CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 10 – “The Thing About Heroes”

Last week, Mac and the CSI team discover that the puzzles they have been receiving are all connected to Mac’s life and the 333 stalker. While Mac stayed in Chicago to get some answers, Stella, Danny and Lindsay were back in New York trying to examine a crime scene at the subway where a train operator was found dead. While Flack and the CSIs were inside, the train moved, leaving Danny behind.

Danny runs to shut down the control on the rails manually. Just as the train was about to hit another train in the next station, Danny stopped the train by destroying the controls, which turns out to be an mp3 player. The train stopped at exactly 33rd street, using door #3. With the numbers 333, Stella puts two and two together that this is no coincidence and that Mac’s stalker may be after them or Mac. She calls Mac to see if he’s okay.

In Chicago, Mac walks through the Tribune building to find a dead man hung from the roof with letters on the wall that looked like a hangman game. With six blanks below the letters, Mac deciphers the puzzle by finding all the missing letters (A-C-D-O-R-W) and jumbled the letters to see the word: Coward. Since Chicago is not his jurisdiction, Mac explained to the Chicago detective how he ended up in the abandoned Tribune building to find a dead body.

Back in New York, the team is busy examining the operator’s body, clothes and evidences found at the train. Lindsay discovers that the clothing had an anthrax. News spreading quickly, the chief visits the CSI office and tells Stella to get Mac back in New York. Danny examines the mp3 player for prints, but found no match. Zach explains that the mp3 was hooked up at the subway’s external control, infecting the entire subway system.

Autopsy reports from the body found at the Chicago Tribune showed that the victim was 30 years old, male and was dead from a gun shot to the stomach, buried and dug up only to be hanged again. Mac believes he knows who did it and visits a friend named Jimmy.

The guy found dead was a gangster named Bobby Tool. Mac thinks that somebody put his body in that building to find Mac. The t-shirt that Mac received inside the wrong luggage from Europe was that of Will (Jimmy’s brother who was beaten to death by Bobby Tool when Mac and the others were young). Since Will worked in the Tribune as a paperboy, Mac derives a conclusion and accuses Jimmy of stalking him. However, Jimmy gets mad at Mac for bringing his brother’s death up and accusing him of something he did not do. As Jimmy left, Mac picks up his cigarette butt to trace Jimmy’s DNA and Flack appears in Chicago as Chief Sinclair’s orders.

DNA prints from the crime scene in New York and with the puzzle pieces are an exact match. However, the killer has no criminal records, so they have no way of tracing him down.  

Mac tells Flack all about Jimmy, Will and the young version of Mac. When they were about ten to twelve years old, they were working as delivery boys of Sal Marchedy. Since Will was the oldest of the three, he was the one beaten to death when they delivered money that wasn’t what Bobby Tool expected. Throughout the beating and screaming, Tool’s gun slipped across Mac’s feet but he couldn’t pull the trigger. Will died on the emergency room, Jimmy and Will never talked about that night ever again.

Jimmy’s DNA was not a match from the puzzle pieces. However, Mac thought about Jimmy’s youngest brother, Andy, whom he thought had no idea of his brother’s death. As it turns out, Drew Bredford was Andrew (or little Andy who followed them deliver to Bobby Tool and saw his brother die) and Mac quickly returns to New York. Stella also figured this out when she discovers that the negative pieces from the New York puzzle were covered with green x’s, while negative pieces from the Chicago puzzle was covered with blue x’s. The piece she got at Drew’s apartment had blue x’s, which should have been green x’s because they haven’t even had the Chicago puzzle when she went back to check the missing pieces at Drew’s.  

Stella brought all gifts that Drew sent her the past weeks to find a connection. The prints from the mp3 player are an exact match with Drew’s fingerprints. When Mac and the team was about to enter Drew’s apartment, Chief Sinclair tries to stop them, but Mac talked him into ending this 333 thing and eventually ended up going along with them for the bust.

While Flack, Stella and the others were looking for Drew, Mac is down at the wine cellar. Drew injected Mac with drugs at the back of his neck and got abducted. In the middle of a dozen light rays, Mac is trapped and anyone going into the door to save him or with just one move from Mac will trigger the guns to shoot. 

Drew has given all the clues with the puzzle and the crime scene. The entire CSI team worked to find Mac and they discover that the mp3 player had one song uploaded to it – “Train to Nowhere”, the 6th track on SV’s album. This led them to Mac’s location.

Drew is pissed that Mac is being cheered as a hero in the newspapers when he led a drug bust. He says “the thing about heroes is that sooner or later, someone will know the truth”. As it turns out, Andy followed Mac, Jimmy and Will to Bobby Tool’s room (Room 333), where he saw how his brother died. Andy blames Mac for being a coward and not shooting Tool down when his brother is being beaten to death. Mac explains that he was just a kid then.  

Jimmy calls Drew to save him from making a big mistake. As soon as Jimmy entered the room, he was shot by Andy’s trap. Mac then triggered one of the lights to shoot Andy’s arm. Flack says that during those kinds of situations, it was “shoot to kill”. Mac explains that the family had already lost enough.

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House Season 4, Episode 9 – Games

Last week, House and his candidates of doctors were faced with a magician’s medical condition. This week, House is playing games with the last four applicants – Thirteen, Amber, Taub and Kutner. The group is faced with a punk rock singer who vomits blood and collapses before a show. The problem is, the singer has a plethora of symptoms and has been a drug addict for years. Dr. Foreman says that the case is a no-brainer since the patient is sick because of years of being a drug addict.

In the meantime, Wilson had a wrong diagnosis. It turns out, upon telling his patient that he had only three months to live, he becomes cancer-free. House is amused, while Wilson has no idea on how to tell his patient he’s going to live for the rest of his life.

House makes a scoreboard for the 4 candidates. Each time one of them answers correctly or treats the patient with a correct diagnosis, he or she gets points. The patient shows another symptom and the team is faced with blood clots that they cannot diagnose. Thirteen and Taub loses the patient, but finds him at pediatrics playing with kids. Just as they were about to fetch him, the singer faints.

Since House “HAS” to make a decision on who to keep and who to fire, he asks each of the doctors about the reasons why they want to treat the patient. Amber says she doesn’t want to lose, while Thirteen genuinely wants to “treat” patients. House asks Cuddy’s opinion on who to choose and she picks Kutner and Taub.

House visits the patient, sees his band mates at the lobby and discovers that they have been sharing needles with the patient even if he’s sick in bed. The patient admits that he doesn’t care if he lives or dies, but cares if people appreciates his music.

Dr. Wilson announces to his patient that he is not dying. The patient was shocked and disappointed by the news, since he already had three goodbye parties and he is leaving for a long vacation that he paid through credit thinking he won’t live to pay for his debts. Wilson offers the patient a 6,000-dollar check, but the patient refuses and threatens to sue because after giving him happiness, Wilson took it all away by telling him he’ll survive.

House wants to literally see his patient’s heart and asks Chase to perform this delicate surgery. He then asks him who to choose between the four remaining candidates and answers to keep Taub and Amber. Aside from enlarged lymph nodes, respiratory failure and a bunch of other symptoms, the patient is now dying and no one has a clue on how to treat him.

Foreman is pissed and asks House to choose between the four doctors, instead of making the diagnostic procedure a game. He then turns to Kutner and Thirteen, then tells them they’re fired. The two, resisting House’s decision, continued to diagnose the patient under pressure. After the two gave acceptable diagnosis, House tells Foreman that “competition works” and no one is fired.

Amber tries to talk to the patient in hopes that he will reveal where he gets his drugs. Kutner discovers that the patient has been working with abandoned kids. House asks Cuddy for another surgery to treat the patient, but Cuddy only agreed if he can induce a seizure. Knowing House and his tricks, he dragged a large amplifier into the patient’s room, played loud music and gave the patient a seizure. He was allowed to give the patient a biopsy and he treats the patient for good, but not for his drug addiction.

At the lecture room, Amber is fired because House needs someone who is “willing to lose”. House also fired Thirteen, simply because he only had two spots. He tells Thirteen that if he had three spots available, she’d be picked too. Cuddy rushes to House demanding an answer on why he followed her opinion of hiring Kutner and Taub. Cuddy tells him that she needs to hire a woman and he should go with “the one with the heart” (referring to Thirteen). As Cuddy turns her back, she realizes that House planned it all along and wanted to keep all three – Taub, Kutner and Thirteen. 

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Bones Season 3, Episode 9: The Santa in the Slush

Last week, Bones and Booth continue solving the mystery of the Widow’s Son. This week, the team faces a “Christmassy” case when a Santa Claus was found dead at the back of a mall’s drainage. Brennan is talking with her dad in prison, discussing their Christmas plans. Not so surprisingly, Bones is going on a National Geographic trip to another country to dig up bones. She remembers one of the Christmas she had as a child and particularly described the gift she loved: the tool box, which Max says was supposed to be her brother Russ’ gift.

Booth tells Brennan to pull some strings so she could get her family together for Christmas. On the other hand, Booth is pissed because he won’t be able to spend Christmas with his son since his ex-wife and her boyfriend (that Booth and son Parker calls “Captain Fantastic) are going out of town for the holidays.

Back at the lab, Zach and Hodgins are debating about Santa’s job, while examining the victim’s body. As it turns out, Santa was only dead 72 hours ago. The question remains: who would kill Santa 3 days before Christmas?

Brennan visits Russ in prison, but gets mad at her when he finds out that she asked Amy and the girls to visit him. Booth suggests making the “impossible possible” by arranging a “jolly” holiday at the prisoner trailer.

Zach says that according to the bones of Santa, the victim was kicked by a reindeer. Angela, Hodgins and Zach makes fun of the case since all evidences point to an old fat man with a white beard, custom-made Santa suit and smoked clay pipe, who was kicked by a reindeer. Angela says that according to the victim’s prints, the victim was legitimately named Kris Kringle.

Booth and Brennan visits Kringle’s home only to find out that he lives above a toy store. As it turns out, the victim really had a reindeer. They checked the victim’s ref and cabinet, discovering that he was really a committed Santa based on his Santa clothing line and cookies-and-milk diet. However, the odd thing was Booth discovered tons of money in his compartment.

According to the landlord, Kringle listed his last residence as (you’ve guessed it) North Pole. Brennan and Booth discover that the victim worked in a Temp Agency. The landlord also admits that he sold Santa’s toy ideas, so he didn’t mind when Kringle missed paying his monthly rent.

Tests show that Santa died of a trauma to the head. Booth and Brennan visit the agency only to find out that every Santa in that room liked Kris. His boss even admits that Kris was “truly jolly” and remains the #1 Santa during Christmas and even throughout the year. However, Kris had one rule: he leaves work during Christmas Eve.

Back at the lab, Hodgins discovered maggots on Santa’s body, which led to a restaurant in China Town. Booth and Hodgins goes to china town to look for the “maggoty” food and finds the exact type of maggots that they found on Kringle’s suit as well as three empty wallets in the trash. Booth finds the sewer where Santa might have been dragged.

In the meantime, Brennan calls prosecuting judge Caroline to make a deal that will make Christmas with her family possible. The judge agrees to her request, as long as Brennan kisses Booth under mistletoe for no less than five seconds. When Brennan asks why, the judge simply says it will amuse her.

In a restaurant, Booth and Parker is eating as the kid asks him if he doesn’t want him to go with Captain Fantastic. Booth lied and told him that he’d be fine during Christmas since Brennan and the rest of their friends are spending Christmas together.

Booth and Brennan put two and two together: one of the Santa’s is pick pocketing and Kringle sees him doing so, confronts him and ends up with a fight. Booth interrogates one of the owners of the wallets and admits that he and Santa had a fight when he tries to steal his wallet.

At Bones’ office, Brennan is getting the mistletoe ready while telling Booth about her deal with Caroline. Just as Caroline enters the room, Brennan gives Booth a nice, hot, long kiss… and both the judge and Booth were shocked. Brennan got her family the Christmas trailer.

Hodgins and Zach find the murder weapon, a circular object. Booth and Brennan go back to the agency to check the entire Santas’ bells. Since the killer may have attacked Kringle, he may have stains from the crime scene. Both Brennan and Booth sniffed all the Santa’s butt in search of a bird’s nest stew smell, which led to one of the Santa’s that first showed interest in Kringle’s case.

At the office, everyone exchanged gifts, while Brennan’s dad arrives in the trailer first; Amy follows with the children and Russ (dressed in civilian clothes) excitedly greets his kids. As it turns out, Brennan didn’t go through her plans to Peru and goes to her Christmas holiday with her family. Max admits that Brennan has given him the best Christmas in 16 years.

Parker is assisted by a policeman to Booth’s office. He snuck out and didn’t go with his mom and Captain Fantastic to Vermont. Booth calls Rebecca, telling her that he’d send him over the next day. As a Christmas gift to Brennan, Booth and Parker drove by the trailer park and had the family look over the window – Booth prepared a Christmas tree, which wasn’t allowed inside the trailer. (How sweet of Booth)

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Samantha Who – Season 1, Episode 7: The Hockey Date

Last week, Samantha tries her luck with a hypnotherapist. This week, her family and friends are trying to get her back into the dating world. She is now finding her special someone all over again. While Todd is spending more time with Chloe and Andrea is planning to leave for Rome with her new boyfriend, Sam is pressured to give her love life a chance. Of course, who would help her find the right guy than her mother.

Sam and Andrea picks up some clothes over Sam’s apartment, interrupting Todd’s date with Chloe. Trying to make him jealous, Sam tells Todd she also has “huge” date plans for the night. However, she only plans to play board games with Dena. Sam’s mother is confronting her about her “anti-socialism”, insisting on getting out and playing “the game”.

Due to her amnesia, Sam says she won’t be an interesting date because she had no idea of he she was. Luckily, the next day she stumbles on a potential date, Kevin, who was hired to work on her house. Obviously, Kevin immediately learned that he was hired to be an escort instead of her handyman when he was trapped with a candle-lit dinner. While conversing, Kevin reveals a few things about himself, while Sam can’t think of anything to share aside from her love for hockey. Although she shares a mutual love for the game, Sam can’t seem to remember anything about hockey.

The next day, Kevin shows up at Sam’s work, asking her to go with him to a hockey game. Sam desperately needed to re-learn everything about the sport, wherein her ex Todd became a great help. The two went to the stadium to learn hockey live, then met up with Dena and Andrea at the bar. As it turns out, Andrea’s boyfriend went to Rome alone and left her behind. Without Sam there to be Andrea’s shock-absorber, Dena was forced into listening to her rants.

In the meantime, while Sam tries to buy tickets for them (Todd and her), she learns she was banned from the stadium. This week’s flashback occurs: the old Sam faked a disability just to get free tickets. So instead of learning tickets, the two just went to a bar and ended up talking about their past relationship. A few hours have past and Kevin showed up at the bar. Sam decides to confess about everything and hope for the best that he’d still be interested. Well how do you know, Kevin was.

Sam finally caught up with her friends Dena and Andrea, the two were wasted and were pretending to be Canadian flight attendants at the bar.

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Grey’s Anatomy, Season 4, Episode 9: Crash into Me (1)

This week, Grey’s Anatomy is all about intense patient care and doctors’ work. The episode starts when Cristina dances crazily in Meredith’s room, as Mer whines about how screwed up her relationship is with a man who’s dating other people. Cristina doesn’t want to hear anything about it since she brought it on herself, so she just asked Mer to dance with her.

In the meantime, Izzie and George is still having problems as George is sleeping on the floor eventhough the two resolved the state of their relationship. Izzie is also complaining about how she’s sick of Cristina and Mer’s love affair with each other and admits to George that she is jealous the two because she and George aren’t as happy as they used to be. Meanwhile, Lexie is trying to be angry with Alex, but he doesn’t care a bit. Although she says she’s not speaking to him, Alex just makes out with her to keep her quiet.

For the first time in Grey’s Anatomy history, Bailey is seen at home having an argument with her husband about her busy schedule. Bailey tells her husband to come down to the hospital during lunch so they could talk about their problems. On the other hand, Mer and Derek is sharing the love and apparently had sex at the on-call room. However, Mer was unable to tell him that she doesn’t want him seeing other people. Derek hits on Rose and focuses all his charm on her throughout the episode.

This week’s patients include Seth Green, who has a tumor. Sloan removed it but the surgery left his artery sensitive, making it vulnerable to bursting at any minute. Another patient is a man with a chest infection that is rushed through the ambulance two weeks after a successful heart surgery. Just as the man is wheeled inside, another ambulance comes out of nowhere when the driver had a seizure, crashing into the first ambulance. The man with a chest infection gets his leg stuck, while two paramedics are hit and trapped inside the upside down ambulance. One of them, named Shane, has internal injuries but refuses to get treated by Bailey and requests for a guy doctor.

Bailey asks the chief to treat Shane, but he doesn’t want him to touch him either. Bailey then figures out that the guy doesn’t want anything to do with black people, so she grabbed Cristina and (even if she isn’t white) Shane eventually agreed on examining his injuries. When Shane removes his shirt, a huge swastika tattoo shocked Cristina (because even if she isn’t black or white, she is Jewish and gets offended.

Seth Green is amused with Lexie, but becomes disappointed when she tells him that she’s seeing someone who acts like a jerk, but is truly a nice guy (referring to Alex). However, he doesn’t lose hope and it just seems that his perseverance may pay off. On the other hand, Ava is back and watches him while on surgery.

What will happen to the driver who had a seizure? Did Cristina eventually treat the Nazi Shane? What happens to Lexie and Alex and Ava? What happens to Seth Green? Who will live and who will die?

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CSI: Season 8, Episode 8 – You Kill Me

Last week, Sara kisses Grissom and leaves a goodbye letter when she is faced with a case that pulled her last string that could deal with violence. This week, everyone is trying to make feel Grissom good, while the CSI lab rats are busy doing nerdy things.

Hodges and Wendy are killing time at the lab. Hodges is explaining to Wendy about the cocaine explosion that killed Archie. As it turns out, the two were only playing a “thought experiment” wherein they learn how to think like a criminal. Hodges explains that as a CSI agent, two simple questions are needed to be answered: how and who did it?

The first thought experiment scenario was the cocaine incident. Warrick and Stokes are handling the case; as they examine 21 wrappers of cocaine. All evidences show that the death of Archie was the doing of someone from the lab. Wendy says the two CSIs should examine the bomb. This then will lead to the blasting caps, where only Bobby had access. Was Bobby the killer?

Archie enters the room and wants to join the game. Now, Wendy, Archie and Hodges are playing.

The story continues… There were no prints on the lock; just metal shavings that suggest the lock have been slipped. The blasting caps were stolen from ballistics. Since the mixture needs to be refrigerated, the team goes to the lab with access to a ref: Henry’s lab. They discover sodium nitrate and baking soda, two ingredients that could be used for initiating the explosion.

Stokes finishes his shift and visits Grissom’s office to ask him if he wanted to join him for breakfast. Grissom obviously doesn’t want to talk about Sara refuses anyone to get involved.

In the meantime, the lab rats are now playing another scenario – this time, Henry dies inside a freezer filled with chemicals, frozen to death. The CSIs process the crime scene, while Cath examines the freezer door to find out that someone may have locked Henry inside the freezer because soy protein (or traces of peanut butter) is found outside the lock. This evidence again leads to Bobby and Brass interrogates him. However, the autopsy report suggests that Henry had PCP, which rocked the brain and caused fever, panics and anxiety attacks that may have been the cause of Henry’s death.

The real Henry finds out he’s the victim in Hodges’ “thought experiment” and wants to join the game.

Wendy continues to guess Henry’s death. Because of Henry’s sweat stains and the fact that lab tests are positive for PCP, Wendy guesses that she is the killer. Hodges is impressed by Wendy’s thinking. She opens up that she’s planning to take a CSI field test.

In the meantime, Cath sees Grissom in the hallway and tells him to take a few days off.

Wendy and Henry ask Hodges for another game. This time, Wendy is the victim and the CSI assigned to the case is Greg. He analyzes the crime scene and believes that it Wendy’s death was another scenario of accident in the workplace, or isn’t it? Oily residue on the ladder is seen, which leads to the conclusion that someone may have brushed it on. The oil leads to gun lubricant, which can only be found in Bobby’s lab. Brass interrogates Bobby again.

Wendy’s autopsy finds an oval burn on her wrist made by a bracelet that melt on her arm, while she was having a heart attack. As it turns out, the ventilation motor was wired to the evidence box that Wendy was getting: who was the killer?

Wendy finds out that Hodges was hiding a recording tape and demands why their conversations are being recorded. Hodges then showed Wendy the board game called “Lab Rats” that he was developing. She sees little lab techs and got pissed when one was called “Mindy Bims – the Clumsy yet Buxom DNA Tech”.

Grissom finds Hodges in his office alone playing with the little lab techs. He sees the board game and asks Hodges if he could play. This time, the scenario was different: Hodges was the one who died. He was rehearsing his speech when someone shoots him dead. Grissom finds a single 9mm casing on the doorway and assumes that the killing is a walk-by. The autopsy revealed that the bullet didn’t exit, so Grissom automatically finds a match for the bullet.

According to lab records, the matching gun was supposedly destroyed. Grissom watches Hodges’ video repeatedly and analyzes where the bullet came from. He guesses that the killer used a page to shoot the bullet, leading him to a dead end. Grissom says he’s just getting started with the game.

Grissom says that the bullet that killed Hodges was fired twice. Since Bobby Dawson was a gun enthusiast, all evidences point to him. But as soon as Brass tries to interrogate him again, he runs and was shot by Brass. When Hodges asked Grissom if Bobby really did it, Grissom answered that he was framed. Grissom says that Hodges killed himself by positioning the beeper directly at his head.

As soon as the first game ended, Hodges asked about Sara and Grissom opened up (a bit) then tells Hodges if they could play another one.

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CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 9 – “One Wedding and a Funeral”

Last week, the CSI team was faced with an electrocuted woman and a robbery. This week, the team is faced with an odd crime scene – a wedding event with high profile families, the Hatfield and McCoys. While the two families were fighting even before the wedding started, the bride Emma Blackstone searches for her husband-to-be only to find him dead on the groom’s tent.

The CSI team examines the victim’s body and sees no gunshot wounds and stab wounds; he wasn’t even one of the people fighting at the wedding. The weird thing about the groom had bubble wrap underneath his shirt and yellow stain from his shoes that leads to the paint outside his tent. Mac says the victim was still alive about 20 feet from outside the tent.

At the lab, Dr. Hammerback is examining the body during autopsy when he hears a mobile phone ringing inside the victim’s skin. The phone was cushioned with stuffing under his skin. Hammerback comes to a conclusion that the victim died of sharp forced trauma to the chest using three different weapons that punctured the lungs. He also determines the time of death: around 2 to 3 am. The question now is: How does the vic step into a curb with fresh yellow paint around 6 am, but die three hours earlier?

In the meantime, Stella and Lindsay were outside the Russo trial preliminary hearing because police found a box addressed to Stella. Since it is not a bomb or any electronic device that may explode, they opened it to find a huge plastic of puzzles.

Assuming that Drew had something to do with it because she has been receiving tons of weird gifts from him for the past weeks, she storms into Drew’s place and gets angry with him. However, Drew says the gift was not from him.

Stella sees that a piece of the puzzle has blood and traces of powder. Adam, although unwillingly, put the pieces of puzzle together while Lindsay examines the box to find a rock (which then turns out to be petrified redwood). Confused why the puzzle was left for her, Stella desperately searches for answers.

Meanwhile, Hawkes explains the groom’s shoes and the stain left on it. He analyzes that the killer may have switches shoes with the groom after killing him, which led them to the last places the victim may have gone – at the bar and in his hotel. Flack and Hawkes eventually finds the crime scene at the groom’s hotel. They also discovered that there was an open box and a missing gift.

Adam finally completed the puzzle and makes a 3D version of multiple buildings. Since there were missing pieces in the puzzle, Stella goes back to Drew’s apartment to ask if she may have left a few pieces of the puzzle there. She then asks for an apology for the way she blamed Drew earlier, then left.

Although Stella found one piece from Drew’s apartment, Adam explains that the missing piece was not supposed to be part of the puzzle. The piece they were looking for were deliberately removed because of the blood. They soon discovered that the missing piece was from a New York building, specifically floors 32 to 36. As it turns out, floor 36 has been vacant since the last month, so Lindsay and Stella decided to visit the apartment. There they found another box with a chalk body outline and a satchel.

For the second box of clues, Adam finds and puts together another set of puzzles. It was the continuation of the first 3D buildings and was part of the missing pieces. Stella discovers that the satchel had markings of the Hagia Sofia building. Lindsay discovers that only a few businesses use petrified redwood in New York and they sent Lindsay a copy of their employees. This list led to an ex-pedophile named John Andrews. Unfortunately, he’s not the one the team is looking for.

Adam says that the 2nd missing piece is on the 29th floor of 56th 30 Broadway. When Lindsay and Stella visited the next clue, they were in a dead end because there’s no building to collect a new box.

Flack interrogates the victim’s best man, George, who admitted that he discovered his best friend’s body at the hotel dead. Since he took a bet that he would bring the groom to the wedding (since it is his 2nd wedding), he bubble-wrapped the groom so he could attend the wedding. In the meantime, Danny is trying to find the murder weapon that killed the groom. He believes that the groom was killed using a type of cooking equipment.

Mac visits Adam to see the famed 3D puzzle he has been building for hours. Mac says that the 2nd missing piece was the Riverton building (from Mac’s first crime scene case) and the 1st missing piece was actually Mac’s first apartment in New York. Mac, although absolutely shocked, says that the 3D puzzle was about his life when he finds the building where he proposed to his wife.

Since only Flack and Stella knew about the 333 caller, Mac explained to Adam and Lindsay about his stalker, the late-night calls at exactly 3:33 am, the bloody kid’s shirt from Mac’s luggage. Mac asks for the blood sample found on the puzzle and discovers that the blood on the shirt and the man making the puzzle are siblings. Mac says the next clue will be on the building where he got engaged, and to the team’s surprise, they find another box.

Inside the box was another batch of puzzles to be assembled and a piece of limestone that only comes from Southwestern US. Mac examines all the evidences – from the first stone to the satchel, the second stone to all the buildings from the 3D puzzle – and says in a matter-of-fact tone that the limestone was from the Alamo and the building (which Adam and Lindsay are still busy completing) is the Tribune Tower in Chicago.

As soon as Mac steps foot in Chicago, he receives a call asking him: “How does it feel to be home, detective Taylor?”

What will happen next? Will this be the end of the 333 caller?

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Bones Season 3, Episode 8: The Knight on the Grid

Tonight’s episode of Bones is an exciting one since it is a continuation of the “Widow’s Son” serial killer episode, which started off this season. Dr. Brennan receives a mysterious package at her apartment with two kneecaps that turned out to be from a Father Douglas Cooper’s body, who was a vicar general of the D.C. Archbishop.

Angela examines the tapestry found at the vault and identifies the characters to be “Barabas”, a biblical prisoner set free while Jesus Christ was sentenced to death. She then discovers some patterns on the tapestry translating to a D.C. map, which points to all the murder scenes – a mausoleum, vault location and the old mansion turned nursing home.

Booth and Jack finds another sculpture from the Gorgomon in the mausoleum. However, they find no silver on the skeleton; it is made of real bones instead. Zach tells Camille about the evidence he found of 18 different victims in the skeleton, all of which have been eaten aging up to 50 years old. Plus, a puzzling thing is that the teeth marks did not match Father Douglas.Angela tries to decipher the tapestry and finds several Masonic standards –a musician, orator, bishop, architect, martyr, corrupter, scientist, hermit, teacher and judge. Booth labels Gavin as the musician and Father Douglas as the bishop. The team realizes that lobbyist Ray Porter may just be the best choice for the killer’s next victim because he stands as the “corrupter”.

In the meantime, Zach discovers a hidden cam in the vault and finds out that Gorgomon has been listening and watching them the entire time. On the other hand, Booth and Bones are trying to catch him when the taxi they’re spying on gets blown up. Both of them are okay, but they discover that Gorgomon used his own teeth as shrapnel (as part of the bomb).

Lance Sweets was a very helpful part of the case. He was able to figure out that there were more than 1 killer and there was a pattern to the killings. He was also the one who thought that Gorgomon is trying to recreate Adam, which then led Zach to finding the numbers “1026” etched on the rib. They searched within the Gorgomon vault and found the box with that exact number, which had a 30-year-old key for a room at the municipal department of social services.

Booth and Bones interrogate Arthur Graves, who used to work with disturbed boys but now lives in the old mansion. Since the guy has Alzheimer’s, Brennan moves to take an impression of his teeth only to find out that all his teeth are gone. Then, Ray Porter is then seen coming from work then being attacked by a mysteriously insane-looking teenage boy with a knife.

As for Brennan’s family, Russ’ girlfriend Amy shows up at Bones’ asking for help. As it turns out, Russ’ youngest daughter Haley has cystic fibrosis and she’s getting worse. They badly want to see Russ, but he’s still on the run. Brennan is touched, so she gave Amy the contact details to one of the best doctors specializing in CF. Bones then visits her father to relay a message to Russ that his daughter really wants to see him. Russ did come back, but the responsible special agent Booth arrested him. However, Brennan convinces Booth to allow her and Russ to visit Haley at the hospital before they take him in.

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