Heroes Episode 19 “.07” Preview

Unfortunately our friends over at NBC seem to think going on hiatus is a great way to build suspense, which certainly explains the cliffhanger ending in Heroes episode 18 “Parasite”, but still doesn’t excuse the fact that we’re all going to have to wait until April 23rd for another episode of Heroes!

Heroes episode 19 “.07” will be the beginning of the end for Volume one of, what has been, one of the best TV series in recent memory.Unfortunately the series is only 23 episodes long, and as much as I wish it were longer, I really want to see how everything ties together and comes to an end.

So, since we’re going to be going without the best show on TV for another seven weeks, I’m going to try and spread my spoiler and preview posts out so people don’t lose interest in the show, though I highly doubt that will happen. Albeit, this first Heroes episode 19 “.07” preview video is short, it certainly provides some insight into what we can expect to see when the series returns on April 23rd. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Heroes Episode 19 “.07” Preview”

  1. Australia is so far behind America for Heroes. But that’s okay because I’ve seen up to episode 19 anyway. Can’t wait for april 23rd!

  2. Greg Quinn, you can actually read people’s thoughts?! That’s an awesome talent but I can’t help but be a little skeptical. I hope you’re a hero too 😉

  3. They say the vid. is removed because of disrespect for the serie or something.. Anyone ideas where I can watch?
    Ps. @ Greg, Who am I not to believe you? It seems like a fairytale but if you say it’s true, I’ll try to believe you..

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