CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 5 – “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Last week’s episode, Time’s Up introduced Mac and his team with a weird case about time traveling, physics and gambling. This week, the CSI team discovers the virtual world and enters a community only familiar to Adam.

A janitor named Pepe Romano dances a little tango with some mannequin as a tribute to his dead wife during their anniversary. He drops the mannequin’s head only to find a dead girl with green wig, red contact lenses, leather outfit, gun shot to the head and surgical cuts all throughout her body.

Lindsay and Hawkes investigates the crime scene and finds finger prints, a doll with a shirt printed “Johnny” and a piece of bamboo. Dr. Hammerback examines the victim’s body and discovers that she recently had cosmetic work done – scalp surgery, laser eyebrows and facelift in a needle. Dr. Hammerback also found a tick hiding in one of the vic’s wounds.

Mac discovers that the gun shot was from a 45 caliber with unusual markings, which made them believe it was from a silencer. Mac suggests that the killing may have been a pro job, where the vic was tortured first before receiving the bullet.

Danny and Adam found the vic’s identity through an online community. As it turns out, the avatar “venus”, which Cheryl Miller portrayed was an online celebrity. She dressed up that night to meet a certain don juan 2-3 (whom she has been in an online relationship) for the first time.

Don Juan 2-3 or Jonathan O’Dell was scheduled to meet Cheryl at a club named “random”, which was beside the crime scene. Since they have no paperwork to find Jonathan O’Dell, Adam and Mac created an avatar named “Tayor”. An avatar, white rabbit, helped them to locate don juan and Adam uses the IP to get a physical address. Flack and Danny appears in Don Juan’s location, but Jonathan runs.

Lindsay discovers that the tick may be from a hunter with lime disease. Stella and Danny interrogates Jonathan O’Dell, but he claims to stand up venus because he was dying of acute multiple sclerosis. He ran when the cops came because he thought it was about the gun, which he bought from the streets. Unaware about the real venus’ death, Johnny says he just spoke with her online before he got arrested. Hawkes tested Johnny’s gun and find no match to the bullet and prints they found at the crime scene.

Mac comes back to the virtual world to find the fake Venus, but ends up facing six fighters in a battle to enter the site where Venus was. Adam volunteers to take them down and brutally kills each opponent. Mac gets to enter and finds Venus. Unfortunately, Adam was unable to locate her real-world location because the avatar is wifi fishing. Another avatar, on the other hand, confronts the fake Venus and shoots her out of the online community.

Mac runs after the other avatar, but as soon as he stops and Adam locates the physical address, it was too late. They saw Johnny in his home dead in front of the PC with the same caliber, same markings and apparently, the same killer.

As it turns out, the gun used in the two murders was used in another case, Judge Mc Henry’s recent death. As soon as Mac was able to find Venus, they were led into a virtual trap room, which presented a trophy room of all the people he killed. The fake venus then gave the virtual Mac a letter, which gave the CSI computers a virus, leading to system overload.

As it turns out, the fake venus is setting up another murder. An avatar named mr. Tcb, which the CSI team found out to be Congressman Duvaine, was the target. The bamboo evidence that Lindsay studied led to the congressman’s NY apartment.

Unfortunately, the real Venus was killed for her avatar’s password, Johnny was killed to shut up about the fake Venus. As the CSI team figured out the fake Venus was a contract assassin, they were too late to stop the congressman’s murder.

Mac, Stella, Flack and Danny searches the building for the woman assassin, but escapes. Will the team be able to find her? Who is behind the murder? Watch next week as the CSI team uncovers the answers.

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