CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 6 – “Boo”

The last episode, Down the Rabbit Hole gave Mac and the CSI team an introduction to the virtual world and how a world from the Internet can just be as dangerous as the real world. They faced a professional assassin, who killed several people as well as Congressman Duvaine, only to escape. This week, the CSI team celebrates Halloween with two weird cases – one was a murder/suicide of a family and the other was a true-to-life zombie.

The episode started when two men were working in a graveyard digging up a grave. While the older guy was telling horror stories, the other was digging the gravesite when a hand bursts out of the soil and a zombie attacks the old guy.

Danny and Lindsay took up another case where 2 boys and the mom were killed, while the dad supposedly committed suicide. The Duncan little girl was missing. According to the locals, the home of the Duncans is possessed by evil, since the same murder-suicide happened 30 years ago, where a little girl also became missing and never was found.

In the meantime, Stella and Mac investigates a dead guy who was part of a group that wanted to scare tourists and cause a riot. He died being hit in the head by an unknown weapon.

Lindsay examines the Duncan house and discovers that the little girl is hiding inside the wall, also shot with a shotgun like the rest of her family. She was immediately hospitalized. Lindsay then sees an old lady that warns her to “leave now” because the house was cursed. The old lady escaped through the passage wall, but left DNA when she scratch Lindsay.

Hawkes tested the gunshot to determine if Gill Duncan, the father, really did kill his family and committed suicide afterwards. The results showed that it was impossible for Gill to use the shotgun and kill himself.

At the hospital, Lindsay asks Rose Duncan if she remembered what the bad guy looked and pointed to her drawing book where she drew a monster. Luckily, footprints from the crime scene determined that it was owned by Henry Willens. Dog hair pointed to Willens as he is working as a driver for a dog babysitting company and since they have no way to track Willens down, they tracked down the dogs instead.

Curious about an emergency call made by 2 men reporting a zombie tried to attack them, Mac and Stella goes to the grave site to find a coffin with a hole and a voodoo doll inside it. The vic was identified as Dexter Nevins, an immigration attorney that was recently buried. Stella examines the voodoo doll to find a torn photo of Dexter, Hatian coffee beans and Hatian rum, which were supposed to be offerings for the god of death.

While Mac tells Flack that the stalker who kept calling him at 3:33am stopped the calls for about a week now, Mac becomes paranoid when the owner of the voodoo house they were investigating written 333 and 666 on her two eyelids. As it turns out, Josephine Delaquoia really did make the voodoo doll to keep Dexter from returning back to the dead. She explains to Mac the meaning of 333, a proverb and the son’s devil’s equivalent to 666.

Mac and Stella put the pieces together and discovered that Dexter was faking his own death for an insurance scam. While the CSIs were unable to contact his wife, they checked out the doctor who declared him dead, Dr. Burkis.

At the lab, Lindsay and Danny finds a signal on the location of the dogs and it was back at the Duncan house. Henry Willens, as it turns out, was the son of Betty Willen (the old lady that attacked Lindsay) who were the first owners of the Duncan’s house. They were seen leaving the home with a briefcase (with baby skeletons inside it), but stopped by police to be arrested. The legend of the murder-suicide 30 years ago was cleared when Betty Willens admitted that her husband left her and her son accidentally shot his sister. Betty cleaned up the crime scene to protect her son. Wanting to get the briefcase before the Duncans renovated the house, Henry Willens came back to the house in search of the briefcase when he was surprised by the early return on the family. Afraid of being imprisoned again, Willens shot the family when threatened him that they’ll call the police.

In the mean time, Stella and Mac visits Dr. Burkis’ house only to find Dexter’s wife and Burkis naked. The CSIs figured out that after the burial, the two who was having an affair, just left Dexter for dead to claim the insurance money. When Dexter squeezed his way out of the coffin, he went straight to Burkis only to find his wife sleeping with him. A struggle happened and Dexter was hit by a bat after giving his wife a shot. Both the wife and Burkis survived, but was half-dead from the medication. Mac described them as being true to life zombies.

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  1. Hi, I would like to know when CSI:NY Season 4 will come out on DVD? I did not see the episode Boo. and I m a Amityville Collector. Thank you

  2. Hi, I would like to know when CSI:NY Season 4 will come out on DVD? I did not see the episode Boo. and I M a Amityville Collector. Thank you Jamey Ganchou

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