Survivor Cook Islands: Ozzy Featured in Playboy’s “Foursome”

Well, it happens every time, when a new season of a reality TV show comes out, especially one as popular as Survivor Cook Islands, someone always manages to dig up some dirt on one of the contestants.

This seasons feature is the strapping young Aitutaki member Ozzy, who apparently is about as shy of walking around naked as Richard Hatch, winner of the first season of Survivor.

Ozzy, one of the current favorites to win Survivor Cook Islands, was featured on Playboy TV‘s reality TV series “Foursome.” Foursome was a reality TV dating show that aired on Playboy TV that “captures every passionate moment on tape!”

I can’t wait to hear what other dirt will be dug up on this seasons contestants. This one will be pretty hard to top though, with the shear funny factor of it.

Author: Gypsy

6 thoughts on “Survivor Cook Islands: Ozzy Featured in Playboy’s “Foursome””

  1. that is SO funny. one of the women on it works on ‘The View’ to. my dad had heard they had hired actors this year…i figured they always had a couple..if you can call that acting HAHA

  2. I just can’t believe it.I even used to support him in Survivor.Maybe now I should change my altitudes,especially towards Ozzy.

  3. He is so Hot and nice….I still support him and love him! That just him experiencing his naugthy side and for that he’s my hero!(L)(K) love ya OZZY!

    XOX JOline

  4. uh….i never thought i would think some guy from Survivor was SO hot nd then find out he did porn….welll he is still hot nd it was his past nd he will always be a good guy from what i saw on Survivor!♥

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