Survivor Cook Islands: Finale Votes Breakdown

survivor cook islands winner

It was four long days ago that the Survivor Cook Islands Winner Yul was revealed, and CBS has just now released the votes breakdown. Sure took them long enough.

Many people have speculated as to who voted for whom and who the swing vote was, but now you can put all your theories and guesses to rest and find out just how things worked out.

Find out how the Survivor Cook Islands finale votes broke down, after the jump.

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Survivor Cook Islands Recap: The Winner Is…

survivor cook islands winner

Survivor Cook Islands – Episode 14 (Season Finale)

December 17th, 2006 – Survivor Cook Islands fans have been waiting for this night for a long time, and it’s finally come! We finally know who the Survivor Cook Islands winner is! So, I won’t waste anymore time, let’s get right into the recap of tonight’s season finale.

Find out who the Winner of Survivor Cook Islands is, after the jump!

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Survivor Cook Islands Recap: Episode 13 – Winner Watch!

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Survivor Cook Islands – Episode 13

December 14th, 2006 – Closer and ever close we draw to episode 14 and the December 10th season finale of Survivor Cook Islands. But first, as much as I’d like to know who the Survivor Cook Islands winner is, we have tonight’s episode to contend with. So enough dancing around it, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of it!

Find out who made it to the final five in episode 13 of Survivor Cook Islands.

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Survivor Cook Islands: No Winner Yet!

The Survivor Cook Islands season is quickly coming to an end, as the 3-hour season finale spectacular is set to start at 8/7C on Sunday, December 17th, just don’t forget about tonight’s episode! I’m dieing to find out who will be the Survivor Cook Islands winner, but tonight’s episode 13 is setting up to be a good one!

It’s down to the final six contestants, and both outsiders Adam and Parvati have vowed to win the challenges and manipulate the other contestants as much as humanly possible in an effort to further their time on the island. While Adam and Parvati are making vows to dominate the game by any means necissary a storm is quietly brewing that could see Playboy Foursome star Ozzy‘s time on the island cut short.

Stay Tuned! A full recap of tonight’s episode 13 is only a few hours away.

Survivor Cook Islands Recap: Episode 12 – Back stabbing the back stabber

survivor cook islands episode 12

Survivor Cook Islands – Episode 12

December 7th, 2006 – Tonight’s episode kicks off with the tribe members returning to their beach after tribal council, where Jonathan proceeds to whine and complain about all the bad names Adam and Parvati – well, mostly Adam – have taken to calling him. The two that stick out to Jonathan, for obvious reasons, are rat and cancer. Now, I can understand calling someone a rat, but calling someone a cancer? That’s just not cool. All the guy is doing is playing the game and playing it to win. Sure, he’s an ass and absolutely everyone hates the guy, but still, calling someone a cancer is over the line. People were blown away by Susan Hawk’s comments in the season finale of the first Survivor, Survivor: Borneo, but those comments were nothing compared to calling someone a cancer, that’s just not right. But, enough of dwelling on that and on with the goods!

Find out what you missed in episode 12 of Survivor Cook Islands, after the jump!

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Survivor Cook Islands Eliminated Contestant Nate Talks

Those of us that are die-hard Survivor Cook Islands fans remember just a short while ago how, shortly before Brad was eliminated, Nate made an inadvertent comment, calling his openly gay tribe mate Brad a “Nancy Boy.”

To be quite honest, I was very surprised that this entire situation didn’t explode and get completely blown out of proportion. Since Brad is indeed gay, it would give him the right to get upset and offended over being called a “Nancy boy,” but at first he actually let it go. I believe he realized that it was something said in the heat of the moment, and was not meant as a derogatory slur, but just a general insult (which everyone knows is just fine :P). That was, of course, up until I read a Survivor Cook Islands post at that said “…Brad’s done a few interviews saying he’s still upset.” Which I personally find hard to believe, unless he had a change of heart strictly in the hopes of extending his 15-mins of fame. Either way, Nate set everything clear in an interview with TVGuide:

FROM TV Guide via “At the end of the day, considering Brad’s actions toward not swimming and me calling him out, no, I don’t regret that,” Nate tells TV Guide. “The fact that I called him a nancy boy and it offended him — I want to take that back, because I’d never want to hurt him. He’s a dear friend, and I like the guy a lot. I think people made a big deal out of it because of his sexual preference. I’m not a homophobe. I was an ally of his when I knew he was gay. We were cool. If Adam had done the same thing, I’d have called Adam a nancy boy. If I offended homosexuals or Brad by saying that — if they think I was directing it toward his sexual preference — then I am going to apologize, because that is not my style. I would have called him something else, a ‘f–k-off’ or something else that didn’t [hint at] his sexual preference. I texted him [after my elimination] and said ‘I’m sorry,’ and he said it was cool. But I’ve heard comments that he wouldn’t want to hang out with me, and that is too bad because I thought we were close friends.”

Survivor Cook Islands Recap: Episode 11 – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Survivor Cook Islands Recaps

Survivor Cook Islands – Episode 11

November 30th, 2006 – The human target, otherwise known as Jonathan, got himself into some pretty hot water in last weeks episode of Survivor Cook Islands. It was his swing vote that resulted in Nate being voted off the island and, at the same time, Raro losing the odds. Naturally, neither team feels they can trust Jonathan anymore, and quite frankly, neither team seems to like him what so ever and that fact sure shines through in tonight’s episode.

Find out what you missed in episode 11 of Survivor Cook Islands, after the jump!

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