House Season 6

House, consistently one of Fox’s top performers, has received an early renewal for the 2009-2010 season. The show has been renewed for season 6.

House Season 4, Episode 9 – Games

Last week, House and his candidates of doctors were faced with a magician’s medical condition. This week, House is playing games with the last four applicants – Thirteen, Amber, Taub and Kutner. The group is faced with a punk rock singer who vomits blood and collapses before a show. The problem is, the singer has a plethora of symptoms and has been a drug addict for years. Dr. Foreman says that the case is a no-brainer since the patient is sick because of years of being a drug addict.

In the meantime, Wilson had a wrong diagnosis. It turns out, upon telling his patient that he had only three months to live, he becomes cancer-free. House is amused, while Wilson has no idea on how to tell his patient he’s going to live for the rest of his life.

House makes a scoreboard for the 4 candidates. Each time one of them answers correctly or treats the patient with a correct diagnosis, he or she gets points. The patient shows another symptom and the team is faced with blood clots that they cannot diagnose. Thirteen and Taub loses the patient, but finds him at pediatrics playing with kids. Just as they were about to fetch him, the singer faints.

Since House “HAS” to make a decision on who to keep and who to fire, he asks each of the doctors about the reasons why they want to treat the patient. Amber says she doesn’t want to lose, while Thirteen genuinely wants to “treat” patients. House asks Cuddy’s opinion on who to choose and she picks Kutner and Taub.

House visits the patient, sees his band mates at the lobby and discovers that they have been sharing needles with the patient even if he’s sick in bed. The patient admits that he doesn’t care if he lives or dies, but cares if people appreciates his music.

Dr. Wilson announces to his patient that he is not dying. The patient was shocked and disappointed by the news, since he already had three goodbye parties and he is leaving for a long vacation that he paid through credit thinking he won’t live to pay for his debts. Wilson offers the patient a 6,000-dollar check, but the patient refuses and threatens to sue because after giving him happiness, Wilson took it all away by telling him he’ll survive.

House wants to literally see his patient’s heart and asks Chase to perform this delicate surgery. He then asks him who to choose between the four remaining candidates and answers to keep Taub and Amber. Aside from enlarged lymph nodes, respiratory failure and a bunch of other symptoms, the patient is now dying and no one has a clue on how to treat him.

Foreman is pissed and asks House to choose between the four doctors, instead of making the diagnostic procedure a game. He then turns to Kutner and Thirteen, then tells them they’re fired. The two, resisting House’s decision, continued to diagnose the patient under pressure. After the two gave acceptable diagnosis, House tells Foreman that “competition works” and no one is fired.

Amber tries to talk to the patient in hopes that he will reveal where he gets his drugs. Kutner discovers that the patient has been working with abandoned kids. House asks Cuddy for another surgery to treat the patient, but Cuddy only agreed if he can induce a seizure. Knowing House and his tricks, he dragged a large amplifier into the patient’s room, played loud music and gave the patient a seizure. He was allowed to give the patient a biopsy and he treats the patient for good, but not for his drug addiction.

At the lecture room, Amber is fired because House needs someone who is “willing to lose”. House also fired Thirteen, simply because he only had two spots. He tells Thirteen that if he had three spots available, she’d be picked too. Cuddy rushes to House demanding an answer on why he followed her opinion of hiring Kutner and Taub. Cuddy tells him that she needs to hire a woman and he should go with “the one with the heart” (referring to Thirteen). As Cuddy turns her back, she realizes that House planned it all along and wanted to keep all three – Taub, Kutner and Thirteen. 

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House Season 4, Episode 8 – You Don’t Want to Know

Last week, House and the remaining candidates were faced with a 16-year-old kid who was up for plastic surgery donated by a production company when he unexpectedly goes into a heart attack. The team successfully made the kid better, allowing him to undergo plastic surgery. This week, Dr. Kutner and Cole was watching a magician show when they witness the magician nearly drowning in a glass tank filled with water when his heart fails and blood appears in front of the audience.

At the lecture room, House introduces a challenge to the remaining five candidates. He agrees that the winner will get a chance to nominate two of his competitors, but House will decide on which one to fire. The challenge is to get Dr. Cuddy’s thong.

Kutner and Cole insists on taking the magician’s case. Although House was pretty sure that the magician was only acting his heart attack as a way to escape the tank, he agrees for Kutner to test the magician, but gets his job on the line when the patient has no medical condition. Thirteen and Kutner examines the magician, while being witness to magic card tricks. In the meantime, the two most ambitious doctors Amber and Taub are thinking of getting Cuddy’s thong and plans to team up for the challenge.

When Kutner and Thirteen discovers that the magician has no other sickness, Kutner goes to Dr. Foreman directly and asks him what to do, afraid of getting fired. He then suggests them to get an MRI. However, they weren’t able to get the magician through the MRI as he is experiencing internal bleeding. As for the challenge, Taub places a black thong on the table, but House guesses that Amber and Taub is cheating to win the challenge. He instantly discovers that it was Amber’s underwear and she is not wearing any at that minute.

The magician’s spleen is shredded. In the operating room, House enters to uncover the key inside the magician’s spleen, which was originally placed on his intestines. While explaining to the magician, the magician asks House to pick a card and slams the deck of cards into the glass, while House’s card stuck inside the glass door. The magician insists that he never screws up a trick and just as House was about to prove himself right, the magician bleeds through the nose. While discussing the case, House and the rest of the team was shocked when Dr. Cole places a red thong on the table. Although House knows that Cuddy’s underwear that day was red, he is still shocked as to how Cole got it.

House observes that Thirteen has been acting “clumsy” and weird and tries to talk to her about “hiding a medical condition”. However, Thirteen denies about any illness she is feeling and tells him that once she’s bleeding her eyes out, then she’ll ask for a medical advice.

Taub and Kutner goes to the magician’s house to inspect any weird items. They discover a group of rabbits, wherein he might have gotten the disease from. Before House explains the condition to the patient, he asks the magician how he did the card trick in exchange for the information about his medical condition. While the magician believes in “fun is not knowing”, House answers “fun is knowing” then cuts his dextrose. The magician acts as though he’s having a severe headache, then tells House he’ll just drink the vicadin he’s holding. As soon as House realizes he won’t be able to know the magician’s secret trick, he tells him that his illness came from the rabbits and he’ll be okay after the treatment.

At the corridor, House sees Cuddy and intentionally throws his stack of vicadin on the floor so that Cuddy could pick it up and he could check out Cuddy’s ass. As soon as Dr. Cuddy picked the vicadin, House screams of shock to discover she has no underwear and Cole actually has earned his reward. Since Cole is safe from elimination, Amber tries to manipulate him, Taub tries to bribe him with $5,000 and Kutner tries a guilt-trip approach and puts their friendship on the line. In the meantime, the magician thinks he’s dying because the MRI shows his kidneys, thigh and other internal organs are bleeding all over the place.

The magician had a seizure twice and his kidneys are shutting down. Since there are numerous infections possible of killing the magician and it would take hours to test them all, House decides to transfuse the patient’s blood into him to make the process easier. During the transfusion, House talks to Thirteen and made her open up about her mom’s Parkinson’s sickness. House gets a fever, becomes dizzy and faints. House discovers that Thirteen drugged him so the team could get the needed samples from him. House then gets Thirteen’s bottled water and runs it for a test.

Wilson announces to House that his biopsies are clean, but is shocked to discover that House used his life on the line just to prove himself right. While talking, House accidentally tells Wilson that he’s blood type is the universal donor, type A, always giving and giving. Wilson gets paranoid about his blood type “you tested me for something”, but House runs out of the room to explain to his team that the magician’s blood type is A and they were killing him because they were giving him the wrong type of blood.

During firing time, House enters the lecture room with a pillow and Dr. Cuddy’s thong. Cole nominates Amber and Kutner, but House finds out that he made a deal with cuddy to get her pick from the 5 remaining. House says that although Cole’s scheme was brilliant, he’s fired because he gave Cuddy the power.

As it turns out, House used Thirteen’s bottled water to get a test for Huntington’s disease, the medical condition which may possibly be infecting Thirteen’s body. She then discovered the envelope of the result and asked House about it. She gives the envelop back to House saying that if she ran out of questions, she’ll also run out of hope. House throws the envelope without looking at the result.

Who will be next to leave or get fired by House? Amber? Thirteen? Taub or Kutner?

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House Season 4, Episode 7 – Ugly

Last week, House and his team did “whatever it takes” to treat a nine-time racecar champion. This week, the team is faced with a sixteen-year-old kid with cranial facial deformity who was about to undergo plastic surgery (in Dr. Chase’s operating room) and unexpectedly goes into a heart attack. House and his team needs to discover what’s wrong with him before he could receive plastic surgery and live a “normal life”.

Since the plastic surgery operation will be paid by a production company, a film crew follows House and his team around with a complete backstage pass to the case. Although House is not OK with the cameras, Cuddy thinks it would be good PR for the hospital.

In the lecture room, Amber, Cole and the rest of the remaining applicants felt that the sudden appearance of Dr. Terzi was an unfair decision that House made. They asked her if she was directly hired or is she competing with the rest of the team.

House wants his team to think hard (without being distracted by the cameras). While discussing the case with the team, Dr. Terzi suggests a stupid theory and House did not dismiss her idea. House then tells Wilson that he thinks Dr. Terzi is stupid for leaving her career.

Kutner and Taub asks the kid about drug use, but since no scarring was found on his heart, he was negative for using any kinds of drugs, even if he said he used coke, LSD and acid. Kenny, the patient, then vomited blood.

Cuddy finds out that House is keeping the cameras out by conducting diagnosis in the MRI and operating rooms.

In the mean time, Taub wants to make House to look bad in front of the cameras by not telling House he’s wrong about his theories. Dr. Terzi again makes a not-so-intelligent remark about the case and House again did not dismiss her. House tells Wilson that Terzi is making him stupid.

Since there are no tumors on the patient’s stomach, house is sure it’s JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) and tells the team to give the kid steroids. Taub tells the father about JRA and the steroid treatment, but back-stabs House telling that he can cure Kenny by simply stopping his heart for a second and he could continue his plastic surgery.

While the camera crew was interviewing Cameron about House and her reason for leaving the diagnosis department, House was at a plastic surgery clinic where Taub used to work, disguising himself as a patient needing consultation. House finds out that Taub quit from the firm due to personal reasons. Digging deeper, House discovers that Taub was screwing around with the nurse and as the partner finds out, he quits without contest and signs a “no-competition agreement” with the firm just to keep his marraige.

Taub and House still debates about the appropriate treatment, but Cuddy decides on siding with House. He then tells the kid to take steroids for the JRA and he’ll be okay.

House and Wilson sneaks into the editing room to view the crew’s tape. They watch how Dr. Terzi suggests stupid remarks and why House acts stupidly around her.

In the meantime, as House and Taub visits the patient to see if he’s OK for the plastic surgery, House sees Kenny’s little finger twitching. As it turns out, the team is now faced with another symptom: involuntary muscle movement.

Thirteen suggests it might be lime disease, Taub still insists on his theory, but Taub gets his way this time. They stopped the kid’s heart and he can now continue with the plastic surgery.

At the operating room with the film crew, Chase and other surgeons, Thirteen goes to watch the surgery since she believes House is right. She discovers that the patient had rashes above his hairline and no one looked closely enough to see it was lime disease. The team shaved the patient’s head and becomes positive that it’s lime disease.

Back at the lecture room, the remaining applicants along with Foreman and Terzi was ready for firing time. House lets Taub stay, but admits he has judged and treated Dr. Terzi unfairly. He then fires Terzi and asks her out for a date.

The film crew gave Dr. Cuddy a copy of the documentary. She and House watched the tape and was shocked to see that the production edited everything, making House a “goody goody doctor” and the “savior” of a 16-year-old’s life. As the narrator says, “House, one of those rare doctors”, he stands up shocked and horrified about the tape, eager to complain to the film crew NOT to let anyone see the film.

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House Season 4, Episode 6 – Whatever it takes

Last week’s episode was all about power struggle, especially when House and his team faces a patient with mirror syndrome, Foreman goes back as part of House’s team and Dr. Cuddy tries hard to be the “alpha” over House. This week, House and his team tries to diagnose a 9-time national speed racer champion, Casey Alfonso who just happen to faint after winning a race.

At House’s lecture room, Foreman and the rest of the remaining candidates are discussing potential patients (as soon as House decided to go with the racer) when a man with a “men-in-black look” rushes into the room with House’s picture with him. The man is from the CIA and they need House’s expertise in finding out what’s wrong with a mystery patient.House left Foreman in charge while he lets the CIA guy kidnap him to wherever they are going.

Back at the hospital, Foreman, Cole and Brennan examines Casey and figures out how delirium, fever and seizure all add up to one disease. Unfortunately, the remaining candidates insisted on getting tests before a diagnosis, in hopes of winning Foreman’s vote and House’s “rose”. Most of the candidates are questioning Foreman’s judgments.

Upon arriving at the CIA facility, the CIA guy introduces House to a Dr. Samira Teriz and Dr. Curtis, who will also be diagnosing the mysterious patient. The patient by the code name “John” spent 10 years in Bolivia. Aside from that information, no other medical info or personal history is disclosed. Both House and Curtis need to get an appropriate diagnosis before John dies.

Amber and Taub thinks that the racer may have lupus and consults on Cameron about the case. Behind Foreman’s back, the two gave the patient medication for lupus, which resulted in the patient’s leg becoming numb and unable to move.

Upon seeing John, House and Dr. Kill-joy (as House calls Dr. Curtis) discusses the case why the patient is vomiting, loses weight dramatically and has severe skin irritations all throughout his body. While Curtis says it’s poisoning, House suggests its cancer of the blood.

Brennan tells Foreman that the racer has polio and sticks to his diagnosis, even debating with Foreman making him pissed off and cutting him out of the case. Foreman finds out that Cameron has been letting the candidates ask her questions about their case and as a result, Foreman messes with Cameron’s patients just to get back at her.

Dr. Teriz makes a bet with House to cure “John”. House asks her to be part of his team, but Teriz declines politely. Since Curtis’ diagnosis did not work, Teriz asked House for an oncologist’s advice about John’s blood cancer. House calls Wilson, but Wilson doesn’t believe one word of House’s adventurous CIA case. Only when House told Wilson to call the CIA and gave him the extension number for the clinic did Wilson believe him and gave chemo drugs.

Brennan tested Casey (again) behind Foreman’s back and the results came back positive for polio. Brennan suggested to give the patient experimental treatment (high doses of vitamin C) in hopes of making her well and letting her walk again.

As it turns out, House was also wrong about blood cancer and diagnosed him with “radiation sickness”. They gave John herbal Chinese tea for to relieve his symptoms. When House was talking to John, he found out that the patient did not stay on Bolivia. Instead, he  stayed in Brazil and chewed on Brazilian nuts for 40 days. House discovers that John has been nut poisoned from the Brazilian nuts he took.

Cuddy asks Wilson about House’s whereabouts. Wilson simply stated that House is consulting for the CIA, but Cuddy did not believe it. On the other hand, Cameron says sorry to Foreman, admitting that she misses doing everything she can just to do the job right.

After two days gone, House goes back to the hospital and reunites with his team. Brennan and the other candidates proudly reports that they treated the racer with high doses of vitamin C and successfully treated her lupus.  As it turns out, Brennan poisoned the patient on purpose for her to get lupus and treat her with the vitamin C in hopes of further research will be made when news about vitamin C curing lupus has been successful.

House did not fire anyone. Instead, he told Brennan to quit while the police are still nowhere in sight. When House asked the remaining candidates about who he left in charge and when the team answered “Foreman”, House simply says “next time, listen to him”.

Just as House exits the hospital, Dr. Teriz is waiting for him to take up on his offer – the job with House’s team.

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House Season 4, Episode 5: Mirror, Mirror

Last episode’s Guardian Angel challenged House and his prospect team about a girl who is experiencing hallucinations that dead people are attacking her and talking to her, while seeing visions of her dead mother throughout her stay in the hospital. While House was busy trying to figure out his patient, Dr. Foreman was experiencing tough luck applying to every hospital he visits for application.

This week, House and six remaining prospects from his so-called team is faced with a man experiencing respiratory collapse. Cuddy announces Foreman’s return, but House stubbornly denies his presence and re-application.

As the team finds out why the patient suddenly feels numbness, stomach ache, rashes and a variety of symptoms, House and Foreman clashes ideas about the patient’s condition. Without any identification, the group has no idea what’s happening to him internally and externally. 13 and Cole was asked to search for the patient’s car for identification and probable cause of his symptoms.

House believes the patient has mirror syndrome and proves his theory by disrupting Wilson’s surgery in the operating room. The patient then copies Wilson’s speaking habits, tone of voice, ideas and beliefs, lecturing House about his and Cuddy’s power struggle.

To get back at Dr. Cuddy for hiring Foreman back, House announces a fake food poisoning at the hospital canteen, asking people to go to the clinic and look for Dr. Cuddy.

In the meantime, Chase starts a bet involving who will House fire next. Will it be Amber? 13? or Foreman?

Cuddy stoops to House’s level and replaces the contents of his vicadin with laxatives. Wilson catches Cuddy and lectures her about the power struggle and not allowing House to get to her.

After telling House that he cannot get a job from anywhere else because other hospitals think he has been “corrupted”, House tells Foreman that he got him a job at Boston’s hospital with a good diagnosis department. Surprisingly, Foreman smiled and declined the offer.

13 and Cole finds the car and identifies the patient as Robert Elliot from Ohio. House figures 13 deliberately wanted to go with Cole because she didn’t want the patient mirroring how she felt. However, they found out that Elliot was only mirroring the person in the room whom he thinks is the more influential – the alpha omega.

Using the items 13 and Cole collected from Robert Elliot’s car, House enters the room with the patient’s clothes and things. House introduces himself as “Robert Elliot” to squeeze information out of the patient. When House showed the patient a bottle of lotion, the real Elliot took the lotion and squirted a small portion then rubbed it around his nose. When asked why he did that, Elliot told House it kept the smell of dung out.

House uncovers the patients job – he sells farm equipments. Robert Elliot got an infectious disease from pigs, which can be cured in just a few hours.

Before giving the patient medication, Foreman tells House that the patient can wait. To finally answer the power struggle that House and Cuddy has been fighting over, Foreman suggested of bringing the two in front of Robert Elliot and see whose personality he imitates. Unfortunately for Cuddy, it was House whom he imitated.

When it was time to fire someone, a large group of people, including Cameron, Chase and Wilson, were at the back of the lecture room eager to see if they won Chase’s bet. Contrary to his normal behavior, House did not fire anyone from the group even if he felt the team did a horrible job. As it turns out, House and Chase were in on it, receiving 50-50 share from the bet money.

Foreman then admits to House that he doesn’t want to leave and smilingly, House tells Foreman that he’s a freak.

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House Season 4, Episode 4: Guardian Angels

In the last episode, “97 Seconds” House experiments with the after life and electrifies himself when a patient did the same and told him the 97 seconds of him being dead was the best thing he has ever felt. This week, House and the remaining seven apprentice is faced with a 20-year old patient working as a funeral home cosmetician named Irene who experienced a massive seizure and hallucinates that the dead people in the funeral home has come to life and attacked her. The team must now figure out why.

As it turns out, Cameron accepted Irene in the emergency room and referred her case to House. As she asks House how the so-called search for a diagnostic team was going and ended up making a bet that Cole, the only black guy on the group, was going to be pissed with House and kick his ass. House approved with the 100-dollar bet and instead of being nice, he makes Cole’s life more of a living hell.

As the seven applicants run some tests, they realize that the patient is carrying on conversations with her long-dead mother, whom she believes is sitting in the room with her. Believing that something in the funeral home may have made the patient sick, House sends his team t0 dig up a grave in the cemetery.

In the meantime, Foreman attends two separate job interviews after being fired by Mercy Hospital. Both job interviewers were amazed at how Foreman saved his patient on his last case, but both did not hire him. Dr. Cuddy, on the other hand, continues to try to win Foreman back at the hospital by giving him a raise, his own team and his own office, but Foreman still denies the offer.

Amber continues to piss everyone, especially thirteen, off in hopes of being the only one left in the team. Taub continues to prove Henry wrong of his diagnosis, positive that Henry was the “non-doctor” on the team that House claimed.

As the patient’s symptoms become worse and her visions become more vivid (saying that she saw House’s grandpa Walter and a man that says thirteen killed him and his dog), House ends up connecting with the patient’s mother in order to diagnose her illness. House diagnoses Irene with Parkinson’s disease, but ends up back to zero as the patient vomits blood and ends up at Dr. Chase’s operating room, assisted by Cole. As it turns out, Irene is dying inside-out.

Throughout the case, House kept insulting Cole verbally and even by sending him e-mails. Cameron, on the other hand, tries to win the bet by giving him Cole a “friendly advice” to yell at House in order to win his respect. At the canteen as House and Cameron bumped into each other, House asks if she wants her job back, but declines happily.

As House and the team searches for answers, House debates with Cole about religion and eventually becomes pissed off and punches House. In the middle of the awkward scenario, Amber finally taught of the answer – the patient had ergot poisoning.

Back at the lecture room, House narrows down the candidates from seven to six by bringing flowers and giving 1 for each applicant that will come back tomorrow. Cole was the first to receive a flower. Even if Amber played with thirteen’s head by feeding the patient information about the last case (the man who died with his dog), she received a flower. Thirteen and rest received flowers, except for Henry because  House doesn’t need anyone to tell him what he’s thinking.

Cameron asks House for her 100 bucks. House gives her the “blood money” and leaves. At Cuddy’s office, Foreman  arrives to accept her offer, plus 5% raise, his own office and personal assistant. Cuddy, on the other hand, did not accept Foreman’s offer saying that she knows no other hospital would accept him because Foreman is now “House-like”. Instead, Cuddy offers his old job back and Foreman starts on Monday.

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House Season 4, Episode 3 – 97 Seconds

Last week,  House hides a patient from Dr. Cuddy and allows 40 of his applicants to diagnose the mystery patient. This week, after firing 30 of the applicants for his new staff, House splits the ten remaining candidates into two teams, by gender.  One lady applicant insists that she groups with the males, or as House calls them, “the danglers”.

The two teams compete ferociously in diagnosing a wheelchair-bound man with spinal muscular atrophy who was admitted due to fainting and showed signs of aspiration and liver failure.

At the clinic, House faces a suicidal patient that tries to kill himself by placing a knife on a live electric plug. House became curious with the patient’s motifs and tries to talk to him. The patient replies by explaining after being in an accident and becoming dead for 97 seconds, “it was the best 97 seconds of my life”.

As the two teams try to one-up each other, complications arise when one team assigns a treatment to the patient but does not follow through to make sure their treatment was executed.

While the students are busy with their assignment, House experiments on himself to see what happens in the moments when people hover between life and death. He did what his suicidal did with the knife and obviously, became paralyzed for a few hours and eventually came back to his senses, even saying “i love you” to Wilson.

Meanwhile, Foreman runs his own team of fellows in his new job at another hospital. Although Foreman and House had the same case, House let the patient die because he was busy making the diagnosis into a competition, allowing an applicant to screw up. Foreman, on the other hand, got it right, but was fired for using a “House-like” treatment to help a patient.

Next week, watch out as House diagnoses a patient that could see dead people.

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