Watch Heroes Online: The Where and How

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I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously starting to get the shakes from being without my weekly NBC Heroes fix and it is really starting to get to me, not to mention all the awkward situations the shakes create. I can’t fill a cup of coffee without shaking half of it on to the floor, it’s damn near impossible to sleep and don’t even get me started with the typing, it took me an hour just to write this much. Needless to say, life without Heroes is rough and desperate times call for desperate measures. So what does the resourceful tech geek slash Heroes superfan do? He scowers the depths of the never ending interweb in search of any possible way to watch heroes online.

Now everyone knows that you can watch full episodes of Heroes on NBC in the USA and on Global TV in Canada, but that’s only good for full episodes that have already aired. What about trailers and spoilers for episode 19 “0.7%”, or backstage scenes and cast interviews, or talk show and conference appearances, or any of the myriad other videos any true Heroes fan wants to see? It was these questions that sent me on my journey through the series of tubes that is the Internet and here are the best sites I found to watch heroes online:

  • YouTube never fails to turn out at least a few good videos.
  • DailyMotion is a similar video sharing site, only they’re a lot looser with the rules, so you can always find some good Heroes videos there.
  • has some great behind the scenes and interview videos that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • The guys over at, a popular Heroes forum, have some great clips.
  • Even though the site is fairly new, not only has every full episode, but a fantastic selection of other clips and pictures too.

Don’t forget, Heroes returns to air on April 23rd with episode 19 “0.7%”, the first of the final five episodes in volume 1!

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34 thoughts on “Watch Heroes Online: The Where and How”

  1. you that gets it all from when it comes to the eps so you can’t see them if you not in the states

  2. Thanks for the info, really helps. Couldn’t watch the episodes in NBC so I had to look for other sites. Thanks, again, for posting other sites that contains the HEROES episodes…

  3. My pleasure. I hope you’re able to find some good quality sites to watch the episodes on. I know people in the UK have been having issues finding sites to watch episodes online and I still haven’t found anything that is of much help for the UK crowd.


  4. If you missed any episode of heroes I have them all up as far as episode 20… Leave ur email address and ill send which ever ones you want…

  5. You can also watch episodes from
    A friend in New Zealand told me about it, so if it works there, maybe you can get it in the UK?
    Hope that helps!

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