Survivor South Africa: Malaysia Episode 11

You want to talk about your bad episodes? Survivor South Africa: Malaysia Episode 10 saw the elimination of Hein, which was later followed by Dyke’s exit, which left me wondering who the heck to root for now.

Lorette wasn’t kidding when she said she would be willing to go after Mandla.

Grant’s continuing to get closer to Angie, which makes for his second (at least) useless/dangerous very close ally thus far.

Lorette gets upset when Angie takes food and cooks it for herself.

The reward challenge is a matter of balance, which seems more suitable to an immunity. Reward is a ski trip, in addition to a map with directions to an immunity idol. Okay, I was ready for a lame twist as much as the next guy, but hidden immunity idol sucks worse than any twist not created by Big Brother producers. The first stage of the competition is standing on a post on one foot. Angie’s out first, followed by her buddy Grant. The next stage is crossing a chain using a rope for support. Mandla crosses first, then Angela. Lastly, they get on a log, where Mandla outruns Angela to win reward. As if he needs a bigger target on his back, though the idol will definitely be nice to have.

It takes him a while to find the idol, but it doesn’t appear to be that difficult. He pretends he doesn’t have it, though.

Angela and Amanda approach Angie to again propose an alliance with her. The thing about Angie is that, while you can’t trust her at all, she is quite likely to jump ship. She says she wants to target Lorette. But then Angela comes up with a final three plan, with Mandla as the actual third.

Angie puts her plan into motion, working on Mandla and then Grant. Mandla’s annoyed with her, but Grant’s looking at taking someone everyone hates to the end.

After Lorette tells Amanda about Angie taking the tapioca for herself, Amanda tells Lorette about what Angie’s plans are, leaving out the part about how they were thrilled with the plan. Except with the food bit, which upsets everybody, now they’re not interested in that plan any more and want to get rid of Angie.

The immunity challenge is named simply: hold your breath. Angela’s out at 25 seconds. Amanda and Lorette are out at 50 seconds. Mandla’s out at 1:10. The final two are Angie and Grant. They must untie and release two buoys and return to shore. Angie releases her first buoy first, and Grant eventually ties it at 1. Angie gets her second buoy up and gets to shore to win immunity. Plans. Foiled. So now what?

Grant confronts Angie about the food, and her defense is that it was actually coconut, not tapioca. The only thing I know about tapioca is that it’s in pudding, so I don’t know what actually happened. So anyway, now Angie tells Grant she’s back on their side, since he told her they approached Lorette about targetting her. She ponders keeping that information to herself, but instead opts to ask Angela about it, who denies it, as does Amanda. Angie gets confused who to believe. Here’s a hint: don’t believe any of them. Later, Lorette and Angie discuss everything… with Amanda and Angela sitting right there in plain sight. Amanda views this as an opportunity to keep pot stirring. During this, Grant’s name comes up because he was an idiot and tried to make everybody else look like the bad guy without getting any actual facts.


By a vote of 4-2, Angela has been voted off the island, as the alliance of 4 sticks together. Next time we’ll see if someone’s smart enough to realize 5 is a great chance to pull in a swing vote.

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