CSI: Season 8, Episode 6 – Who and What

Last week, the CSI team investigates the murder, which turned out to be an accident that was covered up by the production, of a horror queen, Weatherly Adams. This week, the CSI team is faced with multiple questions when they discover their case is part of the FBI’s 6-year-old serial killer unsolved case.

The episode starts with a lady playing a game board with a boy. Since the boy seems uninterested, the lady just leaves him in the living room as she takes a shower. A few minutes later, she hears the kid fall and shocked by a man that attacks her. The victim, Carmen Davis and the boy “Evan” were both left dead.

Greg and Catherine has been processing the crime scene for six hours. They receive a call from the FBI ordering them to stop, so as soon as Grissom came, the FBI lands down from the helicopter. Jack Malone introduces himself to Jim Brass, Grissom and the rest of the team. He discloses to them about a kidnapping that took place six years ago. The kid was kidnapped in the babysitter’s apartment, while the babysitter was left for dead and the FBI believes the dead kid is their missing kid.

Cath determines the murder weapon used is a hammer and Dr. Robbins confirms this by stating the cause of death – multiple blood force trauma – for both Evan and Carmen Davis. However, his examination also suggested that Carmen Davis was raped before she died.

At the crime scene, the team finds the vic’s ID on top of her credit card. However, Greg finds an empty jewelry box, while Stokes sees several pictures of Davis wearing jewelries. Warrick investigates around the desk and finds a list of poker player statistics (marking #273) and a laptop with several online gambling websites open.

Brown and Malone visits the nearest casino with poker competition to look for contestant #273. The man tries to run, but Malone catches him before he escapes. Brown obtains Tom Michaels’ finger prints and DNA while Malone interrogates him. Michaels admits that he listened to the voice inside his head rather than listening to Brother Willard, his spiritual adviser. Just as Malone gets pissed with Michaels, Brass stops the interrogation and a picture of the dead Evan falls. As it turns out, Tom Michaels was Evan’s father and Carmen Davis was his ex-girlfriend.

Wendy finds out that there were two semen donors from Carmen Davis – one from Tom Michaels and the other was listed in two unsolved cases in New York and Idaho.

At a jewelry store, the team finds Carmen’s missing jewelries. They acquired the video tape from the store to get a look at the suspect, but only a cap with Hartgreen Harvest logo was seen. At the nearest casino, they discovered the suspect wearing the same cap, but are still unable to get a clear picture.

Sarah finds herself in another crime scene when a bloody man asks for the neighborhood kids’ help.Sara and the police searches for the man’s house only to find his wife raped and dead, leaving the murder weapon (a hammer) behind and replaced it with a 45-auto gun. With the same crime scene patterns, such as the ID left above the credit card and covered raped victim, the CSI team links this crime scene with the first murder.

While Grissom and Sara was talking about the suspect, Grissom hears the sound of the railroad a few blocks away from the crime scene. He tells Malone that the two crime scenes were both near the rails and their killer is escaping through the railroad.

Stokes and Archie checks out the security cam from the South Point casino. Studies the suspect’s actions and sees that he was particularly attentive to a poster. They discovered that the suspect was calling information to get the home number and address of the waitress,Gina Ferantino. Unable to get what he wants, he gets pissed and smashes his hands on the phone booth.

Upon interviewing the manager of the casino, the team finds out that Gina met the suspect when he won 2,500 in the slot machines the day before. Stokes asks for the reward claim slip to get the suspect’s fingerprints.

The suspect, identified as Terry Lee Wicker, was once married to Gina Ferantino. A police car finds Ferantino’s car, but the suspect shoots him dead. When the team arrives, Grissom discovers that there is a railroad just 16 miles away from the latest crime scene.

As they arrive the railroad tracks, both Malone and Grissom searches the trains for Wicker. Unfortunately,Terry Wicker was smart enough to hire a homeless guy and pay him $100 to wear his cap and get on the train. Back at the railroad port, the team finds Ferantino’s car, where she was left dead in the compartment.

As it turns out, Terry Wicker visited Las Vegas for a reunion with his ex-wife and to pick up his kid (Coby) from school. The episode ends with Coby sitting in one of the trains while Terry Wicker sings to him.

Will the CSI team and FBI still catch this serial killer?

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