Kid Nation Episode 6

In Kid Nation Episode 5, elections were finally held. Laurel’s district unanimously agreed to allow her to stay in power unopposed. Anjay also stayed in power. Mike got beat by a 9-1 vote by Guylan, whoever that is. Taylor, meanwhile, finally got a long overdue boot, as she was replaced by the yellow team’s best leader Zach.

When Zach rings the bell to wake people up, Taylor acts like a spoiled brat. So basically nothing’s changed.

The town trash bin is a big mess and has a lot of stuff crawling/flying through it. How timely, though, the pioneers have advice that they need to clean it up. The council selects a few people to carry the garbage a couple hundred yards out and bury it. Sophia, DK, Greg, Blaine, Leila, and Taylor are selected, the last two mostly to spite them. Taylor tries to get out of it, but Laurel tells her “Deal with it.” Both Taylor and Leila run off and refuse to help, but Leila decides she doesn’t want to be punished and returns to help. Guylan’s unable to get much done and walks away, but DK talks to him and cheers him up some.

The council takes great pride in delivering Taylor her punishment. She has to haul water back and forth until she fills up the now empty tank. She carries the buckets just to put on a show and then dumps them on the ground. Seriously, can we have a tribal council now and vote her out?

The council corners her in a room and refuses to let her leave. She throws a hissy fit, and they eventually do let her leave. She says she’s going home.

Mike, on the other hand, is handling not being on the town council any more maturely. He says he plans to work harder and focus on his job.

DK asks for volunteers to help fill the water tank. Most kids in the town help fill it.

The showdown is about pollution and recycling. There’s a massive pot filled with 1600 gallons of baked beans and 30 pigs. They must search for bean cans and find the right colored cans. If all districts collect a total of at least 75 cans, they’ll win reward. Most people are disgusted. Anjay hangs around in there for quite some time, as does Blue’s next candidate, Nathan. Taylor in this mess… now this is enntertainment. Red district’s crusing right along.

Red: 24 cans (upper class)
Green: 20 cans (merchants)
Yellow: 19 cans (cooks)
Blue: 17 cans (laborers)

A nice improvement for green, which is typically laborers. Reward is a choice as always. The first choice is all different kinds of fruit and vegetables, which follows on the heels of people complaining about the lack of variety of food and nothing but potatoes for veggies. The second choice is dune buggies with as much gas as they need to keep them running.

The council chooses the produce. Most of the town is thrilled. Taylor says she’ll hate Zach for the rest of his life.

Zach assigns Sophie, Leila, and Taylor to dishes. They want to make fruit salad for breakfast instead. He says he won’t pay them unless they do what they’re supposed to. He then says, “You can forget about the gold star… forever!”

Two of the kids were goofing off, and one of them fell into a barrel. DK jumps in and takes charge of the situation. After that, though, he says he doesn’t like the people there any more and doesn’t want to be there with them.

The town council is unanimous in their choice for a gold star, DK.

Even though she’s off the council, the town council meeting once again turns to Taylor not doing anything. She says she’ll try. Again. DK comes to her aid for some reason. We then find out why.

When asked if anyone wants to go home, DK raises his hand. This is really surprising because he’s stood out this episode as a strong leader. He reiterates that he’s sick of the people fighting and being negative. Guylan pulls him aside and tries to convince him that they need him there. When he gets back, DK agrees to stay.

With that, DK is still around to receive the gold star.

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