CSI: Season 8, Episode 8 – You Kill Me

Last week, Sara kisses Grissom and leaves a goodbye letter when she is faced with a case that pulled her last string that could deal with violence. This week, everyone is trying to make feel Grissom good, while the CSI lab rats are busy doing nerdy things.

Hodges and Wendy are killing time at the lab. Hodges is explaining to Wendy about the cocaine explosion that killed Archie. As it turns out, the two were only playing a “thought experiment” wherein they learn how to think like a criminal. Hodges explains that as a CSI agent, two simple questions are needed to be answered: how and who did it?

The first thought experiment scenario was the cocaine incident. Warrick and Stokes are handling the case; as they examine 21 wrappers of cocaine. All evidences show that the death of Archie was the doing of someone from the lab. Wendy says the two CSIs should examine the bomb. This then will lead to the blasting caps, where only Bobby had access. Was Bobby the killer?

Archie enters the room and wants to join the game. Now, Wendy, Archie and Hodges are playing.

The story continues… There were no prints on the lock; just metal shavings that suggest the lock have been slipped. The blasting caps were stolen from ballistics. Since the mixture needs to be refrigerated, the team goes to the lab with access to a ref: Henry’s lab. They discover sodium nitrate and baking soda, two ingredients that could be used for initiating the explosion.

Stokes finishes his shift and visits Grissom’s office to ask him if he wanted to join him for breakfast. Grissom obviously doesn’t want to talk about Sara refuses anyone to get involved.

In the meantime, the lab rats are now playing another scenario – this time, Henry dies inside a freezer filled with chemicals, frozen to death. The CSIs process the crime scene, while Cath examines the freezer door to find out that someone may have locked Henry inside the freezer because soy protein (or traces of peanut butter) is found outside the lock. This evidence again leads to Bobby and Brass interrogates him. However, the autopsy report suggests that Henry had PCP, which rocked the brain and caused fever, panics and anxiety attacks that may have been the cause of Henry’s death.

The real Henry finds out he’s the victim in Hodges’ “thought experiment” and wants to join the game.

Wendy continues to guess Henry’s death. Because of Henry’s sweat stains and the fact that lab tests are positive for PCP, Wendy guesses that she is the killer. Hodges is impressed by Wendy’s thinking. She opens up that she’s planning to take a CSI field test.

In the meantime, Cath sees Grissom in the hallway and tells him to take a few days off.

Wendy and Henry ask Hodges for another game. This time, Wendy is the victim and the CSI assigned to the case is Greg. He analyzes the crime scene and believes that it Wendy’s death was another scenario of accident in the workplace, or isn’t it? Oily residue on the ladder is seen, which leads to the conclusion that someone may have brushed it on. The oil leads to gun lubricant, which can only be found in Bobby’s lab. Brass interrogates Bobby again.

Wendy’s autopsy finds an oval burn on her wrist made by a bracelet that melt on her arm, while she was having a heart attack. As it turns out, the ventilation motor was wired to the evidence box that Wendy was getting: who was the killer?

Wendy finds out that Hodges was hiding a recording tape and demands why their conversations are being recorded. Hodges then showed Wendy the board game called “Lab Rats” that he was developing. She sees little lab techs and got pissed when one was called “Mindy Bims – the Clumsy yet Buxom DNA Tech”.

Grissom finds Hodges in his office alone playing with the little lab techs. He sees the board game and asks Hodges if he could play. This time, the scenario was different: Hodges was the one who died. He was rehearsing his speech when someone shoots him dead. Grissom finds a single 9mm casing on the doorway and assumes that the killing is a walk-by. The autopsy revealed that the bullet didn’t exit, so Grissom automatically finds a match for the bullet.

According to lab records, the matching gun was supposedly destroyed. Grissom watches Hodges’ video repeatedly and analyzes where the bullet came from. He guesses that the killer used a page to shoot the bullet, leading him to a dead end. Grissom says he’s just getting started with the game.

Grissom says that the bullet that killed Hodges was fired twice. Since Bobby Dawson was a gun enthusiast, all evidences point to him. But as soon as Brass tries to interrogate him again, he runs and was shot by Brass. When Hodges asked Grissom if Bobby really did it, Grissom answered that he was framed. Grissom says that Hodges killed himself by positioning the beeper directly at his head.

As soon as the first game ended, Hodges asked about Sara and Grissom opened up (a bit) then tells Hodges if they could play another one.

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CSI: Season 8, Episode 7 – Goodbye and Good Luck

Last week, Grissom’s team and FBI Malone were able to uncover a 6-year old case, but were too late in arresting the killer. This week, the CSI team is faced with another old face with a new case.

In a campus, a lady falls from the roof to the ground floor. Although it was the third jumper of the school, Stokes and Catherine determines it is not a suicide case due to inconsistent wounds on the vic’s body. Brass identifies the victim as Kira Dallanger.

Sara and Ronnie handles a crime scene with lots of blood, but no body. After a few minutes inspecting the house, a lady (mrs. jimenez) enters the crime scene with a knife on her back. She says she and her husband had a fight and had no idea where he was. When Mrs. Jimenez was being treated, the husband arrives hysterically screaming to his wife saying, “did you call the cops on me?”

Ronnie asks Sara about what to do because the case is obviously domestic abuse. Sara reacts like it was just any other case and tells Ronnie that they’ll just come back for mrs. jimenez’s body, or the husband’s or both after a month.

Stokes and Greg determines that the crime scene was Kira’s room. They discovered that she was part of a goth band and got a lubricant tube as evidence. As it turns out, one of the finger prints matches Marlon West, the brother of the famous girl, Hannah West, who manipulated the jury to save her brother in a murder case a few years back. Sara asks Grissom if she could be part of the case, and Grissom agrees.

Grissom interrogates Marlon West. He admits that Kira and him had a fight because he saw her kissing someone else. The guy punches him and gave Marlon a fat lip. While interrogating Marlon, Hanna walks by and talks to Sara, telling them they had no right to ask her brother questions.

Greg finds Kira’s online blog and discovers a post where she talks about two boys fighting over her – torchx and drummerboy19. Both boys, drummerboy (who is Marlon West) and torchx (who is identifieed as Jordan Rockwell) had their finger prints on the lubricant tube.

Brass interviews Jordan. He says Kira and him used to date in high school and they just caught up with their lives online. He visited her on campus and got into a fight with West. They went back into Kira’s room, had sex, but when he started to feel sick, he left with his car and got into an accident. As it turns out, both Kira and Jordan were positive for GHB.

Greg finds photographs of the goth band and pictures from the Marlon and Jordan’s fight. One of the pictures clearly shows Hannah picking up a piece of Marlon’s broken tooth and taking it. As Sara interrogates Hannah about the tooth, the girl just pissed her off.

At the police station, Sara sees Mrs. Jimenez voluntarily asking for help. Ronnie says she thinks it’s just right to tell victims about their right, but Sara says Mrs. Jimenez will only be out of her husband’s life for a week or so.

Sara tries her luck talking to Marlon. He admits that he thinks Hannah was a weird girl, but after their first trial and their parent’s accident, his little sister Hannah got weirder. One night, Hannah enters Marlon’s room to find Kira and him having sex. That night, Kira walks out of Marlon and ended her relationship with him. Since Hannah is a chemistry whiz, Marlon asks her sister to make GNB just to mess Kira up for leaving him.

Marlon ends up in jail and agrees to Sara’s idea of trapping his sister to answer some questions. When Hannah visited him, he asks her what he did to deserve being put in jail for the rest of his life. Hannah simply answered that she loves Marlon.

Sara agrees that Hannah is way too smart for her brother and for her since the girl is spinning her in circles. Not only did the trap not work, Marlon committed suicide on his cell a few hours later.

Sara visits Hannah on campus. She tells her about Marlon’s suicide and she doesn’t believe her, thinking it was another trick. When Sara showed Hannah the picture of Marlon hanging, she becomes hysterical.

After a traumatic day, Sara goes back to the lab and greets Grissom with a 2-minute kiss. She then went straight to the locker room to get her surname patch from her CSI vest and throwing it on the trash as a sign that she quits being a CSI agent. She then leaves a note for Grissom telling him that she has to leave and she will love him always.

Will this be the last time we’ll see Sara Sidle on CSI?

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CSI: Season 8, Episode 6 – Who and What

Last week, the CSI team investigates the murder, which turned out to be an accident that was covered up by the production, of a horror queen, Weatherly Adams. This week, the CSI team is faced with multiple questions when they discover their case is part of the FBI’s 6-year-old serial killer unsolved case.

The episode starts with a lady playing a game board with a boy. Since the boy seems uninterested, the lady just leaves him in the living room as she takes a shower. A few minutes later, she hears the kid fall and shocked by a man that attacks her. The victim, Carmen Davis and the boy “Evan” were both left dead.

Greg and Catherine has been processing the crime scene for six hours. They receive a call from the FBI ordering them to stop, so as soon as Grissom came, the FBI lands down from the helicopter. Jack Malone introduces himself to Jim Brass, Grissom and the rest of the team. He discloses to them about a kidnapping that took place six years ago. The kid was kidnapped in the babysitter’s apartment, while the babysitter was left for dead and the FBI believes the dead kid is their missing kid.

Cath determines the murder weapon used is a hammer and Dr. Robbins confirms this by stating the cause of death – multiple blood force trauma – for both Evan and Carmen Davis. However, his examination also suggested that Carmen Davis was raped before she died.

At the crime scene, the team finds the vic’s ID on top of her credit card. However, Greg finds an empty jewelry box, while Stokes sees several pictures of Davis wearing jewelries. Warrick investigates around the desk and finds a list of poker player statistics (marking #273) and a laptop with several online gambling websites open.

Brown and Malone visits the nearest casino with poker competition to look for contestant #273. The man tries to run, but Malone catches him before he escapes. Brown obtains Tom Michaels’ finger prints and DNA while Malone interrogates him. Michaels admits that he listened to the voice inside his head rather than listening to Brother Willard, his spiritual adviser. Just as Malone gets pissed with Michaels, Brass stops the interrogation and a picture of the dead Evan falls. As it turns out, Tom Michaels was Evan’s father and Carmen Davis was his ex-girlfriend.

Wendy finds out that there were two semen donors from Carmen Davis – one from Tom Michaels and the other was listed in two unsolved cases in New York and Idaho.

At a jewelry store, the team finds Carmen’s missing jewelries. They acquired the video tape from the store to get a look at the suspect, but only a cap with Hartgreen Harvest logo was seen. At the nearest casino, they discovered the suspect wearing the same cap, but are still unable to get a clear picture.

Sarah finds herself in another crime scene when a bloody man asks for the neighborhood kids’ help.Sara and the police searches for the man’s house only to find his wife raped and dead, leaving the murder weapon (a hammer) behind and replaced it with a 45-auto gun. With the same crime scene patterns, such as the ID left above the credit card and covered raped victim, the CSI team links this crime scene with the first murder.

While Grissom and Sara was talking about the suspect, Grissom hears the sound of the railroad a few blocks away from the crime scene. He tells Malone that the two crime scenes were both near the rails and their killer is escaping through the railroad.

Stokes and Archie checks out the security cam from the South Point casino. Studies the suspect’s actions and sees that he was particularly attentive to a poster. They discovered that the suspect was calling information to get the home number and address of the waitress,Gina Ferantino. Unable to get what he wants, he gets pissed and smashes his hands on the phone booth.

Upon interviewing the manager of the casino, the team finds out that Gina met the suspect when he won 2,500 in the slot machines the day before. Stokes asks for the reward claim slip to get the suspect’s fingerprints.

The suspect, identified as Terry Lee Wicker, was once married to Gina Ferantino. A police car finds Ferantino’s car, but the suspect shoots him dead. When the team arrives, Grissom discovers that there is a railroad just 16 miles away from the latest crime scene.

As they arrive the railroad tracks, both Malone and Grissom searches the trains for Wicker. Unfortunately,Terry Wicker was smart enough to hire a homeless guy and pay him $100 to wear his cap and get on the train. Back at the railroad port, the team finds Ferantino’s car, where she was left dead in the compartment.

As it turns out, Terry Wicker visited Las Vegas for a reunion with his ex-wife and to pick up his kid (Coby) from school. The episode ends with Coby sitting in one of the trains while Terry Wicker sings to him.

Will the CSI team and FBI still catch this serial killer?

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CSI: Season 8, Episode 5 – The Chick Chop Flick Shop

Last episode, Grissom and the CSI team faced two cases, both of which resulted as unsolved because of a huge company planning to cover up a water-related poisoning and a widowed mother with cancer who killed a guy thinking that he was the reason for her son’s death. This week, the CSI team celebrates Halloween with a morbid case concerning the queen of horror flicks, Weatherly Adams.

Stanley, the studio manager of a horror film production, reported Weatherly Adams missing. Although the actress is known for dying horrible deaths on screen and practically died in every way possible, this time, she was killed with an ax for the last time.

Stokes and Catherine investigates the crime scene for prints and evidences, while Brass takes fingerprints from the staff. Production owner Vincent Lafoon arrives and tells the CSI team he knows who killed Weatherly. An ex-worker named Zargo used to work for the production and had a relationship with the actress. When a fire accidentally burned Zargo’s face, Lafoon did not pay for his accident and to make it all worse, was dumped by Weatherly. Since then, Zargo breaks into the production set to give actress gifts to the actress every now and then.

Traces of DNA and semen from Weatherly’s nails and body lead to Zach Putrick, the movie director. During interrogation, Putrick admits having sex with Weatherly all the time and she was an “ass-scratcher”. Putrick proved his claim by showing his ass to Brass.

Back at the lab, Wendy the CSI lab tech along with the other lab staff and CSI watched a horror flick where she played a small role, (a victim who was stabbed and cut in half). Wendy says she was paid $600 for that role. Sara reacts to the film and tells Greg that it bothers her dark-haired women always gets killed in horror films, while blondes always survives. Sara admits to Greg that she is “sick of seeing death everyday”.

Dr. Al examines the body and ax, while Stokes finds out that Vincent Lafoon was faking the break-in (caught in the company’s videotape) to blackmail Zargo. Since the ax was not the murder weapon, Stokes, Cath and the new CSI Ronnie went back to the crime scene to determine where Weatherly was moved.

During their investigation, Dickie Jones (the dwarf actor) tries to ask Cath out and hopes to tell her something, as Stanley interrupted their conversation. Cath and Ronnie left the crime scene in separate cars, while Ronnie had to go back to the production set to get her celphone that she left. Back at the lab, Catherine receives a call from Dickie, asking her to meet him at the production set urgently.

Stokes discovered (while checking the videotapes) that Mason Lafoon tried to disguise as his brother Vincent. Mason admitted that Weatherly killed herself when her heel got stuck and she tripped off, falling back first to a pipe. Stanley tells Mason that the show must go on and the production company did not need any problems, so Mason agreed to hide the actor’s body.

Ronnie arrives back at the set to see Dickie tied to the ceiling dead. She sees a lady in a blue dress and hides. Zach Putrick then appears with a gun shot on his back. As Ronnie kept Putrick from dying, Stanley appears with a gun and a shot came off. The lady in the blue dress, which turned out to be Zargo, shot Stanley on the back, just in time as Cath and the police arrives.

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CSI: Season 8, Episode 4 – : The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp

Last week’s episode, “Go To Hell” was a chilling story as the CSI team faced a 12-year old girl supposedly possessed by the devil. As it turns out, she was completely normal and she was the one who planned and killed her parents and sister. This week, the CSI team investigates two crime scene – one at Sam’s (Catherine’s dead father) casino site and the other at a lake where a boy was hanged.

The victim, Bryan Towne had lacerations on his chest, which appeared to have swollen mammary glands. Although the vic was stabbed, the cause of death was suffocation from hanging. Evidence found were beer bottles, which may have been used to stab the victim.

In the meantime, Catherine and her mom talked on a site where Sam’s casino used to stand. Lily was talking about how she met Sam and how she fell for him. As a way to move on, Lily threw the 5-dollar chip (that Sam gave during their first meeting). A few minutes later, police came to the site and Catherine rushes to find out that a body was found on the site. Due to conflict of interest, Sara and the new CSI Ronnie was assigned to the case.

Warrick investigates Bryan Towne’s room and finds a stash of cash, gun kept under his bed and water samples in a dozen small tubes. The victim’s mom, who is a surviving cancer patient, visits her son at Dr. Robbin’s office.

Sara and Ronnie checks out the casino site and sees an Indian necklace, which may indicate the site could be a Native American burial ground.

A man named Paul Sides called Bryan Towne several times before he died. Catherine and Brass asks about his relationship with the victim. As it turns out, Sides and the victim was working on a project and Towne became the project himself.

At the lab, Stokes found finger prints from the beer bottles that led to Larry Ludwig, a man who worked in the same water company as Bryan. Since he had rope burns, he was immediately taken to the station. He told Stokes and Warrick during his interogation that he and a friend brought 2 girls along with them to the lake, where they saw Bryan hanging out. He admitted that the girls wanted to play so he placed the rope around the tree so they could swing to the lake. When it was Bryan’s turn to jump, the girls and Larry made fun of him when they saw him “man-boobs” through his wet shirt.

Dr. Al and Sara discusses the bones found on the casino site, but Greg (who was planning to write a book on Las Vegas murders and dead bodies unknown to the press) had more insights about the case. He helped Ronnie and Sara as they went back to the site to measure the bones.

However, it was Hodgens who helped Sara determine the last location where the John Doe lived. Greg finds a roll of film from the rubbles and sees one picture that may be the clue to the John Doe’s death – Sam’s financials where the feds, state and a certain “Fergus” had their fare share during the 1960’s casino development.

While Catherine and Brass’ believed Paul Sides was in the hiding, he was found dead on his apartment, wherein they found a ripped paper stating an offer to buy his house from Bryan Towne’s boss, Jonah Quin. They went over Sides’ paperwork and experiments, where they found a freezer filled with carps.

Sara visits Grissom at his bee farm, where Grissom casually proposes to Sara and where she casually agrees to marry him.

As it turns out, the John Doe last lived in South East Asia, particularly in Vietname, but was of Indian backgrounds. As Greg was talking to Lily (Catherine’s mom) about the people found on the other pictures, she remembered a journalist who attended that party, Lee Jordan who wore an Indian costume. Greg and Sara assumed that after taking a picture of Sam’s financial statements, his bodyguard may have caught him and caused his fall down to the ground floor. Was he pushed or did he fall while running? Sara, Greg and the team may never know.

Back at the lab, Grissom becomes interested when Catherine gives him the freezer filled with fish. With the help of Hodgens, Grissom determined that the water used in Paul Sides’ experiments were endangering the lives of both humans and other living things exposed to it. Sides discovered that Quin’s water company was using the dirty water from the lake, which may have caused Bryan Towne’s high levels of estrogen.

Warrick and Stokes ruled out murder in Bryan Towne’s case because evidences pointed out to suicide. It was definitely a hate crime, but Bryan Towne was the one who hated himself. Unfortunately, his mom thought Sides killed her son, so she shot him using the gun found on his son’s bedroom. It was only until Catherine explained to her that Paul Sides was helping his son that she understood what really happened.

At the office, Catherine and Grissom was talking to the district attorney about the water problem and Jonah Quin’s case. Unfortunately, the company has plans of counter-attacking all witnesses and evidences that the water is really dangerous. About Mrs. Towne, the DA says she will not put the cancer patient and widow who has just lost her only son into court.. so she goes free.

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CSI: Season 8, Episode 3 – Go To Hell

Last week’s episode, A La Cart, faced the CSI teams with two unusual cases. This week, the team tries to solve a murder of an entire family, except for one of the daughters (who is supposedly possessed by the devil) that remains missing.

The CSIs stumble upon a horrible multiple murder in a motel. To identify the victims, the CSIs asked a copy of the motel registration and found out that the family were checked in for a week. The car’s plate number and registration led to an address, where Warrick and Stokes immediately investigated only to find out a child dead sleeping on her bed.

In the meantime, Sara works a morning-shift case with the newbie CSI, Ronnie Lake, which bombards Sara of numerous questions about everything she could think of. Their victim is a homeless man who died of cardiac arrest because of dehydration.

Back at the other case, finger prints led to numerous recorded criminals along with a sex offender-turned reverend, Rev. Rhodes. As it turned out, the parents found dead in the motel attempted to rein their daughter in after discovering she is having a relationship with a 23 year old man. As parents who find it hard to believe that their little girl is having sex voluntarily, they become convinced that their daughter is possessed, seeking the help of Rev. Rhodes.

During the interrogation, Grissom asks Rev. Rhodes if the exorcism has worked on little Amy. Unfortunately, Rhodes admits he has failed because Amy’s father interrupted the procedure. As a result, the parents end up being murdered, while Amy remains missing.

In Sara’s case, she notes a complication on their victim: handcuff marks, leading Sara to believe that a cop may be the one responsible for the homeless man’s death. As it turns out, the homeless man punched the police officer, after the officer stopped the victim and another homeless man who were fighting for food. The cop knew that the man only punched him for an opportunity to go to jail where there’s free food and water. Since the cop really did kill the man, Sara wished he had just taken him into jail after all.

As the police searched for Amy, the CSI team figures out who committed the shocking murders. Grissom and the other first believed that they were after people who are involved in child pornography, killing the parents to kidnap Amy for a new film.

The police eventually found Amy with her 23-year-old boyfriend. She was immediately placed into child services. However, the evidence begins to point to an even inhumane conclusion as the CSI team finds an online conversation between Amy and the man, as she asks the 23-year-old man how far he could go just to be with her. As it turns out, Amy had planned the whole thing.

Unfortunately, Rev. Rhodes, knowing that Amy had committed the murders due to the evil inside her, hunts her down and finds her at the Child protection facility. Amy falls from the top floor as the Reverend tries to “save her”, causing her immediate death.

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CSI: Season 8, Episode 2 – A La Cart

Last week’s episode was the ending to the miniature killer case, wherein Sara became the suspect’s target, the CSI team eventually finding out about Grissom and Sara’s relationship and the search for Sara in the desert.

This week, the team is faced with two unusual cases – one is the head of a varsity football player found in the desert and a high-profile murder of Hampton Huxley (The Hugh Hefner of CSI Las Vegas) in a hip restaurant called “Blind” that serves food in the dark.

Jim Brass, Catherine and Brown was assigned to the Blind crime scene, while Stokes and Greg investigates the beheaded guy. Back at the lab, Sara is questioned by Ecklie for an administrative inquiry about Grissom and their relationship.

Stokes and Greg discovers the identity of the varsity player (Matt Bartley) and his hobby was go-cart driving. They visited the go-cart venue to ask around about the victim, only to find out that he has been competing with “A-rod”, who usually loses to the vic. A-rod tries to escape, but Stokes captures him before he could get away.

Rodney Banks was brought to the station, confessing that they took their competition to the highway and stated that the last time he saw Bartley, he still had a head. He then dumped the body in the desert and towed the other go-cart back to the city.

At the Blind restaurant, Jim Brass questions the two “Kitties”, who are counterparts of Hugh Hefner’s Bunnies. Since they are the ones with Huxley during his death, they may have motifs. But blind waiters as well as the chef, who was once a Kitty, can also be the suspects.

Greg and Stokes investigate the two go-carts and determined that both cars had road dirt, but only one had blood stains. Grissom then had the idea that Matt Bartley may have been decapitated by accident, which could verify Rodney’s story. Grissom, Greg, Stokes and Ecklie experimented on a human dummy made of jelly to determine if an exploding truck tire could really cause decapitation. The experiment’s result: the dummy was beheaded.

At the lab, Dr. Al Robbins finds a pointed piece of a pen in Huxley’s head. Since the victim’s body had honey, ink and blood, the evidences and fingerprint led to one of the blind waiters. The blind waiter lost his eyesight 2 years back, when the chef and him were still dating. After stealing his recipes and ideas, the chef opens up her own restaurant and hires him to be a waiter. To finally get back at her, he kills Huxley and tries to set the chef up by placing the weapon on one of the Kitties’ bags (to give the chef a motif to kill).

The episode ends as Grissom and Sara were in the car talking about what they told Ecklie during the administrative inquiry. Sara tells Grissom that she’ll move to the “swing” since she needed the daylight. The episode ends with all the CSI team having a laugh while driving go-carts and Sara watching from afar (with her hands still injured). Does this mean Sara will be transfered?

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CSI: Season 8, Episode 1 – Dead Doll

Season 7 ended when the CSI team caught the miniature killer, Natalie. As her last miniature, she planned an attack on Sara, as a way for her to get back at Grissom for leading the only man (her adopted father) she ever trusted to suicide. Sara’s disappearance forced Grissom to admit their relationship out in the open.

As a clue, Natalie made another miniature that displayed a car wreck in the desert, with a miniature of Sara under it. The season opens as the team searches for Sara and Grissom, while studying the miniature, discovers that she only has a few hours left before she drowns when the rain floods up under the wrecked car.

As the rain continues to poor, water under the wreck car fills up, while Sara tries to get out from under the car without any success. The CSI team discovers Natalie’s car and tracked down its GPS system to determine which locations she went recently.

Down at the station, Sophia Curtis and Jim Brass led Hodges to swab Natalie for DNA and trace because she has wounds on her scalp. Natalie is experiencing all the signs of a psychotic breakdown – delusions, hallucinations, which could last days or months.

Upon receiving the surveillance tapes from where Sara was abducted, Grissom learned that Natalie used a stun gun to bring Sara down.

(In a flashback scene) Natalie drives the car, while Sara is locked in the compartment.

Brown investigates the car and discovers that Sara climbed her way up to the backseat of the car from the compartment. The scene suggests a fight between Sara and Natalie.

Sara attacks Natalie while driving and jumps out of the car. She was left on the dessert without any energy to fight back. Natalie tied her up again as they drove to another location. Sara was drugged and slowly loses consciousness. She woke up to find out that Natalie was placing down a car on her, pushing her arms to the ground.

While checking out Natalie’s apartment, Stokes found a clue written on the wall – a contact number of Desert Diamond Auto Yard. Jim Brass immediately went to interrogate the crew of the auto yard to find out that Natalie asked them to tow a red convertible. The man from the auto yard gave directions to the desert site and rescue teams along with Grissom’s CSI located the red car.

Upon reaching the car, Stokes and Grissom dug up the dried sand where Sara was supposed to be. They discovered that Sara was able to climb out of the car when the rain got high enough for her arms loosen from the car’s weight and swim her way out.

Now without the rain, Sara is trying to search for help while walking through the deep and wide desert of Las Vegas. She is dehydrated, disoriented and tries to leave clues behind for the team to follow. She eventually collapses on the ground.

As Stokes and Sophia roamed through the roads of the desert, Stokes’ attention was caught by a glare in the middle of nowhere. As a survivor that Sara is, she brought along a side mirror of the red convertible to signal for help. Without a pulse, Sara is treated by paramedics and brought to the nearest hospital in a helicopter, with Grissom by her side. Sara eventually regains consciousness to the sight of Grissom’s name on his vest.

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