CSI: Season 8, Episode 5 – The Chick Chop Flick Shop

Last episode, Grissom and the CSI team faced two cases, both of which resulted as unsolved because of a huge company planning to cover up a water-related poisoning and a widowed mother with cancer who killed a guy thinking that he was the reason for her son’s death. This week, the CSI team celebrates Halloween with a morbid case concerning the queen of horror flicks, Weatherly Adams.

Stanley, the studio manager of a horror film production, reported Weatherly Adams missing. Although the actress is known for dying horrible deaths on screen and practically died in every way possible, this time, she was killed with an ax for the last time.

Stokes and Catherine investigates the crime scene for prints and evidences, while Brass takes fingerprints from the staff. Production owner Vincent Lafoon arrives and tells the CSI team he knows who killed Weatherly. An ex-worker named Zargo used to work for the production and had a relationship with the actress. When a fire accidentally burned Zargo’s face, Lafoon did not pay for his accident and to make it all worse, was dumped by Weatherly. Since then, Zargo breaks into the production set to give actress gifts to the actress every now and then.

Traces of DNA and semen from Weatherly’s nails and body lead to Zach Putrick, the movie director. During interrogation, Putrick admits having sex with Weatherly all the time and she was an “ass-scratcher”. Putrick proved his claim by showing his ass to Brass.

Back at the lab, Wendy the CSI lab tech along with the other lab staff and CSI watched a horror flick where she played a small role, (a victim who was stabbed and cut in half). Wendy says she was paid $600 for that role. Sara reacts to the film and tells Greg that it bothers her dark-haired women always gets killed in horror films, while blondes always survives. Sara admits to Greg that she is “sick of seeing death everyday”.

Dr. Al examines the body and ax, while Stokes finds out that Vincent Lafoon was faking the break-in (caught in the company’s videotape) to blackmail Zargo. Since the ax was not the murder weapon, Stokes, Cath and the new CSI Ronnie went back to the crime scene to determine where Weatherly was moved.

During their investigation, Dickie Jones (the dwarf actor) tries to ask Cath out and hopes to tell her something, as Stanley interrupted their conversation. Cath and Ronnie left the crime scene in separate cars, while Ronnie had to go back to the production set to get her celphone that she left. Back at the lab, Catherine receives a call from Dickie, asking her to meet him at the production set urgently.

Stokes discovered (while checking the videotapes) that Mason Lafoon tried to disguise as his brother Vincent. Mason admitted that Weatherly killed herself when her heel got stuck and she tripped off, falling back first to a pipe. Stanley tells Mason that the show must go on and the production company did not need any problems, so Mason agreed to hide the actor’s body.

Ronnie arrives back at the set to see Dickie tied to the ceiling dead. She sees a lady in a blue dress and hides. Zach Putrick then appears with a gun shot on his back. As Ronnie kept Putrick from dying, Stanley appears with a gun and a shot came off. The lady in the blue dress, which turned out to be Zargo, shot Stanley on the back, just in time as Cath and the police arrives.

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