CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 7 – “Commuted Sentences”

Last week, the CSI: NY team faced Halloween with 2 weird cases involving a true-to-life zombie and a mass murder reportedly caused by a haunted house that leads the father to kill his family and commit suicide. This week, the team has two cases in two tourist spots – Madison Square Park where a man is stabbed brutally to death and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where a woman is shot dead on the steps. Both crimes clearly want to send a message. The CSI NY team is about to uncover this message.

The episodes starts with a lady covered in blood running to her apartment crying and desperately wiping out the blood. Flack and the police arrests her in the bathroom naked and still in shock. Outside her apartment, near the Madison Square Park, Mac and Stella examines the crime scene where a man is stabbed with 4 knives. Flack discloses that the vic is Mitchell Bentley III, who recently got acquitted from rape and attempted murder in central park. The victim on that case was none other than Fern Lazlow, the girl who was just arrested in her apartment. Clearly, Flack and Stella determines this case as a revenge killing. As Mac and Stella examines the crime scene, they discover a bandage, a piece of red fabric and finger prints on the vic’s neck. However, the crime scene suggests no sign of running nor defensive signs on the victim’s body.

At the other side of town, Danny, Hawkes and Lindsay examines the body of the woman who was shot dead by the steps of Metropolitan Museum. The victim, Joana Morgan, was a successful advertiser. The crime scene indicates it was not a case of robbery, but they team became confused when they found no signs of struggle, no bullets, but the gun was left for them to find.

Back at the lab, Lindsay and Danny investigates Joana Morgan’s clothes, bag and gun. As it turns out, the fingerprints on the gun were only from Morgan, suggesting that the suspect may have maneuvered her arm as she was trying to shoot the suspect. On the other hand, Dr. Hammerback checks out Bentley’s body and discovers that all four knives were penetrated deeply into the body. In fact, the suspect had an intimate knowledge of the human body that Mac even compares the killing to Spanish bull fighting, where the suspect tortures Bentley, slowly killing him. Flack interrogates Fern Lazlow, but she denies killing Bentley even if she has all the right reasons to kill him.

Hammerback examines Joanna Morgan’s body and gives Hawkes the digestive fluid from her body. Adam determines that the fibers from Bentley’s body is from black tissue paper only found in Casa del Matador Grill. Stella and Flack visits the restaurant to find hair stuck at the bottom of the chair where Fern Lazlow and Bentley supposedly sat. Adam discovers that the hair was diamond-mink eyelashes that costs $10,000 a pair, leading to a woman named Amber Stanton.

Lindsay and Danny goes back to the crime scene to find the missing bullet. Lindsay uses a first-aid kit to make a slingshot and experiment on the angle of the gun shot and discover where the bullet landed. Lindsay’s experiment works and Danny finds the missing bullet. At the lab, the bullet determines two blood samples – one from Joana Morgan and the other from an unknown male. The blood from the unknown male suggests the suspect has a gunshot on his/her shoulders.

Flack and Mac visits Amber Stanton. She admits having dinner with Bentley since she’s a Publisher, they discussed about his recent trial and how she could save his career and reputation. She also admitted that she lost her eyelashes. Mac tells Flack to keep an eye on Amber, but she ends up keeping an eye on Flack’s police car. She enters the car and gave Flack (and Det. Angell) her schedule for the day. Pissed off about Stanton’s arrogance, Flack searches for hair and uses this strand to get Amber’s DNA.

Detective Angell discloses to Stella that the bandage they gathered as evidence had markings underneath. It was a map only seen on Ian Burton shoes. They were looking at a shoe print. As it turns out, the shoe print found was from Joanna Morgan’s shoes, linking her case to Mitchell Bentley’s crime scene. The team examines the evidences and studies the relationship between Fern Lanzlow, Joana Morgan and Amber Stanton. As it turns out, they were all victims of criminals that were acquitted.

As Hawkes examines the stomach contents of Joana Morgan’s body, he finds a unique bacteria that caused food poisoning. This specific bacteria changes the DNA of a person infected. Because of this, the CSIs were given a warrant to search Amber Stanton’s apartment, where they found an empty Ian Burton shoe box.

From the food poisoning discovery, Detective Angell searched for reports on local restaurants to have food poisoning. A Steve Kaplan reported “Clergio’s Grill” in Midtown to have served poisoned food and asked for pain killers at the hospital. As it turns out, Kaplan has also been acquitted from a 2000 murder and was caught to have shoulder trouble due to a gun shot. He then admitted that he met Joana Morgan online, they met for dinner and out of no where, Morgan tried to kill him. Kaplan says he shot her as self-defense.

Mac interrogates Amber Stanton. Mac figures out that since Joana Morgan’s prints were all over the Ian Burton shoe box, it was given to Amber as a gift. The two ladies met through commuting, the daily ride to work, where they developed a 40-minute friendship and became close – close enough to tell deep secrets such as Morgan’s rape case. Amber admits her friendship with Morgan and considers herself as an “arbiter of justice”. As Amber Stanton is taken away for the murder of Mitchell Bentley, Fern Lanzlow goes free.

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