Survivor Cook Islands Recap: Episode 12 – Back stabbing the back stabber

survivor cook islands episode 12

Survivor Cook Islands – Episode 12

December 7th, 2006 – Tonight’s episode kicks off with the tribe members returning to their beach after tribal council, where Jonathan proceeds to whine and complain about all the bad names Adam and Parvati – well, mostly Adam – have taken to calling him. The two that stick out to Jonathan, for obvious reasons, are rat and cancer. Now, I can understand calling someone a rat, but calling someone a cancer? That’s just not cool. All the guy is doing is playing the game and playing it to win. Sure, he’s an ass and absolutely everyone hates the guy, but still, calling someone a cancer is over the line. People were blown away by Susan Hawk’s comments in the season finale of the first Survivor, Survivor: Borneo, but those comments were nothing compared to calling someone a cancer, that’s just not right. But, enough of dwelling on that and on with the goods!

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Parvati makes one hell of a slip while cutting coconuts with a machete and ends up hacking her finger instead. She slices herself pretty well and they have to call the EMT’s in to take a look at it. She doesn’t manage to whack the tip of her finger off, though she does come close. The EMT’s stick her with a local anesthetic, stitch her up and send her on her way. She got all fixed up, but her bummed finger is going to be a hell of a pain when it comes to the challenges. Speaking of which:

Survivor Cook Islands Reward Challenge

  • Yay! Everyone’s family members show up and they get to participate in tonight’s reward challenge.
  • Each survivor has to wear a blind fold and run from a stand, to the water and back, filling up a small bucket with every trip.
  • Once back at the stand, they must throw the water to their family members waiting a few feet away to catch as much as they can in their own buckets.
  • The family members then dump their collected water into a bigger bucket that will raise a flag when full.
  • The first person to raise their flag wins Reward.
  • Reward: The winner, and two other tribe members, along with their family members, boat to another island where they are taken to a sacred cave and treated to a picnic with fried chicken, meat loaf, apple pie and lots of goodies. The winner also gets to choose who is sent to exile island.

It takes a while for everyone to come up with a strategy for throwing the water that actually works for them, and most family members end up wearing significantly more water than they catch. Which actually works to their advantage when a few of them realize they can twist their shirts and hair out into the bucket to add even more water. It was a close race between Jonathan and Parvati at the end, but Parvati managed to get the last bucket in and won the challenge!

Parvati quickly chooses to send Jonathan to exile island, naturally. But wait, here’s where another twist is thrown into the game. Parvati doesn’t get to select which other two tribe members and their families get to come on the picnic, instead, her family member (her dad) gets to make the choice, with no help from anyone! Her dad ends up picking Sundra and Adam, and since Adam is the only person left she wanted to come, she lucked out.

Before hopping boat to another island for a yummy picnic, Adam, Sundra and Parvati return to camp with their family members and the other tribe members. Adam, Sundra and Parvati have 2-hours to show their family members around and give them a little glimpse into their lives before the boat arrives and comes to take them away.

The boat takes the winners to Mitiaro Island, where they are greeted by a horde of locals who led and sang them to the ancient cave, where Parvati was given the honors of blessing the fresh water. And it wasn’t long after blessing the water that Parvati, Adam, Sundra and everyone else was in the water, splashing around and enjoying the fresh water (for a change). While chowing down at the picnic Adam and Parvati get to talking about Jonathan, of course, and say they will both be happy just as long as Jonathan doesn’t win and they will make it both their goals to see to his demise.

Back at base camp, Ozzy, Yul and Becky are chatting about how the food they’re providing to Adam and Parvati is fueling their success. As such, they all come up with the idea of hiding the existing food and no longer providing either of them with anymore food. They throw all the coconuts into nearby bushes and won’t share any more fish with them. After all, if they’re doing all the work getting the food, and it’s certainly playing to the advantage of Adam and Parvati, then they’re completely in the right to choose to withhold that service from them. There is just one problem with their line of thinking:

When Sundra, Adam and Parvati return from their picnic, they reveal a wealth of extra food they brought back to camp for Ozzy, Becky and Yul. Needless to say, the idea of hiding and not providing food for Parvati and Adam quickly goes out the window, though you never know how long that’ll last. It could resurface again, at any time.

Survivor Cook Islands Immunity Challenge

  • Race into the water and onto an obstacle course.
  • Navigate and run across the floating obstacle course.
  • Jump off the other side of the obstacle course and swim out to a marked buoy.
  • Retrieve a package of rope and poles and return to the beach.
  • Drop the first package off at the beach and run the course again, returning with the second and final package.
  • Assemble the poles, bind them using the provided rope, and use the pole to reach out and grab two sets of keys.
  • The first to retrieve both sets of keys wins Immunity.

As usual, anything involving water puts Playboy Foursome star Ozzy at a huge advantage and, Ozzy makes full use of that advantage, taking a giant lead. He ends up with his first package in hand and is heading back to the beach before another person is even through the obstacle course. Yul was the only other Survivor to keep in the running to any degree, and even he was behind by roughly half a course length. He could have done much better if he didn’t keep slipping off everything and having to restart. Sundra, who didn’t even stand a chance, did however manage to take a nasty spill that she will definitely be feeling later on. Ozzy ends up converting on his huge lead and wins the immunity challenge yet again!

Back at camp, Ozzy talks about how big a kick he got out of just how bad everyone else did in the challenge, until Jonathan joins the group, at which point everything goes dead. Everyone goes completely silent and goes as far as to blatantly ignore that he’s even around. Becky and Sundra actually get up to go “collect firewood” and try to brush him off when he follows them into the forest.
Adam pulls Yul aside and pressures him to get rid of Jonathan, again.Yul then goes to Jonathan and chats it up with him, telling him that he wants to keep him around, but he can’t guarantee his safety this time around, because no one else wants him around. Yul then moves down the line to Ozzy and chats with him about who to target. They both identify Adam and Jonathan as the biggest issues and decide one of the two have to and will voted off the island tonight, but who will it be?

Survivor Cook Islands Tribal Council

Adam and Candice get all giddy when they make eye contact as Candice enters as part of the jury, Adam takes to insulting Jonathan’s integrity again and Jonathan mildly tries to defend himself, failing, as usual, before the votes are cast:

Revealed Votes:

  • Jonathan votes for Adam
  • Adam votes for Jonathan

All Votes:

  1. Jonathan
  2. Adam
  3. Jonathan
  4. Jonathan
  5. Jonathan

Finally, the annoyance is gone! Jonathan has officially been voted off the island.

Though I can’t say I agree with the decision to get rid of Jonathan just yet, I’m still happy to see him go. I think it would have been better for Yul and his crew to keep Jonathan around for one more episode, voting Adam off this time and then Jonathan next time, but apparently they think otherwise. Yul still has power over everyone with the hidden immunity idol, though I have the feeling he is going to be forced to play it pretty soon.

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