Kid Nation Episode 8

In Kid Nation Episode 7, Divad campaigned to get a gold star, but the town council decided Nathan, who some suggested works too much, was more deserving.

Sophia gets really bored, so she lays down in the middle of the street. Pretty soon, a bunch of others follow suit. The rest of the town keeps complaining about being bored. I sense it’s time for a visit from the pioneers from the alleged 19th century (or is it the pioneers who are alleged?). DK rings the bell to call the town, and he thinks the town council needs to do something. As expected, the pioneers have some input. They suggest a talent show. The town is happy with this decision.

Laurel comes up with a plan to award the winner of the talent show a gold star.

Natasha and Migle are on a mission to outdo Taylor. As upper class, they decide to do nothing. The blue district guys get upset, and Blaine and Greg, who are working hard, consider throwing the showdown. They give the girls a heads up about their plan to get laborers on purpose.

Savannah starts to get homesick. Alex is there to cheer her up.

At the showdown, they will make art out of gumballs. Council leaders will take already been chewed gum from their districts and put it on a paint by letter painting. Yeah, it’s as disgusting as it sounds. In a confessional, Greg says he won’t throw a showdown but was just trying to scare the girls into not being lazy. Blue and green are neck and neck throughout, but in the end, green district gets their first win. Blue is the merchant class. Red district are the cooks. Yellow district is unable to finish in time, so they are the laborers. Reward, if they had qualified for it, was a choice between paint to paint the whole town or an all night block party.

Savannah seems to be getting worse, and she breaks down crying.

A lot of the kids feel pressured because they only gave them one day’s notice to prepare for the talent show. Kelsey plays the piano. Jared does a monologue from King Henry V, and he says “I wasn’t the worst.” Greg and Blaine, in dresses, do Romeo and Juliet together. Olivia does some standup, and the kids are surprised that she’s funny. Kennedy does some rapping/dancing, or so we’re told, which she hopes will cheer up Savannah. At the end of the talent show, Savannah says she has an announcement to make: she’s not going home.

Divad nominates herself for the gold star. Again. Michael nominates Olivia because of her standup routine, as does her sister Mallory. Olivia nominates Kennedy, as do Sophia and Savannah. Kennedy votes for Sophia.

At the town council meeting, DK says he wants Laurel to sing when asked about any other hidden talents. She reluctantly agrees and does a great job.

The gold star winner is Kennedy. She’s happy that it’s not necessary to be one of the cool kids to be recognized. Divad gets more bitter still.

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