CSI: Season 8, Episode 3 – Go To Hell

Last week’s episode, A La Cart, faced the CSI teams with two unusual cases. This week, the team tries to solve a murder of an entire family, except for one of the daughters (who is supposedly possessed by the devil) that remains missing.

The CSIs stumble upon a horrible multiple murder in a motel. To identify the victims, the CSIs asked a copy of the motel registration and found out that the family were checked in for a week. The car’s plate number and registration led to an address, where Warrick and Stokes immediately investigated only to find out a child dead sleeping on her bed.

In the meantime, Sara works a morning-shift case with the newbie CSI, Ronnie Lake, which bombards Sara of numerous questions about everything she could think of. Their victim is a homeless man who died of cardiac arrest because of dehydration.

Back at the other case, finger prints led to numerous recorded criminals along with a sex offender-turned reverend, Rev. Rhodes. As it turned out, the parents found dead in the motel attempted to rein their daughter in after discovering she is having a relationship with a 23 year old man. As parents who find it hard to believe that their little girl is having sex voluntarily, they become convinced that their daughter is possessed, seeking the help of Rev. Rhodes.

During the interrogation, Grissom asks Rev. Rhodes if the exorcism has worked on little Amy. Unfortunately, Rhodes admits he has failed because Amy’s father interrupted the procedure. As a result, the parents end up being murdered, while Amy remains missing.

In Sara’s case, she notes a complication on their victim: handcuff marks, leading Sara to believe that a cop may be the one responsible for the homeless man’s death. As it turns out, the homeless man punched the police officer, after the officer stopped the victim and another homeless man who were fighting for food. The cop knew that the man only punched him for an opportunity to go to jail where there’s free food and water. Since the cop really did kill the man, Sara wished he had just taken him into jail after all.

As the police searched for Amy, the CSI team figures out who committed the shocking murders. Grissom and the other first believed that they were after people who are involved in child pornography, killing the parents to kidnap Amy for a new film.

The police eventually found Amy with her 23-year-old boyfriend. She was immediately placed into child services. However, the evidence begins to point to an even inhumane conclusion as the CSI team finds an online conversation between Amy and the man, as she asks the 23-year-old man how far he could go just to be with her. As it turns out, Amy had planned the whole thing.

Unfortunately, Rev. Rhodes, knowing that Amy had committed the murders due to the evil inside her, hunts her down and finds her at the Child protection facility. Amy falls from the top floor as the Reverend tries to “save her”, causing her immediate death.

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