The Bachelor 11 Episode 7

On The Bachelor 11 Episode 6, Brad took the women home and met their families. Sheena’s mother was very welcoming, albeit a bit creepy and already planning a wedding. Jenni’s and DeAnna’s families were also very welcoming. Bettina’s family, however, disapproved of both him and her, and they refused to treat him with any indication of common decency. So, of course, at the end of the show, she survived, and he sent Sheena home instead.

They go to Cabo San Lucas. The first overnight date is with Jenni, and they start off by swimming with the dolphins. Jenni’s afraid to tell him how she feels because she doesn’t want to set herself up. He wants her to just be herself and say how she really feels, which is easy enough for him to say because at the end of the day he gets the girl, whichever one that may be. That night, they meet for dinner. He waits for the right moment to present the fantasy suite card, but she doesn’t want to wait and just comes right out with it and attacks him to grab the card. She thanks him for being the man she dreams about.

The next date is with Bettina. They start off sailing and swimming on a private beach. He says this is make or break for both of them… shouldn’t it be made already? She tells us she’s holding back because she’s scared. She pretends her family’s only concern was whether it was a two way street. We know better than that. They think he’s too low class for them. He asks about her moving to Austin, and she says she’ll do it without giving it a thought. When they head off to the fantasy suite, he thinks it feels a lot more comfortable and right, and he continues to be thrilled with how good she looks.

DeAnna’s up next, and they go racing on their date, where she beats him without trying. Unlike the other girls who are being more reserved, she tells him she’s falling in love. Brad tells us he can see a lifetime with DeAnna.


It’s the end of the road for Bettina. I wouldn’t have been completely surprised if he kept her around as a trophy, but it was obvious these two were doomed with that aside. She asks why, and he tells her he wonders if he knows who she really is. It’s a pretty good final two. Jenni’s been someone he’s liked all along, and if we discount the way she’s treated the other women this season, DeAnna’s not so bad.

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5 thoughts on “The Bachelor 11 Episode 7”

  1. Just wanted to say—I was sick tonight so I missed watching the show. Anyway, when I woke up, I wanted to know who got the roses.
    I am so glad there was a website that posted this info for me. Thankyou so much. Rose S. I am so glad it was Jenny and Deanna. Betina seems like a fake. I may be wrong, but it sort of bugged me when she told him that she didn’t look so good on paper either. What in the heck kind of remark was that. I was hoping she would have been the one to hit the road last week. Anyway, thanks for posting this information, because it was not posted yet on Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou Rose S.

  2. I feel Jenny is young and still has alot she needs to do with her
    life. When she told she made the cheerleading team you could see
    the sparkle in her eye. She will be stuck between the future she
    always hoped for. And a man who’s has wants his woman to say close to home. And to ask for her to give up her future. WOULD HURT THEM BOTH. DEANNA,is my pick, SHE’S A STRONG WOMAN.

  3. thanks so much for the info on the show last night. I took some cough med. past out, But very happy to be able to go on the web to get the 411 on the show, I honestly felt Bettina was going home. Her family was just a bit to much! Smart move Brad! I think
    the last rose will be given to jenni.

  4. He picks DeAnna – there are pictures of her from Halloween on the Chuggin Monkey website – one of his bars in Austin.

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