House Season 4, Episode 7 – Ugly

Last week, House and his team did “whatever it takes” to treat a nine-time racecar champion. This week, the team is faced with a sixteen-year-old kid with cranial facial deformity who was about to undergo plastic surgery (in Dr. Chase’s operating room) and unexpectedly goes into a heart attack. House and his team needs to discover what’s wrong with him before he could receive plastic surgery and live a “normal life”.

Since the plastic surgery operation will be paid by a production company, a film crew follows House and his team around with a complete backstage pass to the case. Although House is not OK with the cameras, Cuddy thinks it would be good PR for the hospital.

In the lecture room, Amber, Cole and the rest of the remaining applicants felt that the sudden appearance of Dr. Terzi was an unfair decision that House made. They asked her if she was directly hired or is she competing with the rest of the team.

House wants his team to think hard (without being distracted by the cameras). While discussing the case with the team, Dr. Terzi suggests a stupid theory and House did not dismiss her idea. House then tells Wilson that he thinks Dr. Terzi is stupid for leaving her career.

Kutner and Taub asks the kid about drug use, but since no scarring was found on his heart, he was negative for using any kinds of drugs, even if he said he used coke, LSD and acid. Kenny, the patient, then vomited blood.

Cuddy finds out that House is keeping the cameras out by conducting diagnosis in the MRI and operating rooms.

In the mean time, Taub wants to make House to look bad in front of the cameras by not telling House he’s wrong about his theories. Dr. Terzi again makes a not-so-intelligent remark about the case and House again did not dismiss her. House tells Wilson that Terzi is making him stupid.

Since there are no tumors on the patient’s stomach, house is sure it’s JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) and tells the team to give the kid steroids. Taub tells the father about JRA and the steroid treatment, but back-stabs House telling that he can cure Kenny by simply stopping his heart for a second and he could continue his plastic surgery.

While the camera crew was interviewing Cameron about House and her reason for leaving the diagnosis department, House was at a plastic surgery clinic where Taub used to work, disguising himself as a patient needing consultation. House finds out that Taub quit from the firm due to personal reasons. Digging deeper, House discovers that Taub was screwing around with the nurse and as the partner finds out, he quits without contest and signs a “no-competition agreement” with the firm just to keep his marraige.

Taub and House still debates about the appropriate treatment, but Cuddy decides on siding with House. He then tells the kid to take steroids for the JRA and he’ll be okay.

House and Wilson sneaks into the editing room to view the crew’s tape. They watch how Dr. Terzi suggests stupid remarks and why House acts stupidly around her.

In the meantime, as House and Taub visits the patient to see if he’s OK for the plastic surgery, House sees Kenny’s little finger twitching. As it turns out, the team is now faced with another symptom: involuntary muscle movement.

Thirteen suggests it might be lime disease, Taub still insists on his theory, but Taub gets his way this time. They stopped the kid’s heart and he can now continue with the plastic surgery.

At the operating room with the film crew, Chase and other surgeons, Thirteen goes to watch the surgery since she believes House is right. She discovers that the patient had rashes above his hairline and no one looked closely enough to see it was lime disease. The team shaved the patient’s head and becomes positive that it’s lime disease.

Back at the lecture room, the remaining applicants along with Foreman and Terzi was ready for firing time. House lets Taub stay, but admits he has judged and treated Dr. Terzi unfairly. He then fires Terzi and asks her out for a date.

The film crew gave Dr. Cuddy a copy of the documentary. She and House watched the tape and was shocked to see that the production edited everything, making House a “goody goody doctor” and the “savior” of a 16-year-old’s life. As the narrator says, “House, one of those rare doctors”, he stands up shocked and horrified about the tape, eager to complain to the film crew NOT to let anyone see the film.

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