CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 2 – “The Deep”

Last week, Mac’s return from London shocked him with a crime scene on the Statue of Liberty’s face. This week, the CSI team is faced with a diver’s body that has been found with a tank filled with oxygen. How can he die of asphyxiation?

At the lab, Dr. Hammerback finds that his body has several starfish that feasted on the vic’s internal organs, but the cause of death is fatal amounts of cyanide in the body.  Since the victim had a congenital ear deformity called “cabbage ears”, the prosthetics led to the victim’s identity. His name was Doug Holden, an advanced certified driving instructor. Flacks and Stella questioned some of Holden’s students, including a married couple and two Albanian men.

Back at the lab, Lindsay discovers that the stomachs of the starfish had asbestos from subway cars, leading the team to suspect that Holden was killed in old subway cars dumped in the East River around 1970s. Hawkes and Danny took a dive to check out the cars only to discover the body of Holden’s missing partner, Matt Campbell.

The team finds out that both divers died of cyanide poisoning. Campbell’s body, however, had several gold coins in his pocket. Stella takes those coins to the antique store to determine its origin, but discovers all coins to be fake. A guy named “Drew Bedford” introduces himself to Stella.

Lindsay found larvae (in Campbell’s body) that are found in regions 100 feet deeper than the Hawkes and Danny previously looked. The two went diving again only to recover an old chest with more golden coins, a statue and a syringe. While searching for other clues, Hawkes got trapped in a metal pole. Fortunately, Danny came back to free Hawkes and they both got to land safely.

At the CSI lab, Danny examines the syringe and discovers large amounts of cyanide in it, making it the murder weapon. Plus, it also has a DNA with a mutation only unique to people from the Balkan descent. Stella recalls the two Albanian men she questioned.

At the Albanians’ apartment, the first suspect (Zamir Duka) tries to run pass Mac and Flack but was caught immediately. Stella searches for the other suspect, but instead finds a room filled with information on makings of a bomb. Mac and Flack put together that the commissioner has been running investigations into Iraqi insurgents, which the two Albanians would want to stop. After hiring the two certified divers to train them, the Albanians killed the men by luring them into the deep waters of East River with a promise of hidden treasure, which ended up being fake.

After calling in a death threat against the commissioner, the second suspect dived deep into the river to place the bomb. Flack learns about this threat and discovers that the commissioner is taking a helicopter to a UN conference, wherein they will land right over the water just as the Albanians have planned. The police disarms the bomb before the suspect could successfully set his bomb off, while Mac and Flack races to the pier to surprises the suspect that he’s under arrest.

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