CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 3 – “You Only Die Once”

Last week’s episode “the deep”, Mac and the CSI: NY team investigated an underwater crime scene and stopped two Albanians who are attempting to bomb the city. This week, Flack opens the episode as he fools around with his girlfriend (Devon) in her Manhattan apartment. While they were in the apartment, Flack heard noises coming from the living room to find out they are being robbed. The robber sees Flack and immediately escapes down the window using a rope.

Flack chases the robber, who stepped into a one-of-a-kind, batmobile-like car. Using a taxicab that Flack stopped, he chases the robber down the city. The robber’s car emits some unique fluid, which becomes lit with fire that blocked Flack’s pursuit.

The CSI team arrives and investigates the robbery. Flack and his girlfriend gives a description of the man. A few hours later, Mac calls Flack for another crime scene in Bond Street only to find the corpse of the robber he saw earlier in Devon’s apartment. The same man robbed Chief Brigham Sinclair and now puts pressure on Mac and the team to solve the case.

The thief, who died of asphyxiation, was identified as James Stanton. Dr. Hammerback discovers long underwear and a tuxedo under Stanton’s jumpsuit. A part of the thief’s skull has been removed post-mortem.

The CSI’s evidences, particularly the butterfly wing scales, led them to the Manhattan Conservatory that hosted a benefit the same night as Devon was robbed. Randall Rodrique was incharge of the event coordination, but does not recall Stanton’s presence. His assistant Maude, on the other hand, does and says that Stanton was thrown out of the party for fighting with another guest.

Back at the lab, Lindsay and Danny study the batmobile car and found out that it had state-of-the-art tires and “memory polymer siding”, which makes it possible for the car to repair itself literally. A new robbery leads the CSIs to arrive at a serial number, which they were able to trace to Elliot Gano – a man working at a car dealership. Gano tells the CSIs that he loaned the car to James, but got into a fight with him after claiming the car was stolen, eventhough it was parked just outside the benefit.

Mac eventually tells Flack about the stalker and harassing calls h e has been receiving since he went back from his vacation. The message left by the caller was recorded on a flight on 767 to JFK airport – the exact flight Mac had when going back to New York. Flack promises to investigate about the mysterious caller.

At the lab, Hawkes determines a breach on their lab firewall. Mac orders the power to be shut down, but their lab table continues to glow, within Stanton’s tuxedo. The team discovers microtechnology sewn in the tuxedo’s lining, making Stanton and his partners guilty of not only stealing jewelries, but also hacking into the rich and famous’ PCs and committing identity theft.

Upon recovering the stolen information, Hawkes shows Mac an e-mail that accuses Chief Sinclair of sexual harassment. Mac tells Hawkes to keep the info private as he talks to Sinclair about the e-mail. The chief claims it is an extortion attempt to destroy him.

Linday discovers that the liquid emitted from the high-tech car was a combination of ethanol and Gilmore 171- the alcohol brand that sponsored the conservatory party. This led to the CSI team’s investigation back to Randall Rodrique. With lack of evidence, Stella and Flack decided to spy on a big party held that evening for the mayor, which Rodrique coordinated.

At the party, Stella pretends to be an event photographer to look for signs of “smart water”, which the robber was sprayed with during the last Manhattan apartment robbery. After taking a couple of shots, Stella discovers the smart water on Maude, the assistant. Maude tries to escape using her batmobile, but is stopped after a couple of barricades and car brake failure. However, she denies killing James Stanton.

Lindsay and Danny discovers that the airbag in the car was rigged to kill, while the breaks were sabotaged. The cayenne pepper found on the airbag leads the CSIs to Booth Rody, the co-employee of Elliot at the car dealership.  As it happens, Rody was the lookout for all robberies, but became jealous of his partners since he fells they are only using him and never letting him get into the action. As a result, Booth Rody sabotaged the car to kill his partners.

Back at the office, Mac finds out that someone leaked out the damning e-mail, which brought Sinclair’s attention back to Mac again. Plus, Mac receives his lost luggage, only to discover a bloody t-shirt inside it.

Who is sending these messages and shocking items to Mack?

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