CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 8 – “Buzzkill”

Last week, the CSI team uncovered two cases in major NY tourist spots – at the Madison Square Park and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Both crimes clearly want to send a message. This week, the team faces a robbery and a woman electrocuted in a rooftop party.

On the other hand, Stella agrees for a “drink” with Drew, but she ends up having a dinner date in a rooftop in New York. However, Stella feels that all his gifts and style is way too aggressive for her. She then walks out to go to a crime scene.

Flack and Stella examines the crime scene and finds Jenna Donovan’s body in a giant martini bowl, electrocuted to death. The team finds several tennis balls in the scene and Lindsay sees indentation marks on the surface wall. She measures the impact of the marks to find the origin while Flack and Stella interviews the management of the ad agency that organized the rooftop party. They talked to Lia and Damien, who says it might be their competitors looking to get their billboard spot. Dr. Hammerback investigates Jenna’s body.

In the meantime, Danny is in an ambulance with a robbery victim named Brandi and her boy friend, Paul Larkin. Mac, Hawkes and Detective Angell examines the robbery crime scene, with another dead man.

Lindsay finds the origin of the tennis balls as Stella and Flack finds the room filled with tennis balls. They arrest a man named Nick Conway and he admits targeting the party because he is a recovering alcoholic and he just wants the party to stop.

Hawke’s investigates Brandi’s clothes and from there, Mac suggests that the bullet shots from the dead victim and Brandi’s did not match. As the lab results showed Brandi had DNA semen that matched the shooter, they discovered that she was the inside contact and that the robber double-crossed her.

Back at the lab, Dr. Hammerback tells Stella that the tennis ball shooter was not Jenna Donovan’s killer. Since the vic did not die due to electrocution, Lindsay examines Jenna’s bag and its contents. Inside was plenty of money, tons of lollipops and cotton balls. Stella gets a piece from the lollipop to see it was heroine and discovers that the purse handle is the exact match to the bruise on Jenna’s shoulders.

Mac visits Brandi at the hospital. When her boyfriend Paul talked to her, her heart collapses and the doctor hesitated on reviving her. The doctor then whispers to Mac that he needs his help. They talked privately and Dr. Moore tells Mac that his brother Charles was kidnapped and in return, the kidnappers want him to let the witness die. As it turns out, Paul Larkin was not Brandi’s boyfriend. The team examines the camera outside the bank.

Lindsay finds the symbol “91x” from a grain of rice that is part of a kanji ring. 91x, which means magic, is the chemical resulted when phetonel (a chemo drug) and heroine is combined. This information led to Donovan’s killer, Pattie Larkin, who was the maker of the kanji rings. However, Dr. Hammerback says the killer is not Pattie because the vic’s stomach contents included a marine chemicals only available in salt water. Lindsay and Stella reexamines the crime scene to get samples from the large martini glass.

As it turns out, Paul Larkin’s name was Paul Campbell. Mac and Hawkes traced down where Paul worked and was able to get fingerprints from the gloves. They went to his apartment only to discover a courier box where the robbers must have placed the money. Det. Angell calls the phone of Dr. Moore’s brother only to find out that the celphone was in the apartment.

Back at the lab, Lindsay and Stella finds the murder weapon – a poisonous jellyfish that only survives in sea water. It was placed inside a beach ball and the only ones to have access was Lia and Damien. They interrogated the two and discovered that Lia handed the beach ball to Damien because HE was the target, instead of Jenna. As it turns out, she wanted him dead because the large martini glass and billboard party was her idea and Damien stole it and pitched the idea to the boss.

On the other hand, Danny finds a piece of paper that had a trace of an address. This led Mac and the team to an apartment where Paul Campbell, another suspect and the kidnapped Charles Moore was staying.

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