The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 5

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The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles – Episode 5 Recap

February 11th, 2007 – It’s nice to have things back to normal again. I’m still not sure what happened last week with no show airing and no warning. I would have thought it to make more sense to bump this weeks episode if anything, what with the 49th Annual Grammy Awards being on and all. Oh well, I’m just glad to have things back to normal. I’m lost without my Sunday night Apprentice fix.

Tonight’s episode started with a very anxious Kinetic Corp. standing around with fingers crossed, hoping Donald Trump made the right decision and fired Marisa. After a bit of thumb twiddling and yapping back and forth, both Amy and Heidi walk around the corner and Kinetic Corp. erupts in cheers. Marisa was fired! Shortly after returning to camp Amy and Heidi jumped up beside the hedge and started chatting it up with Aaron about the boardroom, ragging on him for being so quite the whole time.

The next day both Kinetic and Arrow Corp. assemble outside Donald Trumps mansion, awaiting instructions for the next task. It turns out that the Donald has business to take care of elsewhere and is going to be taking off right away, leaving loyal the Apprentice 5 winner Sean Yazbeck to man the controls in his absence.

Find out who got fired in episode 5 of the Apprentice 6 LA, after the jump!

The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles – Episode 4 Task

  • Each team must harvest and bottle Sue Bee honey, selling their haul in two separate Ralph’s Supermarket locations.

Arrow Corp. are the first to brave the swarms of bees in an effort to harvest as much of the super yummy Sue Bee honey as possible. Stefani seems to be the only person on Arrow Corp. to have problems, as she is deathly afraid of bees and is terrified throughout the entire task. Even though she was scared out of her wits, she managed to step it up and help Arrow harvest more than enough honey. Not bad for a girl that was supposedly terrified of the bees.

While Stefani and a few other Arrow Corp. members were battling the bees to harvest as much honey as possible, project manager Aaron and his two top com padres James and Surya were locked away in a nice air conditioned room holding a “packaging meeting”, as Surya so affectionately referred to it. The goal of the meeting was to work out a brand plan for their own special honey, coming up with a new, slogan, marketing plan and new label. Throughout the entire meeting Surya was way over complicating things, not setting anything in stone and annoying the hell out of Aaron and James in the process. Though, at the same time, Aaron never stepped in or spoke up, James was the one that had to speak up and tell him that he was over complicating things.

Over in the land of Kinetic Corp. the great honey harvest of 2007 begins and, even though everyone gears up in ultra protective paper thin jump suits, the bees somehow manage to sting through the impenetrable suit, stinging Derek a few times. While Derek and co are risking life and limb and mild discomfort to battle the bees and harvest their sweet life giving honey, Aimee, the new Kinetic Corp. project manager, is going over the marketing plan with the rest of her crew. Aimee and her crew spend 4hrs “working” on a marketing plan while the rest of Kinetic Corp. were out battling the bees, only to return to find out Aimee and crew have done nothing. They managed to come up with a few name, slogan and label ideas, but weren’t willing to carry through with any of them without the approval of the rest of the team first. What a fantastic piss off and utter waste of time.

Arrow Corp., having finished their honey harvesting extravaganza and marketing plan, move on to the finer details of the operation: the production. The entire team takes to the production floor to wrestle giant pieces of machinery into submission in the hopes of creating a few hundred pristine bottles of sweet, sweet, honey. Things don’t go to bad at first. Frank assigns everyone a station to man and things go smoothly, that is until Tims filling station starts to go crazy on him. By the looks of things, it looked like he wasn’t queuing up the bottles properly and, as a result, only a few bottles would go into the machine, leaving the extra nozzles to spray gooey honey all over the machine. Sweet! Tim and Frank end up having a bit of a lovers spat over the filling station, but its not long until the full run is complete anyhow.

Kinetic arrive at their designated Ralphs supermarket and absolutely nothing is setup. There is no signage anywhere, no displays setup, the shelves aren’t stocked with their product, there aren’t even price tags setup. Aimee completely fails as a project manager and doesn’t delegate or instruct any members of her team. Instead she decides to stroll the isles of Ralphs with another team member looking for ingredients to make samples, only instead of walking the isles to help, she elects to stand and guard the cart! The rest of her team takes it upon themselves to figure out what needs to be done, and they get it done.

Things seem to be going a hell of a lot better for Arrow Corp. They have great displays setup, good sales coming in, a great 2-for-1 sale idea that’s generating higher sales volume, and much better marketing. The only bump Arrow ran in to, or more specifically Stefani ran in to, was Surya trying to “help” sell product at her booth. He was doing more bad than he was good.

Newly revealed showmancers Tim and Nicole decide to hop in the van and cruise the local area for shops to make bulk sales to. As would be expected, they failed miserably and didn’t garner a single bulk sale. It is one thing to sell food in bulk like was done in episode 4 of the Apprentice LA, but trying to sell honey, in bulk, to bakery’s and gas stations is just plain stupid. What did they think was going to happen? Sheesh.

Arrow Corp.’s efforts in the supermarket don’t seem to be paying off much better, either, as Aaron’s laid back, relaxed managing style is starting to wear on the rest of the team. Stefani has to tell Arron to get out and sell the product instead of standing around doing nothing. Arron’s background is in sales, sales is what he does, and there is no reason he should have been standing around the stall with his hands in his pockets. He even complained, under his breath, about having to do sales ’cause he does it everyday. Duh!

Kinetic is equally unimpressed with their crappy new project manager Aimee, and the terrible job she is doing. In an effort to increase sales and garner a bit more attention, Derek slips into his ultra protective bee suit – the one that he got stung through – and walked the isles of the supermarket, promoting and selling honey. What a great idea. After Derek’s great idea, things finally start coming together for Kinetic, though it could be to little to late.

The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles – Episode 5 Task Winner

Kinetic and Arrow Corp. both file into the boardroom while the Apprentice 5 winner Sean gives the Donald a ring. The Donald had just finished giving a speech when he received the call and decided to carry out the entire boardroom process over the phone, as the crowd listened in.

Arrow Corp. sold 217 bottles of Sue Bee honey, earning a grand total of: $775.48
Kinetic Corp. sold 345 bottles of Sue Bee honey, earning a grand total of: $836.58

Kinetic Corp. wins the task! For their reward, they get to partake in an LA Laker’s training session, Aimee gets to remain project manager (though I’m pretty sure that is not a reward) and sit along side Donald Trump at the boardroom but, most importantly, Kinetic gets to move back into the mansion! Which, of course, means that Arrow will be taking to the great outdoors once again, much to Nicole’s complete dismay.

At the LA Laker’s training session the members of Kinetic Corp. meet head Laker’s coach Phil Jackson, all-star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, two other players and two of the teams assistant coaches. Kinetic even gets to have a fun half-court game of ball with the Laker’s. Albeit, each and everyone of them completely sucked, it must have been a fun experience either way.

In the backyard, James lays it down for Aaron and lets him know that tonight, he is going to have to drop the laid back attitude and fight for his life in the boardroom. It goes without saying that he is going to be a target in the boardroom as Arrow lost the task and he is the project manager. Aaron then tells everyone around the fire that he is bringing Surya into the boardroom, but has no clue who else to bring in.

Surya, being the whiny, snaky kind of person he is ever increasingly looking like, decided to hop up next to the hedge and have a chat with Derek of Kinetic. He tells Derek that he is going to be targeted by some of the Arrow people at tonight’s boardroom and asks if he could talk to Aimee, which he does. Derek runs off to chat with Aimee and convinces her to stick up for Surya as much as possible, to ensure he sticks around. I’m not sure supporting a member of the opposite team is such a good idea, even if he was a member of your team not long ago. Sounds kind of risky to me.

The Apprentice 6: Lost Angeles – Episode 5 Elimination

  • Surya blames Arrow’s loss on poor planning and Aaron. To which the Donald’s favorite apprentice Sean Yazbeck agrees, and adds that Aaron didn’t contribute enough.
  • Aaron blames the loss on sales, preliminary marketing and, of course, Surya. At which point James chimes in to backup Aaron, saying how much Surya over complicated things and never put anything in stone.
  • Aimee carries through on her promise to try to keep Surya around and grills Aaron as best she can, even going as far as to defend Surya in some cases, saying how good he was when he was a part of Kinetic.
  • Donald Trump makes his usual rounds around the table and asks everyone who they think should get fired:
    • Nicole votes for Aaron
    • Stefani votes for Surya
    • Tim doesn’t get a chance to vote as Frank chimes in and lets the cat out of the bag on Tim and Nicole’s showmance, which peaks the Donald’s interest and generates a bunch of follow-up questions.
    • Frank votes for Surya
  • In the end, Aaron decides to bring Surya and Nicole back into the boardroom with him.
  • Aaron and Surya bicker back and forth for a while before Donald Trump steps in and lays down the law:

Aaron Altscher is fired!

Son ends another fantastic episode and recap of The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles. Don’t forget to come back for next weeks episode 6 recap. Same bat time, same bat channel. Until then, check out some of the other reality TV shows covered here at

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