Bionic Woman Episode 7

In Bionic Woman Episode 6, Jaime and Tom pretended to be married, which rekindled the romance they were trying to pretend they didn’t have.

Jaime’s too busy flirting with Tom to notice the guy she’s after has shown up. He gets in his car and drives off, but it’s still not fast enough to get away from her. She runs, jumps in front of him, causes an accident, and grabs the case she was after.

Becca wants to cook for Tom, who Jaime insists is not her boyfriend.

Antonio is concerned about Jaime’s cell phone chatting with Tom and the exposure risk it created due to the messiness of her mission being accomplished.

They’re after a rifle that can see 3.5 miles, which was used in attempt to take out President Rudan, a ruthless oppressive dictator, who they want to protect because the evil they know is better than the one they don’t.

Jaime’s not enjoying or getting anything out of her therapy sessions with Ruth. Shocker.

Tom comes over for dinner. They should have gotten their stories straight beforehand, as they’re not answering anything the same. Then again, Becca already knows Jaime’s lying to her. During dinner, Jaime gets called and pulled away for work. Tom sticks around, though, which can’t be not awkward. He eventually offers to take them out for dinner at a restaurant next week, then he gets called away as well.

Jaime spots a sniper, who starts shooting but doesn’t connect with his target. Antonio wants to get the president out of the country, but he refuses to cooperate. Tom shows up and questions why Jaime’s there without any protection or a gun. He and Antonio continue the little tiff they have with each other.

Ruth gets a plant for her office. Apparently that’s supposed to make Jaime comfortable being psychoanalyzed.

Becca really likes Tom, who’s a lot better than the losers Jaime normally dates.

Antonio goes on a mission by himself and tells Nathan to just let Jaime sleep. So of course Nathan calls Jaime and tells her to get down there. As she’s leaving, she finds two people spying on her, who tell her she’s going to have to ask Tom if she wants to know why. When she arrives on the scene, she finds out Antonio’s been communicating with the assassin. Not sure what to do, she goes to Jonas.

Tom’s excuse for having Jaime followed is that he officially told the CIA she’s his girlfriend, which requires an investigation.

In dealing with the Antonio’s desire to assist the shooter, Jonas feeds him false information. This doesn’t go over as well as they’d hoped, and Antonio pulls a gun on Jaime when they get to the race track. He says he’s not working with the assassin, but he does know her. He’s trying to talk her out of it, but he can’t take her down because she’s saved his life more than once. The problem now is that they’ve been fed false information and don’t know where the president actually will be.

Jaime hears a gun and jumps up on the building where it is. She can’t stop the shot but does prevent it from actually hitting anyone. The shooter wants revenge for all the wrong the president’s done. She pulls a gun on Jaime for getting in her way. Jaime tells Antonio to take the shot, but he resists. When a shot’s fired at Jaime, though, he takes the bullet himself, then does end up taking the shot after that. She’s the one who broke his heart, which Jaime’s been prying about to try to figure out why he is the way he is.

Antonio later dies in the ambulance, which leads Jaime to believe she’s not cut out for this.

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