Heroes Season 2 Episode 7

In Heroes Season 2 Episode 6, Peter and Caitlin went to Montreal (leading up to a future that’s been destroyed), Claire and West got even with the head cheerleader for not letting Claire on the squad, and Kensei turned on Hiro after he found him kissing Yaeko.

Kensei reveals White Beard offered anything he wanted to capture Hiro, and he asked for half the country and Yaeko as his princess. She tells him she loves Hiro. Kensei says he’ll change history. Too late.

HRG calls Suresh asking about the paintings he’s found, one of which shows Suresh with a gun. Suresh warns that he’s been given a partner, who’s watching his every move. Then Noah burns the paintings.

Matt and Nathan show up at the Company to prevent Matt’s father Maury from killing Bob.

Peter’s screaming for someone, but nobody’s around since the whole city’s been evacuated. Caitlin asks him what he did. They’re jumped by men in biohazard suits who question whether they’re sick and take them away to be decontaminated.

West makes waffles and brings them to Claire, who suggests it’s rude for him to come over without being invited. He shows her the newspaper article where Debbie the drunk cheerleader claimed she saw a boy who could fly.

Bob offers to be bait to attract Maury. He then tells Suresh he’s the one who has to administer the virus to Maury, and it’s Parkman’s job to deal with his father, seeing as they have the same abilities, even if Matt’s are untapped.

Yaeko’s father blames himself for what’s happening, since he forged the guns. Hiro’s high, so he doesn’t look like he’ll be much help, but he does manage to use his powers to get them out of there.

Peter’s told he’s a dead man and brought his death certificate. Then they tell him Caitlin’s been deported because she’s a foreigner. The Shanti virus, which Suresh is dead set against giving to people, has killed 93% of the population, and the rest are quarantined.

Parkman goes to see Molly to apologize, and he notices a spike in brain activity when telling her he loves her.

Niki says she’s been cured and is now able to have a life, but she questions that when she sees her husband telling her it’s not true, thanks to Maury.

Nathan asks who Adam is, and Bob says he’s “complicated,” revealing that Adam’s the actual killer and Maury’s just the weapon. They locked him up and threw away the key, but he escaped two weeks ago. Nathan asks why he should care, and the response is because Peter’s still alive.

Peter’s greeted by his mom, who he doesn’t know. She tells him about his abilities and how he has a brother, or at least had one until the first outbreak. As they’re talking, he starts flashing back to his past and remembers everything.

Claire starts to break the truth to West, but she changes her mind. So of course the next thing we know her father walks in the door. West starts running because it’s the man who abducted him, and when Claire tells him it’s her father, he flies away because he thinks it’s a trap.

Hiro plans to destroy the guns, since that would make White Beard powerless. As for Kensei, Hiro thinks he’s still good inside. He’s greeted by Kensei as he’s working on destroying the guns. Despite being attacked by Kensei, Hiro still refuses to kill him. While they’re fighting, they accidentally set the place on fire. Hiro asks Kensei to go with him, but he doesn’t want to, so Hiro bails but must leave Kensei in the explosion.

Niki starts talking to herself again, as a result of another forced vision from Maury. DL tries to convince her the Company is evil, then Bob comes in and shoots him. Suresh tries to help her, but she just slams him across the room.

Bob informs Nathan they lost track of Peter. Then Niki starts bashing through walls and interrupts them, and she follows that up by injecting herself.

Parkman figures out how to use his abilities and traps his father, and in the process, he realizes he’s no longer scared of him. Doing this frees Molly from her nightmare.

Peter meets up with Caitlin and accidentally warps himself again when she asks him not to let them take her.

After the explosion has passed, Hiro picks up Kensei’s mask, knowing he killed him. Then he goes to Yaeko, who tells him he’s the real hero who did everything, but he tells her that they won’t end up together, as the story actually ended with Kensei cutting out his own heart to save her and his country. Now it’s time for Hiro to leave, but she promises to tell the tales of Kensei so he will have them in his childhood. He returns home to see Ando, who tells him it’s been months and there’s been no bomb, but that his father is dead.

While working on curing Niki, Suresh figures out that she’s got another strain of the virus, for which his blood is no longer a cure. Bob promises to keep Maury sedated and destroy the virus, then he shows him Claire’s file (her regenerative abilities are the key), to which he adds that her father is getting sloppy, emotional, and dangerous. So of course the response to this is that he’s been working with Noah to take down the Company.

Claire’s mom tells her father about West. He does a bit of snooping and finds the newspaper article about how she fell 50 feet to her death. When confronted about this, she tells him nobody actually believes he was at a copy conference. To end the discussion, he says it’s not safe there any more and that they’re leaving. Well, at least he thinks they are because she doesn’t plan to go with him.

Peter tries to figure out who Adam is, since he doesn’t know any Adam. In walks Kensei. Or should I say Adam?

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