Heroes Season 2 Episode 8

In Heroes Season 2 Episode 7, Peter found himself in a time where the virus that Suresh is so against administering has wiped out most of the world’s population. Hiro made his way back to the present, as did Kensei (as Adam).

Peter doesn’t know any Adam, who says it must be the Haitian’s fault. When he has a flashback about his brother, we see what happened to Nathan and the long haired Peter after they took off to the sky at the end of season 1.

DL’s alive. He just barely escaped being killed by the bullet.

At Alejandro’s wedding, Maya finds his new bride having a fling with her alleged ex. He threatens her, and she kills them both with her new power. Upon going outside, she realizes the rest of the people at the wedding are dead, too.

Peter brings Nathan into the hospital to be treated for the wounds he sustained while he was about to explode. As he’s walking away, Elle and Bob show up, and she uses her powers to knock him out. Bob tells Peter he’s an old friend of his parents. They’ve temporarily disabled his powers.

Bob’s taking care of DL’s medical bills and wants to help Niki get rid of Jessica, with the catch being she must leave her family and enter the program.

Elle cuts Peter’s hair. She did a surprisingly good job. Then she gives him pills she calls Haitian pills.

Here’s where Adam comes in. He says hi to Peter from the next room.

Three months ago…

Micah wants to be a vigilante and pick up police radio calls. DL tells him he wants to be a hero but with the new job he’s got. Niki just dumps the pills she’s got down the drain.

Adam’s got a spot on assessment of Peter, who now thinks he’s dangerous and is willing to be left in there locked up forever. Peter doesn’t want anything to do with Adam but after a month, he does finally give him his name.

Two months ago…

Peter wants to know Elle’s story, since it’s been two months and he doesn’t know anything. He thinks she just wants to be in control. She’s willing to tell, and it’s not pretty. Following some destructive behavior in her childhood, she’s been locked up in that building for 16 years, isolated from the world. Adam advises to keep his distance from her.

Adam gives Peter some more truth. They’re not trying to cure him. They’re just trying to keep him locked up, like Adam has been for 30 years.

Angela asks Heidi to keep secret that Nathan’s supposedly got a mental health disorder.

Niki thinks she can handle her newest personality, Gina, which she invented when she went to LA when she was younger. Doesn’t look like it.

Bob denies Peter’s request to see his family, which leads him to the truth. Adam says he’s not really dangerous… he can save the world. And that’s why he’s locked up.

DL, now a fireman, runs through fire to save a little girl. Micah’s proud he really is a hero.

Peter finds out he can walk through walls, and he grabs Adam and takes off.

Maya’s been tracked down by her brother, along with a cop. So of course she kills the cop. While trying to calm her down, Alejandro figures out how to use his powers.

While she’s away, Niki heads to a club and picks up a guy. DL shows up and hits the guy. As they’re leaving, the guy shoots DL. That explains what happened to him.

Three weeks ago…

At the funeral, Niki decides to get some help and leaves Micah with Nana.

Adam’s blood can save Nathan. He and Peter go there, and he puts some blood in the IV. His skin starts to heal immediately. Adam gives Peter a plane ticket and plans to meet in Montreal. Elle and the Haitian want a piece of Peter, though. She shocks him, and the Haitian chases after him, cornering him where he was found in episode 1, then removing his memory, telling him to go start a new life.

Peter now remembers everything. It’s time to save the world.

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