House Season 4, Episode 5: Mirror, Mirror

Last episode’s Guardian Angel challenged House and his prospect team about a girl who is experiencing hallucinations that dead people are attacking her and talking to her, while seeing visions of her dead mother throughout her stay in the hospital. While House was busy trying to figure out his patient, Dr. Foreman was experiencing tough luck applying to every hospital he visits for application.

This week, House and six remaining prospects from his so-called team is faced with a man experiencing respiratory collapse. Cuddy announces Foreman’s return, but House stubbornly denies his presence and re-application.

As the team finds out why the patient suddenly feels numbness, stomach ache, rashes and a variety of symptoms, House and Foreman clashes ideas about the patient’s condition. Without any identification, the group has no idea what’s happening to him internally and externally. 13 and Cole was asked to search for the patient’s car for identification and probable cause of his symptoms.

House believes the patient has mirror syndrome and proves his theory by disrupting Wilson’s surgery in the operating room. The patient then copies Wilson’s speaking habits, tone of voice, ideas and beliefs, lecturing House about his and Cuddy’s power struggle.

To get back at Dr. Cuddy for hiring Foreman back, House announces a fake food poisoning at the hospital canteen, asking people to go to the clinic and look for Dr. Cuddy.

In the meantime, Chase starts a bet involving who will House fire next. Will it be Amber? 13? or Foreman?

Cuddy stoops to House’s level and replaces the contents of his vicadin with laxatives. Wilson catches Cuddy and lectures her about the power struggle and not allowing House to get to her.

After telling House that he cannot get a job from anywhere else because other hospitals think he has been “corrupted”, House tells Foreman that he got him a job at Boston’s hospital with a good diagnosis department. Surprisingly, Foreman smiled and declined the offer.

13 and Cole finds the car and identifies the patient as Robert Elliot from Ohio. House figures 13 deliberately wanted to go with Cole because she didn’t want the patient mirroring how she felt. However, they found out that Elliot was only mirroring the person in the room whom he thinks is the more influential – the alpha omega.

Using the items 13 and Cole collected from Robert Elliot’s car, House enters the room with the patient’s clothes and things. House introduces himself as “Robert Elliot” to squeeze information out of the patient. When House showed the patient a bottle of lotion, the real Elliot took the lotion and squirted a small portion then rubbed it around his nose. When asked why he did that, Elliot told House it kept the smell of dung out.

House uncovers the patients job – he sells farm equipments. Robert Elliot got an infectious disease from pigs, which can be cured in just a few hours.

Before giving the patient medication, Foreman tells House that the patient can wait. To finally answer the power struggle that House and Cuddy has been fighting over, Foreman suggested of bringing the two in front of Robert Elliot and see whose personality he imitates. Unfortunately for Cuddy, it was House whom he imitated.

When it was time to fire someone, a large group of people, including Cameron, Chase and Wilson, were at the back of the lecture room eager to see if they won Chase’s bet. Contrary to his normal behavior, House did not fire anyone from the group even if he felt the team did a horrible job. As it turns out, House and Chase were in on it, receiving 50-50 share from the bet money.

Foreman then admits to House that he doesn’t want to leave and smilingly, House tells Foreman that he’s a freak.

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