House Season 4, Episode 9 – Games

Last week, House and his candidates of doctors were faced with a magician’s medical condition. This week, House is playing games with the last four applicants – Thirteen, Amber, Taub and Kutner. The group is faced with a punk rock singer who vomits blood and collapses before a show. The problem is, the singer has a plethora of symptoms and has been a drug addict for years. Dr. Foreman says that the case is a no-brainer since the patient is sick because of years of being a drug addict.

In the meantime, Wilson had a wrong diagnosis. It turns out, upon telling his patient that he had only three months to live, he becomes cancer-free. House is amused, while Wilson has no idea on how to tell his patient he’s going to live for the rest of his life.

House makes a scoreboard for the 4 candidates. Each time one of them answers correctly or treats the patient with a correct diagnosis, he or she gets points. The patient shows another symptom and the team is faced with blood clots that they cannot diagnose. Thirteen and Taub loses the patient, but finds him at pediatrics playing with kids. Just as they were about to fetch him, the singer faints.

Since House “HAS” to make a decision on who to keep and who to fire, he asks each of the doctors about the reasons why they want to treat the patient. Amber says she doesn’t want to lose, while Thirteen genuinely wants to “treat” patients. House asks Cuddy’s opinion on who to choose and she picks Kutner and Taub.

House visits the patient, sees his band mates at the lobby and discovers that they have been sharing needles with the patient even if he’s sick in bed. The patient admits that he doesn’t care if he lives or dies, but cares if people appreciates his music.

Dr. Wilson announces to his patient that he is not dying. The patient was shocked and disappointed by the news, since he already had three goodbye parties and he is leaving for a long vacation that he paid through credit thinking he won’t live to pay for his debts. Wilson offers the patient a 6,000-dollar check, but the patient refuses and threatens to sue because after giving him happiness, Wilson took it all away by telling him he’ll survive.

House wants to literally see his patient’s heart and asks Chase to perform this delicate surgery. He then asks him who to choose between the four remaining candidates and answers to keep Taub and Amber. Aside from enlarged lymph nodes, respiratory failure and a bunch of other symptoms, the patient is now dying and no one has a clue on how to treat him.

Foreman is pissed and asks House to choose between the four doctors, instead of making the diagnostic procedure a game. He then turns to Kutner and Thirteen, then tells them they’re fired. The two, resisting House’s decision, continued to diagnose the patient under pressure. After the two gave acceptable diagnosis, House tells Foreman that “competition works” and no one is fired.

Amber tries to talk to the patient in hopes that he will reveal where he gets his drugs. Kutner discovers that the patient has been working with abandoned kids. House asks Cuddy for another surgery to treat the patient, but Cuddy only agreed if he can induce a seizure. Knowing House and his tricks, he dragged a large amplifier into the patient’s room, played loud music and gave the patient a seizure. He was allowed to give the patient a biopsy and he treats the patient for good, but not for his drug addiction.

At the lecture room, Amber is fired because House needs someone who is “willing to lose”. House also fired Thirteen, simply because he only had two spots. He tells Thirteen that if he had three spots available, she’d be picked too. Cuddy rushes to House demanding an answer on why he followed her opinion of hiring Kutner and Taub. Cuddy tells him that she needs to hire a woman and he should go with “the one with the heart” (referring to Thirteen). As Cuddy turns her back, she realizes that House planned it all along and wanted to keep all three – Taub, Kutner and Thirteen. 

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