names: Arrow Corporation and Kinetic Corporation. Not bad, there’s been better and there has certainly been worse.
  • The challenge involves a swimsuit fashion show for clothing buyers on the beach. Some of the swimsuits were pretty nice, unfortunately most of the guys sucked, especially one that would be worn by maybe 1% of the population.
  • Heidi stays as the Project Manager for Kinetic Corp. while Nicole steps up to the PM spot for Arrow Corp.
  • The winning teams pays Hugh Heffner and the Playboy mansion a visit.
  • The boardroom gets heated, but, in the end, the right decision is made and the person who was most at fault was fired.

Find out who was eliminated in episode 2 of The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles, after the jump!

Carey Sherrell was fired from The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles!

Next weeks episode will feature the illusive tour bus challenge, watch the Apprentice 6: LA episode 3 preview video here!

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