Heroes Season 2 Episode 6

In Heroes Season 2 Episode 5, a new character (Elle) showed up looking for Peter, Monica discovered her powers, Parkman went to see (and get tricked by) his father, Monica got taken to the Company by Suresh, and Peter didn’t find out anything by opening the box but did paint something cryptic that may help.

Because of the painting and tickets from the box, Peter decides to go to Montreal, and Caitlin insists on tagging along.

Claire tries out for the cheerleading squad… and gets rejected by Debbie, a cheertator, who says Claire’s not extraordinary. Could’ve fooled me.

Dr. Suresh is studying Monica’s power, muscle memory. Bob breaks the news to him that he plans to take away her abilities, at any cost. Suresh, who’s been told he must administer the treatment to Monica, calls Claire’s dad, who says he’s going to have to take the risk to keep his cover.

Claire tells West the lie she told her father, that she’s a cheerleader. She tells him she didn’t make the team, and he says to find a way to get on the squad. They stumble on the theory of public humiliation.

Sylar tells Maya about his lost powers and says he’s going to see Dr. Suresh to get it all back. Alejandro begins to get suspicious about Sylar, but Maya insists he go with them when they cross the border.

Back in the past, Hiro discusses how he loves Yaeko but can’t have her.

HRG ties up a guy from his past and tries to get information out of him about where the paintings are. He warns that the Haitian can remove all his most cherished memories. After removing some memories, he gets an offer: to come back to the company.

Alejandro and Maya get to the border and are greeted by locals. Locals with guns. Sylar convinces her to use her gift to get past them. She does and leaves a trail of bodies.

Suresh goes to give the shot to Monica, pretending it will improve her abilities, but he ultimately decides to tell Bob he refuses. He says he’s taking Molly and leaving.

A drunk Debbie agrees to speak to Claire for 5 minutes. Claire asks for another chance, which is refused. West swoops in and grabs Claire, dropping her on the ground, which would kill most people. He then goes for Debbie. She tries to convince people Claire’s dead. Then Claire walks up, perfectly fine. They can’t find any dead bodies, but they do find Debbie’s liquor.

Yaeko’s father taught White Beard how to make guns to save his daughter’s life, and White Beard plans to overthrow the Emperor with these weapons. They decide to destroy the weapons and save Japan. As they’re about to get shot, Hiro warps Yaeko to, well, it’s not apparent where.

Bob apologizes to Suresh, who says he’s stuck there anyway because Molly’s still not well.

Yaeko figures out that it was really Hiro who saved her, and she asks if he loves her, to which he responds that he does. She goes to kiss him, and he decides he doesn’t care about the space time continuum and lets her.

Maya gets Alejandro to agree to let her keep Sylar around, which he does, very reluctantly. Sylar breaks the news that when he gets his ability back, he’s going to kill both of them and take their powers.

Debbie’s suspended from the cheerleading squad due to drinking on school grounds, so a spot’s open, and Claire’s in.

HRG finally finds a threat that works: he’ll remove memories of his daughter. They’re told the paintings are in the warehouse. And with that, HRG shoots the man, as the threat of being condemned to Hell doesn’t seem to be enough.

Kensei catches Yaeko and Hiro kissing, but Hiro says that kiss is their last. When Hiro turns his back, he hits him from behind. Dead? Unconscious?

Niki tells Suresh she’s cured and is going to be his new partner.

The Haitian and HRG go to the paintings. The question comes up, “What does it mean?”

In Montreal, Peter gets a warning from Adam that the world is in danger because of the Company. He asks what the future holds, which takes him to a destroyed New York City from June 2008.

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