House Season 4, Episode 8 – You Don’t Want to Know

Last week, House and the remaining candidates were faced with a 16-year-old kid who was up for plastic surgery donated by a production company when he unexpectedly goes into a heart attack. The team successfully made the kid better, allowing him to undergo plastic surgery. This week, Dr. Kutner and Cole was watching a magician show when they witness the magician nearly drowning in a glass tank filled with water when his heart fails and blood appears in front of the audience.

At the lecture room, House introduces a challenge to the remaining five candidates. He agrees that the winner will get a chance to nominate two of his competitors, but House will decide on which one to fire. The challenge is to get Dr. Cuddy’s thong.

Kutner and Cole insists on taking the magician’s case. Although House was pretty sure that the magician was only acting his heart attack as a way to escape the tank, he agrees for Kutner to test the magician, but gets his job on the line when the patient has no medical condition. Thirteen and Kutner examines the magician, while being witness to magic card tricks. In the meantime, the two most ambitious doctors Amber and Taub are thinking of getting Cuddy’s thong and plans to team up for the challenge.

When Kutner and Thirteen discovers that the magician has no other sickness, Kutner goes to Dr. Foreman directly and asks him what to do, afraid of getting fired. He then suggests them to get an MRI. However, they weren’t able to get the magician through the MRI as he is experiencing internal bleeding. As for the challenge, Taub places a black thong on the table, but House guesses that Amber and Taub is cheating to win the challenge. He instantly discovers that it was Amber’s underwear and she is not wearing any at that minute.

The magician’s spleen is shredded. In the operating room, House enters to uncover the key inside the magician’s spleen, which was originally placed on his intestines. While explaining to the magician, the magician asks House to pick a card and slams the deck of cards into the glass, while House’s card stuck inside the glass door. The magician insists that he never screws up a trick and just as House was about to prove himself right, the magician bleeds through the nose. While discussing the case, House and the rest of the team was shocked when Dr. Cole places a red thong on the table. Although House knows that Cuddy’s underwear that day was red, he is still shocked as to how Cole got it.

House observes that Thirteen has been acting “clumsy” and weird and tries to talk to her about “hiding a medical condition”. However, Thirteen denies about any illness she is feeling and tells him that once she’s bleeding her eyes out, then she’ll ask for a medical advice.

Taub and Kutner goes to the magician’s house to inspect any weird items. They discover a group of rabbits, wherein he might have gotten the disease from. Before House explains the condition to the patient, he asks the magician how he did the card trick in exchange for the information about his medical condition. While the magician believes in “fun is not knowing”, House answers “fun is knowing” then cuts his dextrose. The magician acts as though he’s having a severe headache, then tells House he’ll just drink the vicadin he’s holding. As soon as House realizes he won’t be able to know the magician’s secret trick, he tells him that his illness came from the rabbits and he’ll be okay after the treatment.

At the corridor, House sees Cuddy and intentionally throws his stack of vicadin on the floor so that Cuddy could pick it up and he could check out Cuddy’s ass. As soon as Dr. Cuddy picked the vicadin, House screams of shock to discover she has no underwear and Cole actually has earned his reward. Since Cole is safe from elimination, Amber tries to manipulate him, Taub tries to bribe him with $5,000 and Kutner tries a guilt-trip approach and puts their friendship on the line. In the meantime, the magician thinks he’s dying because the MRI shows his kidneys, thigh and other internal organs are bleeding all over the place.

The magician had a seizure twice and his kidneys are shutting down. Since there are numerous infections possible of killing the magician and it would take hours to test them all, House decides to transfuse the patient’s blood into him to make the process easier. During the transfusion, House talks to Thirteen and made her open up about her mom’s Parkinson’s sickness. House gets a fever, becomes dizzy and faints. House discovers that Thirteen drugged him so the team could get the needed samples from him. House then gets Thirteen’s bottled water and runs it for a test.

Wilson announces to House that his biopsies are clean, but is shocked to discover that House used his life on the line just to prove himself right. While talking, House accidentally tells Wilson that he’s blood type is the universal donor, type A, always giving and giving. Wilson gets paranoid about his blood type “you tested me for something”, but House runs out of the room to explain to his team that the magician’s blood type is A and they were killing him because they were giving him the wrong type of blood.

During firing time, House enters the lecture room with a pillow and Dr. Cuddy’s thong. Cole nominates Amber and Kutner, but House finds out that he made a deal with cuddy to get her pick from the 5 remaining. House says that although Cole’s scheme was brilliant, he’s fired because he gave Cuddy the power.

As it turns out, House used Thirteen’s bottled water to get a test for Huntington’s disease, the medical condition which may possibly be infecting Thirteen’s body. She then discovered the envelope of the result and asked House about it. She gives the envelop back to House saying that if she ran out of questions, she’ll also run out of hope. House throws the envelope without looking at the result.

Who will be next to leave or get fired by House? Amber? Thirteen? Taub or Kutner?

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