House Season 4, Episode 4: Guardian Angels

In the last episode, “97 Seconds” House experiments with the after life and electrifies himself when a patient did the same and told him the 97 seconds of him being dead was the best thing he has ever felt. This week, House and the remaining seven apprentice is faced with a 20-year old patient working as a funeral home cosmetician named Irene who experienced a massive seizure and hallucinates that the dead people in the funeral home has come to life and attacked her. The team must now figure out why.

As it turns out, Cameron accepted Irene in the emergency room and referred her case to House. As she asks House how the so-called search for a diagnostic team was going and ended up making a bet that Cole, the only black guy on the group, was going to be pissed with House and kick his ass. House approved with the 100-dollar bet and instead of being nice, he makes Cole’s life more of a living hell.

As the seven applicants run some tests, they realize that the patient is carrying on conversations with her long-dead mother, whom she believes is sitting in the room with her. Believing that something in the funeral home may have made the patient sick, House sends his team t0 dig up a grave in the cemetery.

In the meantime, Foreman attends two separate job interviews after being fired by Mercy Hospital. Both job interviewers were amazed at how Foreman saved his patient on his last case, but both did not hire him. Dr. Cuddy, on the other hand, continues to try to win Foreman back at the hospital by giving him a raise, his own team and his own office, but Foreman still denies the offer.

Amber continues to piss everyone, especially thirteen, off in hopes of being the only one left in the team. Taub continues to prove Henry wrong of his diagnosis, positive that Henry was the “non-doctor” on the team that House claimed.

As the patient’s symptoms become worse and her visions become more vivid (saying that she saw House’s grandpa Walter and a man that says thirteen killed him and his dog), House ends up connecting with the patient’s mother in order to diagnose her illness. House diagnoses Irene with Parkinson’s disease, but ends up back to zero as the patient vomits blood and ends up at Dr. Chase’s operating room, assisted by Cole. As it turns out, Irene is dying inside-out.

Throughout the case, House kept insulting Cole verbally and even by sending him e-mails. Cameron, on the other hand, tries to win the bet by giving him Cole a “friendly advice” to yell at House in order to win his respect. At the canteen as House and Cameron bumped into each other, House asks if she wants her job back, but declines happily.

As House and the team searches for answers, House debates with Cole about religion and eventually becomes pissed off and punches House. In the middle of the awkward scenario, Amber finally taught of the answer – the patient had ergot poisoning.

Back at the lecture room, House narrows down the candidates from seven to six by bringing flowers and giving 1 for each applicant that will come back tomorrow. Cole was the first to receive a flower. Even if Amber played with thirteen’s head by feeding the patient information about the last case (the man who died with his dog), she received a flower. Thirteen and rest received flowers, except for Henry because  House doesn’t need anyone to tell him what he’s thinking.

Cameron asks House for her 100 bucks. House gives her the “blood money” and leaves. At Cuddy’s office, Foreman  arrives to accept her offer, plus 5% raise, his own office and personal assistant. Cuddy, on the other hand, did not accept Foreman’s offer saying that she knows no other hospital would accept him because Foreman is now “House-like”. Instead, Cuddy offers his old job back and Foreman starts on Monday.

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