Kid Nation Episode 7

Kid Nation Episode 6 primarily centered around Taylor whining and whining some more, followed by DK stepping up, working hard, and getting the gold star thanks to Guylan talking him out of going home.

Divad opens a snack business with cheap prices so that anybody can afford it. Seemed like a good idea, but people complain that she’s selling food that she got from the kitchen that they could have gotten there for free. Jared’s opposed to her monopoly on the snack business and flips over her tables. Divad remains positive and says she’ll just make more snacks. He later apologizes, and they make up.

The journal discusses the lack of money, which some of them, particularly the laborers, are familiar with. They find out there’s gold. Laurel’s opposed to searching for gold because it will lead to greed, but the rest of the town council overrules her and says they need to at least check it out. After entering a cave with bats in it, the town council finds a treasure chest with 375 buffalo nickels, which is equal to every person’s pay. They come up with a plan to go to the store and buy things that will benefit the entire town, rather than distributing the money among the town itself. Despite the fear of problems this may cause, the town is pleased with the decision.

Sophia decides to have some fun with the situation. She fills a pot with a disgusting mess of food and puts 50 cents in the bottom. It’s not long before a bunch of grossed out kids dig through it for money.

Laurel’s concerned about Nathan, who she thinks is growing up too fast because he wants to work more than have fun. Greg decides to be a jerk and pick on him for trying to help them, but Nathan says he’s not going to go home just because of Greg.

Divad got splattered with oil when she was cooking, but she says it’s no big deal and that she’s the richest person in Bonanza because of her snack business. This is apparently the girl whose mom filed the (frivolous) complaint with the sheriff’s office about child endangerment and child labor, which sparked all sorts of controversy before the show even aired.

At the showdown, they must launch eggs across a field to people who must catch them on the other side without breaking them. Council leaders must guide their teams and come up with a strategy. Blue gets off to an early lead. Yellow does a decent job of figuring things out as well. They need 4 dozen total to win reward.

Blue: 38 eggs (upper class)
Yellow: 18 eggs (merchants)
Green: 6 eggs (cooks)
Red: 5 eggs (laborers)

More than enough to win reward, which is a choice between washers/dryers (20 cents a load) or brand new outfits for each of them plus (free) pioneer era washing machines. They decide to go with the free laundry.

Jared comes up with a better idea than destroying Divad’s business. He makes and sells necklaces. This turns out to be a great business idea, and he has no problem selling them in droves. Now he’s the richest kid in Bonanza.

Greg decides to apologize for being mean to Nathan and says he deserves the gold star. Divad comes up with the idea of campaigning for a gold star, and she makes signs and snacks for people. Sophia nominates Pharaoh, whose name’s been mentioned a few times this episode. Most of the town comes up with a name, but Divad just picks herself. They’re concerned that Pharaoh’s working hard specifically for the gold star, which is true, but they also feel he needs the money more.

The whole town approves of the job the council’s doing.

Laurel, speaking largely to Divad, says they don’t want to hear people talking about how much they’re working, since it sends a message they’re just looking for the gold star. Nathan wins the gold star.

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