Bionic Woman Episode 5

In Bionic Woman Episode 4, Jaime was obsessed with the lies she’s been telling and the ones she’s been told. One of those lies was that she’s going to die within 5 years, though Jonas says he won’t let that happen. As for the lies she’s telling, she refuses to tell Becca what she’s up to, even though Becca’s figured out something’s not right.

In the opening scene, a soldier starts firing away at people. Jaime turns on the news and sees this. The soldier was a POW presumed dead. He and some others have neural implants that make fire on their own side.

Jaime needs to learn about math and science to fake her way through this case, with the only minor problem being she has no clue. She has to go to school, get a roommate, and speak in a fake British accent (except it’s her real British accent). In class, she gets an assist from a TA, Tom, who gives her an answer while her teacher whines about her having her cell phone on (annoying, yes, but no need to get all bent out of shape). Then she runs into the TA at a bar later that night, but Nathan, the guy monitoring her, makes sure to get her attention by causing pain in her bionic ear. With that, she steps away from the table and goes outside.

She breaks into a lab to find out what’s on a computer. After she gets what she needs, she decides it sounds like a good idea to stick around and get some useless information about him. That’s when Professor Samuels, her teacher, walks in. She pretends she was there to clean out the monkey cages because someone told her it would help get back in his good graces. Tom walks in and bails her out, pretending he was the one who told her that, and he also says he left the door unlocked. She tells Tom she was there to get some notes, and he agrees to help her out, if she has dinner with him.

She shows up to see a guy who was injured and received a neural implant. From a computer, they can make this guy do whatever they want, and there’s nothing he can do to stop this.

Antonio starts to get suspicious about Tom. Jaime is with Tom and kisses him, a perfect time for Antonio to barge in and introduce himself. He tells her that something doesn’t add up about Tom, but Jaime doesn’t listen and defends him.

While she’s walking through the parking lot, someone pulls a gun on her. It’s the patient who can’t stop himself because he’s being controlled by the neural implant.

She takes him back and has the chip removed. Back at the base, they ask her who knew where she’d be going. Tom, obviously. She asks to be kept on the case because if anyone can get to know him, it’s her. When he’s about two seconds away from taking his pants off, she asks for champagne, buying her some time to ssearch his room. The more she searches, the more she thinks he’s perfect… too perfect. Inside the taragon is the evidence she needs.

Antonio finds the guy responsible for transporting. He confronts him and asks who the supplier is. Jonas then calls Jaime and tells her the chip’s a match.

Jaime follows Tom and grabs a paper he gave a guy because she thinks it’s something covert. Tom goes up to her and asks who she is and what she’s doing. He’s CIA, arguably one of the good guys, and he thought she was a buyer. While they’re discussing this, they see the real culprit. Jaime saves Tom from being killed, then they start to beat up a bunch of people. After the case is solved, she leaves college but still hooks up with Tom at his place.

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