Kid Nation Episode 10

The town council decided to shake things up in Kid Nation Episode 9 by trading Nathan, Emily, and Blaine to new districts. The town hated this. Laurel decided not to trade anybody. The town hated this, too. Except for gold star winner Blaine, everybody thought the council was doing a bad job. DK, Blaine, Greg, and Michael decided to run for election.

Zach says he’s doing a good job. Taylor’s still bitter. Blaine says he wants to be a motivator.

Guylan doesn’t want to remain on the council, as he mentioned last week, so DK automatically wins. Mike’s pleased with Guylan failing.

Laurel believes she’s been working to the best of her ability and doing a good job, which is completely true, and there’s no reason for her to have an opponent this time either. Michael, a walking PSA, gives a good speech as he usually does.

Anjay asks for a second chance. Greg knows people are praying for him to not be on the council, but he wants a chance to prove himself to be not a jerk.

By a vote of 6-3, Michael wins the election over Laurel.

Blaine is elected over Zach 5-4.

By the largest margin, Greg wins 7-2. Be afraid.

Sophia says “What else do I need to say? Greg and Blaine are on the council.” She and Laurel are concerned.

Now that he’s off the council, Zach starts to get homesick. Laurel’s just mad. Anjay and Guylan are fine with it.

DK wants to first address the issue of respect, which he feels is lacking from Bonanza. Greg and Blaine come up with a concept for a meeting. Nathan thinks they should work on themselves before they try to teach respect. They must announce themselves and where they’re from. If someone interrupts, it will result in having to start over from the beginning. Most people get upset over the hypocrisy and think it’s pointless, so it takes a while to get through it, with the entire town pissed off and doing what they can to disrupt and mock it. Did anyone actually get anything out of it? Nope.

After the meeting, green district gets together to complain about Greg and Blaine, saying they should sit in the middle of town and compliment people rather than doing any work. Greg and Blaine overhear this and take them up on their offer, grab some chairs, and plop themselves down in the middle of town. Somehow, DK believes he’s been lumped into this with those two, and Blaine takes everything he heard about Greg and applies it to himself, so all three are just hoping for a fight, and a fight they get. Green district goes to confront them about it, which leads to a shouting match. Greg and Blaine come up with the theory of just simply not bothering to give anybody a gold star in retaliation.

The other three call a meeting with Michael, and Greg apologizes for eavesdropping. Michael’s skeptical that they can be a team.

Taylor refuses to help with the water. DK tells her she won’t get reward when they win another showdown if she refuses to work, so she says that’s fine because now she’s leaving anyway.

The showdown is about communication. It starts with pies, six of which will be hoisted to the top of a platform. Then the kids will get on beams and transport them with two poles, one on each side. In the pies are pictures of forms of communication, which must be placed in the order in which they were invented. Blue gets the first pie, followed closely by green and then yellow. Eventually, green’s able to get their six pies first, with blue close behind (Emily’s more interested in eating the pies than winning). Michael misses the order with two reversed, though, allowing Greg to get his right and take upper class. Michael is next to take the merchant class for green. Blaine gets everything wrong, which lets red finally get close. DK misses, so Blaine gets another chance, and yellow district are cooks. DK flat out refuses to listen to his team, but he gets it right at the buzzer, so they win reward.

The first choice is ponies. Fun and practical, as they can be used for companionship, rides, and assistance with things like carrying water. The second choice is letters from home. The council chooses letters from home. They’re not mean enough to keep Taylor’s letter from her. Taylor promises she’ll try. For like the tenth time.

Like Zach, who gets even more homesick reading his letter, as DK had feared, Laurel decides she just wants to get out of there. Taylor, however, wants to stick around.

More people approve of the job the council is doing than at the last meeting, but there are plenty of people who don’t approve, especially in green district. Greg says it’s tough love. He’s the new Taylor, as the whole town’s revolting against him. He asks how many people want him to go home. They just want him to change, which he doesn’t seem to be getting. He finally realizes where they’re coming from, sort of.

Despite all the earlier threats, nobody wants to go home.

Laurel gets the gold star, which she’s earned by working hard throughout her time there.

Next week, the kids are determined to start a school, though there are some objectors, like Taylor, who hates school and reading.

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