Kid Nation Episode 9

In Kid Nation Episode 8, the town got fed up with being bored and had a talent show, blue district girls started to get as lazy as those in other districts, and Divad continued to believe she was worthy of a gold star but nobody else was.

I hadn’t realized this before Laurel mentioned it. 4 of the people who have gotten gold stars are from green district.

The pioneers have a suggestion: mix up the districts. I don’t see what good it would do. I do get Zach’s argument that yellow district could use older people, though. The two oldest council members hate the idea; the other two are willing to give it a shot.

Emily has no interest in doing any work. She says it’s because she hates her district.

Anjay wants not Taylor but someone like Taylor, Emily, primarily because he thinks he needs to prove himself. Zach says his district is just a bunch of girls, including the boys. Anjay wants to break up Blaine and Greg. Laurel doesn’t want to split up her very strong district. The town hates the idea.

Guylan tells his district he needs intellectual people. He invites Nathan (ex-blue) to the district. Anjay invites Emily (ex-red) as planned. Zach takes Blaine (ex-blue). Dumb idea. Greg’s more upset than Blaine, who’s happy to be out of Greg’s shadow. Laurel sticks to her guns and keeps green district the same. The town doesn’t like this.

Red district, as a whole, is upset with Nathan coming over to their team. They make it clear they don’t like him. He says he was happy with blue district but at least seems to be willing to give it a try. At their religious ceremony, Mike realizes he’s a hypocrite for not accepting Nathan just because he’s different. He apologizes and starts to patch things up.

Greg’s back to being an asshat like he was the first few episodes. Now he’s just looking for a fight. Olivia, who hates Anjay even more since he so easily beat her in the election, joins in on the attack.

Laurel says it’s too bad if people don’t like her decision and their own leaders should have stood up for them, too.

The showdown is a rock pulling challenge. Whoever crosses first wins, but in order to get reward, they must get a total of at least one ton. Yellow district’s got some muscle now, and Blaine takes over for them. His buddy Greg’s in control for his team. Blue district easily crosses the line first to become the upper class. Yellow are the merchant class. Green takes third, followed by red in last.

Blue: 480 pounds
Yellow: 460 pounds
Green: 420 pounds
Red: 485 pounds
Total: 1845 pounds

As had been supected, blue took a light load considering they’re the strongest district. Yellow pulled what could be expected of them. I’m not so sure the goal of 2000 pounds was particularly well thought out, as it doesn’t appear it was even possible. Guylan suggests that green was mostly concerned about upper class, which offends Sophia. Considering how far ahead blue was the whole time, this seems like a baseless accusation, though it wouldn’t surprise me if some people were indeed at least trying to get a class higher than what they would have gotten otherwise. She swore at him, and other people said they’d say the same. He gets really upset by this. She later apologizes, which he appreciates but says he wouldn’t run for town council again.

The reward they didn’t win was a choice between beds for everyone or a kid lounge that couldn’t fit everyone.

Hunter gets up early every morning and works while everybody (except Nathan) is sleeping.

Blaine goes around and gets his district working. They’re all sleeping, and he tells them that’s why they’re known as the lazy district. Yellow’s starting to get upset with Zach, who’s getting more of an attitude as time goes by.

Emily, who had been lazy with her old district, is showing some signs of improvement.

Taylor’s friend Randi is upset and wants to leave. As he was on a previous episode, Greg was around to cheer her up, talking to her, carrying her to bed, and tucking her in.

Morgan nominates Blaine, who people are a lot more impressed with now that he’s on his own, for the gold star. Sophia nominates Hunter. The rest of the town is split between those two.

Anjay wonders why he didn’t give Greg away and keep Blaine because Blaine’s behaving so much better.

Randi’s the next one to decide she wants to leave due to homesickness. Taylor blames Zach for this. Huh?

Blaine is awarded the gold star. I’d think it would have made more sense if they picked Hunter and let Blaine sweat it out for another week, but he does seem to be doing a great job now that he’s with yellow district. He’s the only person who approves of the job the council is doing. Most people are upset, including Laurel’s formerly very loyal green district. Everybody’s ready for another election.

DK, Blaine, and Greg throw their hats into the ring. Sophia says “Oh my god. We’re all gonna die.” Michael wants to run against Laurel.

What do you think? Is the town council doing a bad job, or is the town just whining too much?

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