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Any true fan of the hit TV series Heroes knows that the folks at NBC have been offering a whole lot of stuff online since the show started. If you miss an episode, no problem, you can watch it in full on the site; you can scan through a massive archive of pictures from past episodes, and from time to time, future episodes; you can get in on the Heroes 360 action and discover more Easter eggs and extras than you can shake a stick at; you can download wallpapers, screensavers and so much more; you can even follow along with the online comic book which, might I add, is an incredible source of information for upcoming events and episodes. With all that being said, Heroes is certainly one of the best TV shows out there, I would even go as far as to call it the complete entertainment package, and now NBC has expanded the package even more!

Announced just the other day, NBC has officially teamed up with MobiTV to offer all of your favorite NBC TV shows for download on your cellphone! Now, no matter where you go, as long as you have your cellphone on you, you will have the awesomeness that is Heroes at hand. For only $1.99 you can download the newest episodes, in full, directly on to your phone for immediate viewing. At the moment, there is a 24-hour viewing period assigned to each video, so you will have to watch it within a day (which kind of sucks), but for a true Heroes fan that is willing to pay to download and watch the show on their cellphones, waiting 24-hours isn’t going to be very likely.

Watch Heroes on your cellphone!
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