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It’s been a long and exciting season of Survivor Fiji and the finale did not disappoint. Although I have to say I am not happy with Global TV at all! Right as the final four were going to tribal council to determine who would be included in the final three they cut to commercial. I assumed they were doing this as the usual way of building suspense, but the commercials went on and on for two or three minutes and by the time they ended and the show was back on, Earl, Dreamz and Cassandra were back at camp discussing how they had just got rid of Yau-Man. What the hell!!?

Since the end of last weeks show, were Yau-Man agreed to give Dreamz the truck as long as he was to hand over immunity should he win it in the final four, they have been hyping the entire will he or won’t he story surrounding immunity. Sure enough Dreamz ended up winning immunity in tonight’s challenge and, when the time came to make his decision at tribal council, Global TV crapped out and I missed the entire thing. I couldn’t believe when they came back and Yau was gone. I was pissed at the fact that my favorite contestant got the boot, but ever more pissed that I didn’t get to see what went down. Global TV, you guys screwed up big time, thanks a lot. I hope the U.S. viewers who were watching Survivor Fiji on CBS didn’t have the same problem.

Once I managed to get over the anger of missing the single most integral part of the night’s episode I focused on furthering my hatred of Dreamz. As much as I love Survivor, I have to say, I do not like the idea of voting on the final three, I much prefer the final two. Also, both this season and last has ended with one deserving contestant (Earl) making the final three, while the other two are completely undeserving of being their and only made it through by coasting (Cassandra) or pure luck (Dreamz).

With that being said, I don’t want to give the Survivor Fiji Winner away to anyone that has the finale TiVo’ed, or anyone that hasn’t yet watched it, so if you’re looking to find out who won you’ll have to check things out after the jump!

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Survivor Fiji Winner

**UPDATE: Survivor Fiji Winner Revealed!**

Alex Angarita was the 12th person to be voted off the island on tonight’s episode of Survivor Fiji, leaving us with just six remaining contestants. Unlike the Amazing Race All Stars winners, which were leaked a few months ago, the Survivor Fiji winner has thankfully yet to be leaked. How, you may ask, can the Survivor Fiji winner be leaked when the finale is live? Put quite simply, I don’t know, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a Survivor winner was known before the live finale aired. Luckily we haven’t had to contend with that this year and Survivor Fiji is still watchable, even if it hasn’t been one of the hit reality TV shows best seasons.

The six finalists on Survivor Fiji are: Kenward “Boo” Bernis, Cassandra Franklin, Andria (Dre) “Dreamz” Herd, Earl Cole, Stacy Kimball and Yau-Man Chan. The elimination of Alex Angarita on tonight’s episode signalled a shift in the balance of the show, as Alex was the final remaining member of a once strong alliance and now the remaining six contestants will have to break their deep rooted alliance, forming smaller splinter groups, selecting and picking off a new batch of targets.

Having watched most of the season, and through the process of elimination, I can fairly confidently say that neither Boo, Cassandra or Dreamz will become the Survivor Fiji winner, that is of course unless they decide to team up and manage to pull the proverbial rabbit from a hat.

My prediction for the Survivor Fiji final three is Earl, Yau-Man and Stacy, though I also have the sneaking suspicion that Stacy could be swapped out with either Dreamz or Cassandra in a strategic move to give both Earl and Yau-Man a better shot at the prize. Either way, it is all going to come down to Earl vs. Yau-Man in the end, even if there is a third contestant on the block, they will be ignored, much liked happened in Survivor Cook Islands.

With that being said, my pick for who will win Survivor Fiji is… *insert drum roll here*… Earl Cole! He’s done a very good job playing the game and everyone in it for the entire season and I have thought since day one that Earl would be the man to walk away with the grand prize. Don’t agree with me? Leave a comment and let me know who you think will walk away the winner of Survivor Fiji.

Don’t forget, there are only 10-days left until the 2-hour live season finale of Survivor Fiji where the winner will be revealed! The Survivor Fiji season finale airs at 8pm EST on Sunday, May 13th on CBS and will be followed by a 1-hour live reunion show.

**UPDATE: Survivor Fiji Winner Revealed!**

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Survivor Fiji Episode 2 Preview

survivor fiji episode 2 preview
Survivor Fiji Cast (Image Source:

Yeah yeah, I already know what you’re all thinking, “What the hell is he doing previewing Survivor Fiji episode 2 when he hasn’t even posted a recap for episode 1?” Well… um… ’cause I wanna! I swear, I’ll be writing up the episode 1 recap as soon as I get home tonight, really; in the meantime – since I don’t have my notes for episode 1 on hand – I’ll offer a little insight into what we can expect from Survivor Fiji episode 2, lovingly titled “Snakes are Misunderstood… We Have an Understanding Now.” Don’t look at me like that, I don’t make the episode titles.

The good folks over at have managed to swindle a load of Survivor Fiji episode 2 promo pictures, go check them out. Keep in mind though, as these are promo pictures for an, as yet, unaired episode, they main contain spoilers! So if you’re a pureist and don’t want anything to do with Survivor Fiji spoilers, avoid this post like the plague. However, if you’re like me and love to get the dirt on an episode of a show before it airs, keep on truckin’ and you’ll find some very cool Survivor Fiji episode 2 videos after the jump!

**UPDATED: Added further episode 2 details.**

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Survivor Fiji Kicks Off on CBS Tonight!

survivor fiji recaps
Survivor Fiji Cast (Image Source: RealityTVWorld)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, hold on to your seats and prepare yourself for another super-fantastic-happy-season of Survivor on CBS!

Survivor Fiji kicks off in full force tonight and promises to be a great season. Its only been a matter of months since Survivor Cook Islands came to an end, where we saw survivor superstar Yul Kwon take home the grand prize, beating out the more deserving (and prettier) Playboy Foursome star Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth.

CBS, being the fantastic people that they are, graciously decided to start production on yet another season of Survivor almost immediately after the closing of Survivor Cook Islands. So, instead of having to wait nearly a year for another addition of the grandfather of reality TV, we’re getting treated to an early start and already things are looking promising!

After the Jump: Survivor Fiji Cast Info, Survivor Fiji Spoilers, Survivor Fiji Videos!

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Survivor Fiji: Survivor Contestant Quits Night Before Filming

survivor fiji
Survivor Host Jeff Probst (Source:

According to the good folks over at Reality Blurred, Survivor Fiji sustained a more abrupt than usual loss of a contestant. The contestant in question didn’t even make it to the first tribal council but rather, unlike any other in the history of the hit reality TV series, decided to quit the night before filming even began! Way to waste everyones time lady!

During an interview with ASAP Blog, Survivor host Jeff Probst dropped the news that there would only be 19 contestants in Survivor Fiji “because we had somebody quit the night before, which has never happened before, so that threw us for a bit of a loop because we didn’t anticipate an odd number.” So, because of someones late decision to drop out of the running, the game will start off with one team at a disadvantage right off the bat. It could be interesting to see how that effects the game.

Find out what else Survivor Fiji host Jeff Probst said, after the jump!

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Survivor Fiji: Cast and Details Revealed!

It wasn’t long ago that Survivor Cook Islands came to an end, crowning Yul Kwon the winner, and now we can expect another season of Survivor in less than a month.

CBS has officially announced that Survivor Fiji will air on February 8th! Of the 19 contestants, 10 are from California, 8 of which are from Los Angeles.

CBS has also revealed that the first three days will see everyone working together as a single tribe that will start off with ample resources. On day three the group will split off into two tribes to kick things into gear.

Keep in my, there will be a number of twists to this season, just like any other. Some of the twists we already know about are that one team will live in the lap of luxury, while another will be forced to live with next to nothing, and there will be not only 1, but 2 hidden immunity idols. There will also be another unique twist when it comes to how the tribes are separated, though the full details of that twist have yet to be revealed.

Learn more about the Survivor Fiji contestants, after the jump!

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Survivor Fiji: February Debut?

According to the good folks over at Reality Blurred, Jeff Probst let slip in a recent interview with the AP that the next installation of the hit reality TV series Survivor: Fiji will kick off in February!

Now, I have to admit, I am very skeptical about this actually happening. There has been no official word from CBS on a February start date, the casting call for Survivor: Fiji was put out only a short time ago and there isn’t even a Survivor: Fiji in existence just yet, so, needless to say, I have my reservations.

I have to say, I most certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if they could get another Survivor season into swing so quickly, but I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, I’ll stick to reading all the gossip and rumors still circulating around Survivor Cook Islands. It was one of the best season yet, in my opinion, and was far from short of interesting events. Besides, I don’t think Survivor: Fiji will be able to come up with someone capable of matching Cook Islands Playboy Foursome Star Ozzy.

Survivor Fiji Filming During Military Coup

Survivor: Fiji is the 14th season of the founding father of reality TV and is currently filming on the island of Vanua Levu, the second largest island of Fiji. Though filming for this season will be sure to be the most interesting production to date.

The other day a military coup was held in Fiji where the military overthrew the government in a bloodless coup, “claiming that the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase’s government is corrupt.” Luckily the coup was bloodless and took place on the island of Viti Levu, which is a 30-min flight from Vanua Levu, where Survivor: Fiji is filming. Luckily, the coup has yet to have a direct effect on the Survivor: Fiji production, though you can bet the entire production crew is a little on edge.

Survivor host Jeff Probst sent the following email to Entertainment Weekly to let everyone know that production has not been affected and everyone is okay:

“To be shooting Survivor while the host country is in the midst of a coup is a bit surreal for all of us here in Fiji. We have set up our satellite TV in the catering area [for producers and crew members only] and during dinner the entire crew watches the local news to get updates on what is happening. … Fortunately, we are on another island that is a 30-minute flight away from the capital city of Suva where the coup is centered. Everyone here is safe and the disruptions thus far have been minimal. We had a few production staff stationed in Suva that we brought back to base camp, and during the past week any crew members that were scheduled to fly to location were unable to due to flight cancellations. Otherwise, we have continued filming without interruption.”

More important than the effects the coup could have on the Survivor production are the effects it will have on the people of Fiji. Thankfully the coup was bloodless and thus far no one has been harmed, and we can only hope, for the people of Fiji, that it will stay that way.

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