Watch NBC’s Heroes Online, For Free!

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Christmas has come early this year, and the good people over at NBC have decided to let everyone unwrap a few of their presents early!

As most addicts, such as myself, are well aware, NBC’s smash hit Heroes is on Christmas vacation and won’t be returning to air until January 22nd. Now, you can bet the return of the best show on TV is going to be a wondrous and fantastic occasion, but what is there to do until then? Well, thanks to NBC, each and every episode of Heroes is available to watch, online, in full! How awesome is that? If you missed an episode, want to re-watch an episode or, god forbid, haven’t seen a single episode of this years best TV show, then now’s your chance!

Watch Heroes Online: The Where and How
Watch NBC Heroes Online! (USA)
Watch Global TV Heroes Online! (Canada)

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30 thoughts on “Watch NBC’s Heroes Online, For Free!”

  1. Hey I have a problem with viewing Heroes from the NBC website. Just last week I moved to Ireland and having watched all of the first series to date every Monday night was hoping that i could continue watching the missed episodes on-line. Unfortunately NBC will not allow access from outside the USA. Episode 1 has just started over here and to be honest I don’t want to sit through the next 17 weeks before I get to see a new episode. Can you help me in finding a somewhere on-line I can get the new episodes (YouTube only has previews). Any information would be greatly appreciated,

  2. The only place I know you can download full episodes is from Torrent sites, but, depending on where you live, that may be against the law, so be careful if you decide to go that way.

  3. Thanks Graham, you have done a great thing for someone who is not in the US. the show is fantastic. so keep up the good work!



  4. You can go to an offshore website called and watch episodes. Most have french subtitles, but they are still speaking English. You can’t always make out what Hiro is saying, (if he is speaking Japanese of course) because the french subtitles cover up the english subtitles. You can ignore them mostly, and there are no commercials.

  5. and also many computers show the links of peekvid dead!!! I triedd many computers, my friends’, my desktop, laptop… any of them didn’t work with peekvid!

  6. google 13 places to watch tv online for free and go to the top site on it and there search for heroes and it will have every episode of heroes without subtitls

  7. I had to delete the two comments that preceeded this because it was some kids who thought swearing made them look tough/mature (protip: it doesn’t). But to answer the inquiries that were made, this site does provide you with multiple ways in which to watch Heroes online, if you follow the links listed in the original story.

  8. hey Jimi,
    well You tube doesn’t only have previews you just need to know what to search. URn’t totally up with the US but you only have to wait for 2-3 until the videos uploaded (which is on monday). The YOUTUBE episodes are in parts so its kinda confusin.

    I will give u the links to a episode:

    season 2 episode 6 part 1:
    part 2:
    part 3:
    part 4:
    part 5:

    All ov the episode have usually 5 parts so don’t worry is dey abruptly stop!

    here is what u type in 2 search for episodes:

    heroes season 2 episode 6… or der r some oda 1s later on:
    Heroes S2E5 – Fight or Flight [1 of 5]

    (I think ur smart enough to work out each episode fact!

    BTW sorry I gave u the link to the 6th episode the first!

    hope this helps!


  9. yeahhh i missed the new 10th episode season 2
    i cant find it anywhere online may b beacuse it just came out yesterday…..
    but it still should be somewhere someone help!

  10. i am a HEROES fanatic… i’m hooked on this show and i’ve been waiting for season 3 and it’s finally here… one problem 🙁 i have class every monday night so i’ll be missing all the episodes. My question- will i be able to watch each episode from this new season when i get home every monday night online??? I’m going to miss the premiere so i really want to know if i can watch it when i get home tomorrow that way i’ll finish my work and rush to my computer… if anyone can answer this please email me @… thankyou so much!!!!!! please hurry!

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