Bionic Woman Episode 6

In Bionic Woman episode 5, Jaime pretended to be a college student, where she met up with and fell for a CIA agent pretending to be a TA.

Jaime advises Becca how to handle a guy based on a list of rules she read in a book.

Burkett and the CIA are going to work together on a mission because they have to recover a list of operatives from both organizations. The last buyer was killed, so Jaime, who’s assigned to the case, suggests she work with Tom. Jonas calls Tom and asks, though, since Jaime doesn’t call guys (it’s one of the rules). The objective is to look for Victor, who’s changed his appearance multiple times but still has the same eyes.

They go to France and pretend to be a married couple, but they refuse to touch each other. He finally tells her that the reason he hasn’t called is that he’s afraid that a relationship would compromise the mission. At a party, they’re unable to get any clear leads, but the guy who refuses to look Jaime in the eyes is suspicious. Through the lie they accidentally told about Tom being an art historian, they manage to get invited downstairs, or at least that’s how it appears. On their way down, they do get an eye match, so it’s discovered he is indeed Victor. But the real reason he brought them down there was to lock them up.

Jaime breaks them out of the wine cellar, but Tom lets her know he loosened the door she kicked down. Then she beats up the security guy, but not before she and Tom kiss.

Becca has a party when Jaime’s away. She leaves her own party, but as she’s driving away, she gets pulled over for being drunk.

As they head into where the buy is going down, Tom tries to protect her and insists he go alone. Obviously, Jaime doesn’t stand for this. They both go in and start fighting. She jumps out a window, pushing someone who she believes is Victor with her. Except it’s not actually Victor, just someone who looks like him.

They grab him and put him in a van, but they have to leave Tom behind as they take off. Jaime calls, talks to Tom, and tells Victor she wants her husband back, along with the list. All for just $8 million. The women she’s with are concerned when Jaime mentions this figure, but she calls Jonas and asks for it. He nonchalantly says “Okay.”

After getting busted, Becca also calls Jonas for help. He tells her Jaime’s selling time shares. Becca expresses concerns that she can’t talk with Jaime about anything, which she thinks is weird.

When she arrives at dinner, Tom warns they’re dead if she puts the money on the table or if she didn’t bring any money. Then he reveals that he’s got a bomb strapped to him. With a bit of help, she picks the right wire and deactivates the bomb. Now they just need to catch Victor, who fled when she hit him with the money. He’s waiting with a gun for them, and to save Tom, she has to run ahead inexplicably fast and take Victor out.

Jaime won’t wait 8 days for Tom to call again. Two strikes and he’s out. Rule 27.

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