CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 10 – “The Thing About Heroes”

Last week, Mac and the CSI team discover that the puzzles they have been receiving are all connected to Mac’s life and the 333 stalker. While Mac stayed in Chicago to get some answers, Stella, Danny and Lindsay were back in New York trying to examine a crime scene at the subway where a train operator was found dead. While Flack and the CSIs were inside, the train moved, leaving Danny behind.

Danny runs to shut down the control on the rails manually. Just as the train was about to hit another train in the next station, Danny stopped the train by destroying the controls, which turns out to be an mp3 player. The train stopped at exactly 33rd street, using door #3. With the numbers 333, Stella puts two and two together that this is no coincidence and that Mac’s stalker may be after them or Mac. She calls Mac to see if he’s okay.

In Chicago, Mac walks through the Tribune building to find a dead man hung from the roof with letters on the wall that looked like a hangman game. With six blanks below the letters, Mac deciphers the puzzle by finding all the missing letters (A-C-D-O-R-W) and jumbled the letters to see the word: Coward. Since Chicago is not his jurisdiction, Mac explained to the Chicago detective how he ended up in the abandoned Tribune building to find a dead body.

Back in New York, the team is busy examining the operator’s body, clothes and evidences found at the train. Lindsay discovers that the clothing had an anthrax. News spreading quickly, the chief visits the CSI office and tells Stella to get Mac back in New York. Danny examines the mp3 player for prints, but found no match. Zach explains that the mp3 was hooked up at the subway’s external control, infecting the entire subway system.

Autopsy reports from the body found at the Chicago Tribune showed that the victim was 30 years old, male and was dead from a gun shot to the stomach, buried and dug up only to be hanged again. Mac believes he knows who did it and visits a friend named Jimmy.

The guy found dead was a gangster named Bobby Tool. Mac thinks that somebody put his body in that building to find Mac. The t-shirt that Mac received inside the wrong luggage from Europe was that of Will (Jimmy’s brother who was beaten to death by Bobby Tool when Mac and the others were young). Since Will worked in the Tribune as a paperboy, Mac derives a conclusion and accuses Jimmy of stalking him. However, Jimmy gets mad at Mac for bringing his brother’s death up and accusing him of something he did not do. As Jimmy left, Mac picks up his cigarette butt to trace Jimmy’s DNA and Flack appears in Chicago as Chief Sinclair’s orders.

DNA prints from the crime scene in New York and with the puzzle pieces are an exact match. However, the killer has no criminal records, so they have no way of tracing him down.  

Mac tells Flack all about Jimmy, Will and the young version of Mac. When they were about ten to twelve years old, they were working as delivery boys of Sal Marchedy. Since Will was the oldest of the three, he was the one beaten to death when they delivered money that wasn’t what Bobby Tool expected. Throughout the beating and screaming, Tool’s gun slipped across Mac’s feet but he couldn’t pull the trigger. Will died on the emergency room, Jimmy and Will never talked about that night ever again.

Jimmy’s DNA was not a match from the puzzle pieces. However, Mac thought about Jimmy’s youngest brother, Andy, whom he thought had no idea of his brother’s death. As it turns out, Drew Bredford was Andrew (or little Andy who followed them deliver to Bobby Tool and saw his brother die) and Mac quickly returns to New York. Stella also figured this out when she discovers that the negative pieces from the New York puzzle were covered with green x’s, while negative pieces from the Chicago puzzle was covered with blue x’s. The piece she got at Drew’s apartment had blue x’s, which should have been green x’s because they haven’t even had the Chicago puzzle when she went back to check the missing pieces at Drew’s.  

Stella brought all gifts that Drew sent her the past weeks to find a connection. The prints from the mp3 player are an exact match with Drew’s fingerprints. When Mac and the team was about to enter Drew’s apartment, Chief Sinclair tries to stop them, but Mac talked him into ending this 333 thing and eventually ended up going along with them for the bust.

While Flack, Stella and the others were looking for Drew, Mac is down at the wine cellar. Drew injected Mac with drugs at the back of his neck and got abducted. In the middle of a dozen light rays, Mac is trapped and anyone going into the door to save him or with just one move from Mac will trigger the guns to shoot. 

Drew has given all the clues with the puzzle and the crime scene. The entire CSI team worked to find Mac and they discover that the mp3 player had one song uploaded to it – “Train to Nowhere”, the 6th track on SV’s album. This led them to Mac’s location.

Drew is pissed that Mac is being cheered as a hero in the newspapers when he led a drug bust. He says “the thing about heroes is that sooner or later, someone will know the truth”. As it turns out, Andy followed Mac, Jimmy and Will to Bobby Tool’s room (Room 333), where he saw how his brother died. Andy blames Mac for being a coward and not shooting Tool down when his brother is being beaten to death. Mac explains that he was just a kid then.  

Jimmy calls Drew to save him from making a big mistake. As soon as Jimmy entered the room, he was shot by Andy’s trap. Mac then triggered one of the lights to shoot Andy’s arm. Flack says that during those kinds of situations, it was “shoot to kill”. Mac explains that the family had already lost enough.

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CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 9 – “One Wedding and a Funeral”

Last week, the CSI team was faced with an electrocuted woman and a robbery. This week, the team is faced with an odd crime scene – a wedding event with high profile families, the Hatfield and McCoys. While the two families were fighting even before the wedding started, the bride Emma Blackstone searches for her husband-to-be only to find him dead on the groom’s tent.

The CSI team examines the victim’s body and sees no gunshot wounds and stab wounds; he wasn’t even one of the people fighting at the wedding. The weird thing about the groom had bubble wrap underneath his shirt and yellow stain from his shoes that leads to the paint outside his tent. Mac says the victim was still alive about 20 feet from outside the tent.

At the lab, Dr. Hammerback is examining the body during autopsy when he hears a mobile phone ringing inside the victim’s skin. The phone was cushioned with stuffing under his skin. Hammerback comes to a conclusion that the victim died of sharp forced trauma to the chest using three different weapons that punctured the lungs. He also determines the time of death: around 2 to 3 am. The question now is: How does the vic step into a curb with fresh yellow paint around 6 am, but die three hours earlier?

In the meantime, Stella and Lindsay were outside the Russo trial preliminary hearing because police found a box addressed to Stella. Since it is not a bomb or any electronic device that may explode, they opened it to find a huge plastic of puzzles.

Assuming that Drew had something to do with it because she has been receiving tons of weird gifts from him for the past weeks, she storms into Drew’s place and gets angry with him. However, Drew says the gift was not from him.

Stella sees that a piece of the puzzle has blood and traces of powder. Adam, although unwillingly, put the pieces of puzzle together while Lindsay examines the box to find a rock (which then turns out to be petrified redwood). Confused why the puzzle was left for her, Stella desperately searches for answers.

Meanwhile, Hawkes explains the groom’s shoes and the stain left on it. He analyzes that the killer may have switches shoes with the groom after killing him, which led them to the last places the victim may have gone – at the bar and in his hotel. Flack and Hawkes eventually finds the crime scene at the groom’s hotel. They also discovered that there was an open box and a missing gift.

Adam finally completed the puzzle and makes a 3D version of multiple buildings. Since there were missing pieces in the puzzle, Stella goes back to Drew’s apartment to ask if she may have left a few pieces of the puzzle there. She then asks for an apology for the way she blamed Drew earlier, then left.

Although Stella found one piece from Drew’s apartment, Adam explains that the missing piece was not supposed to be part of the puzzle. The piece they were looking for were deliberately removed because of the blood. They soon discovered that the missing piece was from a New York building, specifically floors 32 to 36. As it turns out, floor 36 has been vacant since the last month, so Lindsay and Stella decided to visit the apartment. There they found another box with a chalk body outline and a satchel.

For the second box of clues, Adam finds and puts together another set of puzzles. It was the continuation of the first 3D buildings and was part of the missing pieces. Stella discovers that the satchel had markings of the Hagia Sofia building. Lindsay discovers that only a few businesses use petrified redwood in New York and they sent Lindsay a copy of their employees. This list led to an ex-pedophile named John Andrews. Unfortunately, he’s not the one the team is looking for.

Adam says that the 2nd missing piece is on the 29th floor of 56th 30 Broadway. When Lindsay and Stella visited the next clue, they were in a dead end because there’s no building to collect a new box.

Flack interrogates the victim’s best man, George, who admitted that he discovered his best friend’s body at the hotel dead. Since he took a bet that he would bring the groom to the wedding (since it is his 2nd wedding), he bubble-wrapped the groom so he could attend the wedding. In the meantime, Danny is trying to find the murder weapon that killed the groom. He believes that the groom was killed using a type of cooking equipment.

Mac visits Adam to see the famed 3D puzzle he has been building for hours. Mac says that the 2nd missing piece was the Riverton building (from Mac’s first crime scene case) and the 1st missing piece was actually Mac’s first apartment in New York. Mac, although absolutely shocked, says that the 3D puzzle was about his life when he finds the building where he proposed to his wife.

Since only Flack and Stella knew about the 333 caller, Mac explained to Adam and Lindsay about his stalker, the late-night calls at exactly 3:33 am, the bloody kid’s shirt from Mac’s luggage. Mac asks for the blood sample found on the puzzle and discovers that the blood on the shirt and the man making the puzzle are siblings. Mac says the next clue will be on the building where he got engaged, and to the team’s surprise, they find another box.

Inside the box was another batch of puzzles to be assembled and a piece of limestone that only comes from Southwestern US. Mac examines all the evidences – from the first stone to the satchel, the second stone to all the buildings from the 3D puzzle – and says in a matter-of-fact tone that the limestone was from the Alamo and the building (which Adam and Lindsay are still busy completing) is the Tribune Tower in Chicago.

As soon as Mac steps foot in Chicago, he receives a call asking him: “How does it feel to be home, detective Taylor?”

What will happen next? Will this be the end of the 333 caller?

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CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 8 – “Buzzkill”

Last week, the CSI team uncovered two cases in major NY tourist spots – at the Madison Square Park and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Both crimes clearly want to send a message. This week, the team faces a robbery and a woman electrocuted in a rooftop party.

On the other hand, Stella agrees for a “drink” with Drew, but she ends up having a dinner date in a rooftop in New York. However, Stella feels that all his gifts and style is way too aggressive for her. She then walks out to go to a crime scene.

Flack and Stella examines the crime scene and finds Jenna Donovan’s body in a giant martini bowl, electrocuted to death. The team finds several tennis balls in the scene and Lindsay sees indentation marks on the surface wall. She measures the impact of the marks to find the origin while Flack and Stella interviews the management of the ad agency that organized the rooftop party. They talked to Lia and Damien, who says it might be their competitors looking to get their billboard spot. Dr. Hammerback investigates Jenna’s body.

In the meantime, Danny is in an ambulance with a robbery victim named Brandi and her boy friend, Paul Larkin. Mac, Hawkes and Detective Angell examines the robbery crime scene, with another dead man.

Lindsay finds the origin of the tennis balls as Stella and Flack finds the room filled with tennis balls. They arrest a man named Nick Conway and he admits targeting the party because he is a recovering alcoholic and he just wants the party to stop.

Hawke’s investigates Brandi’s clothes and from there, Mac suggests that the bullet shots from the dead victim and Brandi’s did not match. As the lab results showed Brandi had DNA semen that matched the shooter, they discovered that she was the inside contact and that the robber double-crossed her.

Back at the lab, Dr. Hammerback tells Stella that the tennis ball shooter was not Jenna Donovan’s killer. Since the vic did not die due to electrocution, Lindsay examines Jenna’s bag and its contents. Inside was plenty of money, tons of lollipops and cotton balls. Stella gets a piece from the lollipop to see it was heroine and discovers that the purse handle is the exact match to the bruise on Jenna’s shoulders.

Mac visits Brandi at the hospital. When her boyfriend Paul talked to her, her heart collapses and the doctor hesitated on reviving her. The doctor then whispers to Mac that he needs his help. They talked privately and Dr. Moore tells Mac that his brother Charles was kidnapped and in return, the kidnappers want him to let the witness die. As it turns out, Paul Larkin was not Brandi’s boyfriend. The team examines the camera outside the bank.

Lindsay finds the symbol “91x” from a grain of rice that is part of a kanji ring. 91x, which means magic, is the chemical resulted when phetonel (a chemo drug) and heroine is combined. This information led to Donovan’s killer, Pattie Larkin, who was the maker of the kanji rings. However, Dr. Hammerback says the killer is not Pattie because the vic’s stomach contents included a marine chemicals only available in salt water. Lindsay and Stella reexamines the crime scene to get samples from the large martini glass.

As it turns out, Paul Larkin’s name was Paul Campbell. Mac and Hawkes traced down where Paul worked and was able to get fingerprints from the gloves. They went to his apartment only to discover a courier box where the robbers must have placed the money. Det. Angell calls the phone of Dr. Moore’s brother only to find out that the celphone was in the apartment.

Back at the lab, Lindsay and Stella finds the murder weapon – a poisonous jellyfish that only survives in sea water. It was placed inside a beach ball and the only ones to have access was Lia and Damien. They interrogated the two and discovered that Lia handed the beach ball to Damien because HE was the target, instead of Jenna. As it turns out, she wanted him dead because the large martini glass and billboard party was her idea and Damien stole it and pitched the idea to the boss.

On the other hand, Danny finds a piece of paper that had a trace of an address. This led Mac and the team to an apartment where Paul Campbell, another suspect and the kidnapped Charles Moore was staying.

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CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 7 – “Commuted Sentences”

Last week, the CSI: NY team faced Halloween with 2 weird cases involving a true-to-life zombie and a mass murder reportedly caused by a haunted house that leads the father to kill his family and commit suicide. This week, the team has two cases in two tourist spots – Madison Square Park where a man is stabbed brutally to death and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where a woman is shot dead on the steps. Both crimes clearly want to send a message. The CSI NY team is about to uncover this message.

The episodes starts with a lady covered in blood running to her apartment crying and desperately wiping out the blood. Flack and the police arrests her in the bathroom naked and still in shock. Outside her apartment, near the Madison Square Park, Mac and Stella examines the crime scene where a man is stabbed with 4 knives. Flack discloses that the vic is Mitchell Bentley III, who recently got acquitted from rape and attempted murder in central park. The victim on that case was none other than Fern Lazlow, the girl who was just arrested in her apartment. Clearly, Flack and Stella determines this case as a revenge killing. As Mac and Stella examines the crime scene, they discover a bandage, a piece of red fabric and finger prints on the vic’s neck. However, the crime scene suggests no sign of running nor defensive signs on the victim’s body.

At the other side of town, Danny, Hawkes and Lindsay examines the body of the woman who was shot dead by the steps of Metropolitan Museum. The victim, Joana Morgan, was a successful advertiser. The crime scene indicates it was not a case of robbery, but they team became confused when they found no signs of struggle, no bullets, but the gun was left for them to find.

Back at the lab, Lindsay and Danny investigates Joana Morgan’s clothes, bag and gun. As it turns out, the fingerprints on the gun were only from Morgan, suggesting that the suspect may have maneuvered her arm as she was trying to shoot the suspect. On the other hand, Dr. Hammerback checks out Bentley’s body and discovers that all four knives were penetrated deeply into the body. In fact, the suspect had an intimate knowledge of the human body that Mac even compares the killing to Spanish bull fighting, where the suspect tortures Bentley, slowly killing him. Flack interrogates Fern Lazlow, but she denies killing Bentley even if she has all the right reasons to kill him.

Hammerback examines Joanna Morgan’s body and gives Hawkes the digestive fluid from her body. Adam determines that the fibers from Bentley’s body is from black tissue paper only found in Casa del Matador Grill. Stella and Flack visits the restaurant to find hair stuck at the bottom of the chair where Fern Lazlow and Bentley supposedly sat. Adam discovers that the hair was diamond-mink eyelashes that costs $10,000 a pair, leading to a woman named Amber Stanton.

Lindsay and Danny goes back to the crime scene to find the missing bullet. Lindsay uses a first-aid kit to make a slingshot and experiment on the angle of the gun shot and discover where the bullet landed. Lindsay’s experiment works and Danny finds the missing bullet. At the lab, the bullet determines two blood samples – one from Joana Morgan and the other from an unknown male. The blood from the unknown male suggests the suspect has a gunshot on his/her shoulders.

Flack and Mac visits Amber Stanton. She admits having dinner with Bentley since she’s a Publisher, they discussed about his recent trial and how she could save his career and reputation. She also admitted that she lost her eyelashes. Mac tells Flack to keep an eye on Amber, but she ends up keeping an eye on Flack’s police car. She enters the car and gave Flack (and Det. Angell) her schedule for the day. Pissed off about Stanton’s arrogance, Flack searches for hair and uses this strand to get Amber’s DNA.

Detective Angell discloses to Stella that the bandage they gathered as evidence had markings underneath. It was a map only seen on Ian Burton shoes. They were looking at a shoe print. As it turns out, the shoe print found was from Joanna Morgan’s shoes, linking her case to Mitchell Bentley’s crime scene. The team examines the evidences and studies the relationship between Fern Lanzlow, Joana Morgan and Amber Stanton. As it turns out, they were all victims of criminals that were acquitted.

As Hawkes examines the stomach contents of Joana Morgan’s body, he finds a unique bacteria that caused food poisoning. This specific bacteria changes the DNA of a person infected. Because of this, the CSIs were given a warrant to search Amber Stanton’s apartment, where they found an empty Ian Burton shoe box.

From the food poisoning discovery, Detective Angell searched for reports on local restaurants to have food poisoning. A Steve Kaplan reported “Clergio’s Grill” in Midtown to have served poisoned food and asked for pain killers at the hospital. As it turns out, Kaplan has also been acquitted from a 2000 murder and was caught to have shoulder trouble due to a gun shot. He then admitted that he met Joana Morgan online, they met for dinner and out of no where, Morgan tried to kill him. Kaplan says he shot her as self-defense.

Mac interrogates Amber Stanton. Mac figures out that since Joana Morgan’s prints were all over the Ian Burton shoe box, it was given to Amber as a gift. The two ladies met through commuting, the daily ride to work, where they developed a 40-minute friendship and became close – close enough to tell deep secrets such as Morgan’s rape case. Amber admits her friendship with Morgan and considers herself as an “arbiter of justice”. As Amber Stanton is taken away for the murder of Mitchell Bentley, Fern Lanzlow goes free.

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CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 6 – “Boo”

The last episode, Down the Rabbit Hole gave Mac and the CSI team an introduction to the virtual world and how a world from the Internet can just be as dangerous as the real world. They faced a professional assassin, who killed several people as well as Congressman Duvaine, only to escape. This week, the CSI team celebrates Halloween with two weird cases – one was a murder/suicide of a family and the other was a true-to-life zombie.

The episode started when two men were working in a graveyard digging up a grave. While the older guy was telling horror stories, the other was digging the gravesite when a hand bursts out of the soil and a zombie attacks the old guy.

Danny and Lindsay took up another case where 2 boys and the mom were killed, while the dad supposedly committed suicide. The Duncan little girl was missing. According to the locals, the home of the Duncans is possessed by evil, since the same murder-suicide happened 30 years ago, where a little girl also became missing and never was found.

In the meantime, Stella and Mac investigates a dead guy who was part of a group that wanted to scare tourists and cause a riot. He died being hit in the head by an unknown weapon.

Lindsay examines the Duncan house and discovers that the little girl is hiding inside the wall, also shot with a shotgun like the rest of her family. She was immediately hospitalized. Lindsay then sees an old lady that warns her to “leave now” because the house was cursed. The old lady escaped through the passage wall, but left DNA when she scratch Lindsay.

Hawkes tested the gunshot to determine if Gill Duncan, the father, really did kill his family and committed suicide afterwards. The results showed that it was impossible for Gill to use the shotgun and kill himself.

At the hospital, Lindsay asks Rose Duncan if she remembered what the bad guy looked and pointed to her drawing book where she drew a monster. Luckily, footprints from the crime scene determined that it was owned by Henry Willens. Dog hair pointed to Willens as he is working as a driver for a dog babysitting company and since they have no way to track Willens down, they tracked down the dogs instead.

Curious about an emergency call made by 2 men reporting a zombie tried to attack them, Mac and Stella goes to the grave site to find a coffin with a hole and a voodoo doll inside it. The vic was identified as Dexter Nevins, an immigration attorney that was recently buried. Stella examines the voodoo doll to find a torn photo of Dexter, Hatian coffee beans and Hatian rum, which were supposed to be offerings for the god of death.

While Mac tells Flack that the stalker who kept calling him at 3:33am stopped the calls for about a week now, Mac becomes paranoid when the owner of the voodoo house they were investigating written 333 and 666 on her two eyelids. As it turns out, Josephine Delaquoia really did make the voodoo doll to keep Dexter from returning back to the dead. She explains to Mac the meaning of 333, a proverb and the son’s devil’s equivalent to 666.

Mac and Stella put the pieces together and discovered that Dexter was faking his own death for an insurance scam. While the CSIs were unable to contact his wife, they checked out the doctor who declared him dead, Dr. Burkis.

At the lab, Lindsay and Danny finds a signal on the location of the dogs and it was back at the Duncan house. Henry Willens, as it turns out, was the son of Betty Willen (the old lady that attacked Lindsay) who were the first owners of the Duncan’s house. They were seen leaving the home with a briefcase (with baby skeletons inside it), but stopped by police to be arrested. The legend of the murder-suicide 30 years ago was cleared when Betty Willens admitted that her husband left her and her son accidentally shot his sister. Betty cleaned up the crime scene to protect her son. Wanting to get the briefcase before the Duncans renovated the house, Henry Willens came back to the house in search of the briefcase when he was surprised by the early return on the family. Afraid of being imprisoned again, Willens shot the family when threatened him that they’ll call the police.

In the mean time, Stella and Mac visits Dr. Burkis’ house only to find Dexter’s wife and Burkis naked. The CSIs figured out that after the burial, the two who was having an affair, just left Dexter for dead to claim the insurance money. When Dexter squeezed his way out of the coffin, he went straight to Burkis only to find his wife sleeping with him. A struggle happened and Dexter was hit by a bat after giving his wife a shot. Both the wife and Burkis survived, but was half-dead from the medication. Mac described them as being true to life zombies.

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CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 5 – “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Last week’s episode, Time’s Up introduced Mac and his team with a weird case about time traveling, physics and gambling. This week, the CSI team discovers the virtual world and enters a community only familiar to Adam.

A janitor named Pepe Romano dances a little tango with some mannequin as a tribute to his dead wife during their anniversary. He drops the mannequin’s head only to find a dead girl with green wig, red contact lenses, leather outfit, gun shot to the head and surgical cuts all throughout her body.

Lindsay and Hawkes investigates the crime scene and finds finger prints, a doll with a shirt printed “Johnny” and a piece of bamboo. Dr. Hammerback examines the victim’s body and discovers that she recently had cosmetic work done – scalp surgery, laser eyebrows and facelift in a needle. Dr. Hammerback also found a tick hiding in one of the vic’s wounds.

Mac discovers that the gun shot was from a 45 caliber with unusual markings, which made them believe it was from a silencer. Mac suggests that the killing may have been a pro job, where the vic was tortured first before receiving the bullet.

Danny and Adam found the vic’s identity through an online community. As it turns out, the avatar “venus”, which Cheryl Miller portrayed was an online celebrity. She dressed up that night to meet a certain don juan 2-3 (whom she has been in an online relationship) for the first time.

Don Juan 2-3 or Jonathan O’Dell was scheduled to meet Cheryl at a club named “random”, which was beside the crime scene. Since they have no paperwork to find Jonathan O’Dell, Adam and Mac created an avatar named “Tayor”. An avatar, white rabbit, helped them to locate don juan and Adam uses the IP to get a physical address. Flack and Danny appears in Don Juan’s location, but Jonathan runs.

Lindsay discovers that the tick may be from a hunter with lime disease. Stella and Danny interrogates Jonathan O’Dell, but he claims to stand up venus because he was dying of acute multiple sclerosis. He ran when the cops came because he thought it was about the gun, which he bought from the streets. Unaware about the real venus’ death, Johnny says he just spoke with her online before he got arrested. Hawkes tested Johnny’s gun and find no match to the bullet and prints they found at the crime scene.

Mac comes back to the virtual world to find the fake Venus, but ends up facing six fighters in a battle to enter the site where Venus was. Adam volunteers to take them down and brutally kills each opponent. Mac gets to enter and finds Venus. Unfortunately, Adam was unable to locate her real-world location because the avatar is wifi fishing. Another avatar, on the other hand, confronts the fake Venus and shoots her out of the online community.

Mac runs after the other avatar, but as soon as he stops and Adam locates the physical address, it was too late. They saw Johnny in his home dead in front of the PC with the same caliber, same markings and apparently, the same killer.

As it turns out, the gun used in the two murders was used in another case, Judge Mc Henry’s recent death. As soon as Mac was able to find Venus, they were led into a virtual trap room, which presented a trophy room of all the people he killed. The fake venus then gave the virtual Mac a letter, which gave the CSI computers a virus, leading to system overload.

As it turns out, the fake venus is setting up another murder. An avatar named mr. Tcb, which the CSI team found out to be Congressman Duvaine, was the target. The bamboo evidence that Lindsay studied led to the congressman’s NY apartment.

Unfortunately, the real Venus was killed for her avatar’s password, Johnny was killed to shut up about the fake Venus. As the CSI team figured out the fake Venus was a contract assassin, they were too late to stop the congressman’s murder.

Mac, Stella, Flack and Danny searches the building for the woman assassin, but escapes. Will the team be able to find her? Who is behind the murder? Watch next week as the CSI team uncovers the answers.

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CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 4 – “Time’s Up”

In last week’s episode, “You Only Die Once”, the team encounters a group of spy wannabes that robs Flack’s girlfriend and chief Sinclair’s apartment using an extremely high-tech batmobile-like car. This week, the CSI: NY team faces two weird cases – a college girl with a COD of death by orgasm and a naked man who claims he’s from the future, but dies at the police station after confessing to a murder that will happen the next day.

The crime scene was in front of the police station, where the victim’s blood scattered. They found a piece of glass, which may have been the cause of death, as the victim tried to get it out of his neck.

Of course, Flack searches the apartment of the “victim”, which the futuristic man has confessed of killing, only to find out that the guy is still alive. Kevin Murray, a college student, claims he does not know the dead guy, but becomes afraid when he finds out that the dead guy says “he will die tomorrow”.

Dr. Hammerback discovers a chip on the vic’s arm, which the victim implanted on himself. Adam explores the chip and finds longitude and latitude numbers that led them to the apartment where a physics genius named Dr. Mark Browning (the victim) lived and conducted his time-travel research and experiments. Here Mac found an old coin with unidentified thumb prints.

Another interesting discovery was the #9 steel sewing needle found inside Dr. Browning’s brain, which may have been the reason for his genius mind.

Danny and Stella checks out the crime scene and interviews witnesses. According to most of the witnesses, the girl died after an orgasm in front of everyone in the diner.

Hammerback finds 27 sad-faces (using transparent markers) on the girl’s body. Although the cause of death was endorphin aneurism, Hammerback discovers an unidentified drug (of high doses) on her system. Stella discovers that the girl’s inhaler has been tampered and inserted with an experimental sexual drug that is still undergoing clinical testing. Stella and Danny checks out all students who are part of the drug study, but no one knows the victim.

In front of Dr. Browning’s apartment, Kevin Murray dies, just on time as Browning predicted before he died. Mac and Hawkes finds a new evidence – traces of blood on a book.

The prints from the book, coin and piece of glass led to a Leo Tyler, who became Browning’s assistant and believed his time-traveling when the doctor gave him lotto and horse race results. Because of greed, Tyler wanted Browning to get him another gambling result. But once the doctor declined his request, he smashes the doc’s head with a circular glass and kills Kevin Murray in hopes of fixing the time-machine for himself.

In the mean time, Stella and Danny discovers that one of the drug testers was a leader of a college sorority. Apparently, she knows the girl victim and was one of the girls who drew sad faces on her body in one of their ceremonies. As a way to for the vic to lose her virginity (one of the sorority’s requirements), the leader thought the experimental sexual drug could “losen her up” before losing her virginity. As it turns out, the vic’s existing meds and the experimental drug caused adverse reactions that caused her death.

Back at the lab, Mac receives a letter from Dr. Peyton telling him about a job she accepted in Italy. She says she won’t be coming back for work and it’s time to say goodbye.

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CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 3 – “You Only Die Once”

Last week’s episode “the deep”, Mac and the CSI: NY team investigated an underwater crime scene and stopped two Albanians who are attempting to bomb the city. This week, Flack opens the episode as he fools around with his girlfriend (Devon) in her Manhattan apartment. While they were in the apartment, Flack heard noises coming from the living room to find out they are being robbed. The robber sees Flack and immediately escapes down the window using a rope.

Flack chases the robber, who stepped into a one-of-a-kind, batmobile-like car. Using a taxicab that Flack stopped, he chases the robber down the city. The robber’s car emits some unique fluid, which becomes lit with fire that blocked Flack’s pursuit.

The CSI team arrives and investigates the robbery. Flack and his girlfriend gives a description of the man. A few hours later, Mac calls Flack for another crime scene in Bond Street only to find the corpse of the robber he saw earlier in Devon’s apartment. The same man robbed Chief Brigham Sinclair and now puts pressure on Mac and the team to solve the case.

The thief, who died of asphyxiation, was identified as James Stanton. Dr. Hammerback discovers long underwear and a tuxedo under Stanton’s jumpsuit. A part of the thief’s skull has been removed post-mortem.

The CSI’s evidences, particularly the butterfly wing scales, led them to the Manhattan Conservatory that hosted a benefit the same night as Devon was robbed. Randall Rodrique was incharge of the event coordination, but does not recall Stanton’s presence. His assistant Maude, on the other hand, does and says that Stanton was thrown out of the party for fighting with another guest.

Back at the lab, Lindsay and Danny study the batmobile car and found out that it had state-of-the-art tires and “memory polymer siding”, which makes it possible for the car to repair itself literally. A new robbery leads the CSIs to arrive at a serial number, which they were able to trace to Elliot Gano – a man working at a car dealership. Gano tells the CSIs that he loaned the car to James, but got into a fight with him after claiming the car was stolen, eventhough it was parked just outside the benefit.

Mac eventually tells Flack about the stalker and harassing calls h e has been receiving since he went back from his vacation. The message left by the caller was recorded on a flight on 767 to JFK airport – the exact flight Mac had when going back to New York. Flack promises to investigate about the mysterious caller.

At the lab, Hawkes determines a breach on their lab firewall. Mac orders the power to be shut down, but their lab table continues to glow, within Stanton’s tuxedo. The team discovers microtechnology sewn in the tuxedo’s lining, making Stanton and his partners guilty of not only stealing jewelries, but also hacking into the rich and famous’ PCs and committing identity theft.

Upon recovering the stolen information, Hawkes shows Mac an e-mail that accuses Chief Sinclair of sexual harassment. Mac tells Hawkes to keep the info private as he talks to Sinclair about the e-mail. The chief claims it is an extortion attempt to destroy him.

Linday discovers that the liquid emitted from the high-tech car was a combination of ethanol and Gilmore 171- the alcohol brand that sponsored the conservatory party. This led to the CSI team’s investigation back to Randall Rodrique. With lack of evidence, Stella and Flack decided to spy on a big party held that evening for the mayor, which Rodrique coordinated.

At the party, Stella pretends to be an event photographer to look for signs of “smart water”, which the robber was sprayed with during the last Manhattan apartment robbery. After taking a couple of shots, Stella discovers the smart water on Maude, the assistant. Maude tries to escape using her batmobile, but is stopped after a couple of barricades and car brake failure. However, she denies killing James Stanton.

Lindsay and Danny discovers that the airbag in the car was rigged to kill, while the breaks were sabotaged. The cayenne pepper found on the airbag leads the CSIs to Booth Rody, the co-employee of Elliot at the car dealership.  As it happens, Rody was the lookout for all robberies, but became jealous of his partners since he fells they are only using him and never letting him get into the action. As a result, Booth Rody sabotaged the car to kill his partners.

Back at the office, Mac finds out that someone leaked out the damning e-mail, which brought Sinclair’s attention back to Mac again. Plus, Mac receives his lost luggage, only to discover a bloody t-shirt inside it.

Who is sending these messages and shocking items to Mack?

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