Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Winner

The women’s alliance kicked into gear in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carlina Episode 12 with the elimination of Kaseran.

Sade believes she’s the biggest threat because she’s the strongest chick left, or so she tells us. GiGi, likewise, has decided she’s on her own.

We jump right into the immunity challenge. They will start face down in the sand, jump up, and start the obstacle course, complete with digging, climbing, monkey bars, balance beams, and lastly a puzzle. There are 72 different ways of completing this 3D puzzle… they only have to find one. Given that the first task here is to climb under a pole in the sand, it’s safe to say that ProVerb’s a lost cause here against these girls. Ashley is the first one through. She’s then the first person over the wall and through the tire. GiGi and Sade break free as Ashley crosses the monkey bars. Sade’s just about caught up with Ashley on the bars. Ashley hits the balance beam first, but Sade is closing in. With the girls a long ways ahead, Pro has finally freed himself from the ground. Nobody’s particularly convincing on the balance beams as GiGi joins the others. Ashley is the first person to hit the puzzle. Sade joins her. Ashley wins immunity.

Sade intends to stick to the women’s alliance. However, GiGi and Ashley discuss flipping things again, getting rid of Sade rather than ProVerb.

Sade’s pitch at tribal council: what difference does it make if she’s there or not? That’s the spirit.


By a vote of 3-1, Sade has been voted off the island.

The next day, they take a walk down memory lane while the locals play music in the background. That leads them to their final immunity challenge. They’re positioned out on the water on a platform, where they must keep their balance. If they fall, they’re out, but Nico will be waiting for them with some lemon water, fruit, and shade. Pro’s struggling even with the support pole. Once that drops, so does he. GiGi doesn’t look to be budging at any point, but all of a sudden she stumbles and falls. Ashley wins immunity for the fifth time in a row.

Ashley has an interesting decision to make now. If the better player gets the votes, it doesn’t matter who she picks because Ashley’s had control of this for quite some time. Pro’s viewed by people as not having done anything, although that also means he hasn’t screwed anyone either (except for that weird Izak vote that ultimately was responsible for Izak’s elimination). GiGi, meanwhile, has enough fellow tribe members on the jury that all it could take is one or two bitter Timbilans to tilt the scale in her favor.

Both of them just say that it’s up to Ashley, and they’re not going to be making a case for themselves. Ashley’s decision is that she doesn’t want to burn yet one more bridge.


With 1 vote, ProVerb has been voted off the island. In a departure from the usual, he leaves with a smile on his face. If only that could rub off on the very sour looking jury.

Ashley hates conflict. Oh, well, this won’t go well. That said, she doesn’t apologize for how she’s played the game.

Hanna’s very tame question is whether Ashley has done charity work prior to Survivor. The answer is yes, she has a lot of charities she tries to lend her name to whenever she can.

Louw is questioning whether Ashley has outplayed them. I’m guessing he’s looking for an answer other than “Duh.” On day three, his promise to her was that, if she screwed him, it would come back to bite her. Ironically, despite all his whining, she had nothing to do with him being voted out. That was the fault of Izak. Regardless, he doesn’t believe her that him getting eliminated wasn’t her fault, apparently having rewritten history in his mind. Dumbass. If you’re gonna be bitter, at least have a logical reason for it.

Okkert has a throw away question that he’s not allowed to complete but that doesn’t get the most sensible response from GiGi anyway.

Gys says GiGi is not cheap despite her career. Then he comments about whether Ashley’s emotion was a strategy or heartfelt, to which she is not allowed to respond.

Izak admires the way Ashley played the game.

Kaseran is still reeling from his friend backstabbing him. She feels that she was honest with him, as he asked, but hopes that he will find some way to forgive her.

Sade would have liked for GiGi to be more honest with her, but GiGi didn’t want another situation like Kas where he refused to look at Ashley again.

Pro wants GiGi to wipe her tears. As for Ashley, she used him until she no longer needed him, then threw him to the side, for which he applauds her. That’s the game.

Due to the even numbered jury, the public has been given a chance to break the tie.

Ashley (viewers’ vote)
Ashley (Izak)
Ashley (ProVerb)

Not the most bitter jury we’ve seen, but Louw and Kaseran certainly give others a run for their money in that category. The Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina winner is GiGi.

If he had the chance to vote, Darren would have voted for Ashley, who played the game the best. Kas acknowledges that he made an emotional decision. Louw is still delusional. According to him, GiGi had the best strategy. Apparently, praying for someone from the other tribe to save you is a strategy.

The charity prize money was split as follows:

Gigi: 500,000 rand
Ashley: 200,000 rand
ProVerb: 150,000 rand
Sade: 125,000 rand
Kaseran: 100,000 rand
Izak: 95,000 rand
Gys: 90,000 rand
Okkert: 85,000 rand
Louw: 80,000 rand
Hanna: 75,000 rand
Nico: 50,000 rand
Sandi: 45,000 rand
Darren: 40,000 rand
Lady Lea: 35,000 rand
Craig: 30,000 rand
Cindy: 25,000 rand
Jub Jub: 20,000 rand
Garth: 15,000 rand
Christina: 10,000 rand

Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 12

In yet another tie vote, this time designed specifically to get rid of one player, Izak was voted off the island in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 11.

Ashley makes a final two deal with GiGi, the final piece of the puzzle she’s been putting together.

The reward challenge is to hit a ball. The further it goes, the more points they get, as long as it stays in bounds. They get the highest score if they hit it through the net in the middle. Visitors from home arrive: GiGi’s husband, Kaseran’s mom, Sade’s father, Ashley’s husband, and ProVerb’s wife. The winner will get a whole day with their loved one. Hitting her ball all of two feet, Ashley scores 1. GiGi also scores 1, a little more convincingly. Kaseran scores 6. ProVerb scores 4. Sade scores 2. Ashley’s second hit is much better, bringing her to 3. GiGi scores 5 for a total of 6. Kaseran scores 6 again for a total of 12. ProVerb scores an 8 to tie the lead at 12. Sade gets 5 to bring her score to 7. Ashley’s final hit brings her to 6. GiGi adds 3 for a total of 9. Kas gets another 6 for 18. That eliminates Ashley, GiGi, and Sade. Pro’s final hit goes for 5 for a total of 17. Kaseran wins reward. He can forego this reward in exchange for giving it away. Without any thought, he lets everybody else have the reward. In addition to the earned brownie points, he also gets to join in the family lunch.

Now Ashley feels a bit guilty about her plans to stab Kas in the back, but her husband tells her it’s a game and she should go with whatever gives her the best chance of winning.

Considering all the digging that’s been done, you’d think somebody would have found the idol by now, but it’s still out there for the taking. Ashley manages to find it right under their crest as the clue said, further solidifying her power base.

At the site of one of the cannons that defended the island, the immunity challenge is to lift a cannon ball between two stakes and hold it in the air for as long as they can. Kas opts for an underhanded grip, whereas everybody else goes for an overhanded grip. It would seem underhanded is wiser considering their arms are going to get tired. Pro’s ball slips, but he stops it from falling. His options would be to leave it where it is or take the risk of stabilizing it. While he’s thinking, Kaseran’s ball slips, and he fails to catch it without it touching his body. Shortly thereafter, Pro is out. GiGi is next to drop. Sade’s getting shaky, and it appears Ashley will win yet another immunity challenge. She does.

The obvious plan now is to get rid of Kaseran, news that Ashley plans to break to him rather than blindsiding him that night. His only hope now is to find that hidden immunity idol. He’s digging in the right area, where he should have dug previously. Too bad he shared the clue with Ashley, who already found it earlier in the morning. Unable to find the idol, his last ditch effort is to talk to GiGi.

GiGi and Sade are completely delighted at the way things are unfolding. Ashley’s turned herself into the villain. Either people will respect her for playing a strong game, or they’ll be angry at her for being a backstabber. Their best hope for a win is the latter.


By a vote of 3-2, Kaseran has been voted off the island, pulling the knife out of his back as he goes. Nico tells Pro he might need to be worried.

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Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 11

The inevitable next boot in line, Gys, was eliminated in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 10. In casting his vote, ProVerb decided to stir the pot some more, voting against Izak just because he could.

With the departure of Gys, somebody’s going to have to take his place as the fisherman. Izak goes out with the spear and grabs a fish on his first try. Sade as well manages to catch a fish the old fashioned way. Ashley, however, has no interest in trying.

Pro has decided his vote was cowardly, and he apologizes to Izak for it.

Each contestant starts the reward challenge behind a corkscrew, which they must unscrew by running around it. They will continue through multiple stages until they are the last one standing. Reward is a helicopter ride to a lighthouse for a picnic, or some deep sea fishing where they can keep what they’ve caught and get treated to a spread. In either case, they get some Hunter’s Dry, which apparently refreshes like nothing else on Earth. A dizzy Sade is off to the next stage first. She is followed by Izak, ProVerb, and Kaseran. GiGi and Ashley are out. Sade is also the first person to complete the second stage, and she’s followed closely by Izak. Izak wins reward by a few seconds. He opts for the fishing. Rather than taking the runner up, he takes Ashley. It seems she promised her daughter she’d catch a fish, though she has not yet tried to do so in the three weeks they’ve been on the island.

GiGi tells Kas and ProVerb they should get rid of Izak because he’s a threat to them. Granted, she tells us that Kaseran is another target of hers. Ashley thinks Izak’s next in line.

When they’re done with their reward in which they ate as much as they possibly could, Ashley decides to break the rules and stash as much food as she can. They’ve also caught some huge fish.

Kaseran has been digging holes all day. He’s done looking for that idol. Whoever finds it finds it.

Ashley reconfirms the all female alliance. Obviously, the other two are still onboard because it’s not like they have any other choice. The problem for Ashley is that if either of the other two win that final immunity, their loyalty would be to each other rather than to Ashley. Then again, given the irrational voting from some of the guys, how trustworthy they can be is questionable.

Each person will start behind a table and must familiarize themselves with masks using their hands because they will be blindfolded the whole time. They must then recreate their masks using three bags of puzzle pieces, which they will take through the obstacle course one bag at a time. Kaseran is the first one to grab his second bag. Ashley’s behind him. ProVerb and GiGi join Kaseran and Ashley in starting their puzzle. Having made three trips was not enough for Kas, who returns for another feel. Before he gets back, Ashley wins immunity.

Of all the people who were in danger, Ashley was not one of them, so that leaves the playing field wide open for whoever they want to get rid of.

Pro doesn’t want to vote for Izak this time since he apologized to him for doing that already. Kaseran, however, wants to target Izak. They can pull this off without Pro’s vote, but with would at least demonstrate a unified front.

Ashley suggests an alternate strategy so that they don’t get their hands bloodied. Split the vote: 2 Sade, 2 GiGi, and 2 Izak. Thanks to Pro’s vote from the previous tribal council, Izak would go home. This would also mean that Ashley’s the only person on the tribe without any previous votes. The dicey part of this is getting Pro and Izak to fall in line. One or two people flipping could mess up everything, but it appears Ashley’s got all her ducks in a row as they head off to tribal council.


This three way tie brings us to consider previous votes. With his 1 previous vote from the last tribal council, Izak has been voted off the island. He realizes he’s been set up, but nonetheless, he seems to be rooting for Ashley and Kaseran, who he blames for his downfall.

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Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 10

Izak swung back to his tribe’s side in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 9, and another tie vote resulted in the elimination of Okkert.

When they return from tribal council, Gys has a lecture for ProVerb in front of the rest of the tribe. He needs to contribute more on finding food. This attitude probably isn’t going to win him any friends, but what may work is that Gys is now the one catching the fish since Okkert is out of the way.

The reward challenge is to make fire. Let’s hope the winds have died down. They have to fill a bucket with holes to raise their fire to burn the rope. Reward is a Volvo Xc60, worth around half a million rand. Gys strikes matches almost immediately and is the first one to start his fire. Pro takes his time to get his fire ready before lighting it. He’s the last one to light his fire, but he’s confident that it’ll last, so he is the first person to head to the water. Gys and GiGi join him. Nico warns Pro that he might want to consider moving a little faster. Ashley later heads for the water as well. Sade finally joins them. Izak and Kaseran bring up the rear. GiGi seems to have run out of steam. Gys’ bucket is the first to move. Gys wins reward.

Izak in his little red speedo is drawing negative attention from the others. Sade’s a bit jealous. GiGi finds it amusing that he spends so much time posing. Ashley’s worried that Izak seems to be getting stronger and more confident as time goes by.

If Gys doesn’t get immunity, he’s the target. If he does get immunity, Ashley doesn’t have a plan.

The question becomes: if Gys does go home, what are they going to eat? In the meantime, Kaseran is catching crabs, while ProVerb will try his hand at fishing.

Apart from the remains of the hotel, there is also a prison dating back even further to the days of pirates and slavery. The immunity challenge is based on a method of torture that was used. They’ll stand with their arms raised until they drop. The first position is crouching with their hands out straight. Nico offers a chance at the hidden immunity idol. Kaseran drops out and takes it. Not long after, Izak drops out, followed by ProVerb. After 5 minutes, the four who remain move to position two, a standing position with their arms out straight. All four move to the final position, which is standing with arms raised above their heads. Gys has been struggling for a while and is the first one eliminated. This leaves the girls, as is often the case with these kind of endurance competitions. Sade is the next one to drop. After 20 minutes, GiGi is out. Ashley wins immunity.

Chibudu wants to vote for Kaseran because he doesn’t have any votes against him, a decision the girls are making at Ashley’s instructions. Gys decides to approach Izak because he’s got nothing left to lose.

Kas enlists Ashley to help him look for the idol, something which ProVerb has still not found. The clue says that the idol is under the crest, which they have since moved. He’s not too careful about his surroundings during his search because Sade sees him digging. She assumes he has found it. With that, she’d like to vote for someone else instead, ProVerb. Their other hope is to convince Izak to vote against Kaseran, making it 3-3-1, and Pro would go home.


What a weird tribal council. With 3 votes, Gys has been eliminated. His last act was to vote against ProVerb because he doesn’t want him to win, rather than hoping somebody would make a strange vote with the potential to save him. And speaking of strange votes, ProVerb threw one Izak’s way.

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Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 9

With his tribe firmly in control, Izak decided to make it a tie game again in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 8 by voting for somebody random, thereby ensuring his own tribemate Louw went home as a result of a tie. Now the tribes are even again, this time with 4 each.

When they get back to camp, Izak says that all promises he’s made are now gone. He intends to vote for Okkert at some stage. It’s a little late for that.

Kaseran’s not too heart broken that Louw is gone. It allows him to step up. This doesn’t sit too well with ProVerb, who views his attitude as if he’s trying to take over.

Izak knows that nobody should trust him, which he views as a good thing. Nobody trusting you can only get you so far. You have to have some trust, unless you can just run the table with the last few challenges. However, he does say that their alliance still stands, although it may not stand if he changes his mind. Once again, their plan is to vote out Okkert.

The reward challenge is called the knife quiz, a pecking order challenge. They will be asked questions about their fellow tribe members. If they’re in the majority, they will stick a knife in the post of someone else.

Who is the most difficult person to sleep next to?
ProVerb. Everybody except Pro gets a knife. Ashley targets Gys. GiGi goes for Pro. Gys goes for Ashley. Izak goes for his ally Kaseran. Kas hits Sade. Not to be outdone by Izak, Okkert also targets an ally, Gys. Sade goes for Izak.

Who is the most untrustworthy?
Harsh question, but the answer is obvious. Izak. Sade, ProVerb, Gys, and Gigi are correct. Despite him having saved them last night, Okkert’s the only Chibudu member to not answer Izak (I wouldn’t trust him either, though), although Pro filled in the gap. GiGi goes for Kas. Gys targets Okkert. ProVerb targets Gys. Sade hits Izak. Gys is the first person eliminated.

Which tribe member is acting or pretending the most?
Kaseran. GiGi goes for Izak. Sade gives GiGi her first. Ashley goes to Kas. Izak and Kaseran have been eliminated.

Who does the least amount of work around camp?
Izak. Ashley goes for ProVerb. Okkert stabs Sade.

Who is the most likely to stab you in the back?
Obviously, Izak. GiGi goes to Ashley. Sade goes to Okkert. ProVerb goes to GiGi. Ashley has been eliminated.

Who is the most underestimated player?
ProVerb. Okkert goes to Pro. Sade goes to GiGi. Pro gives it to Okkert. GiGi is eliminated. Okkert is also eliminated. And ProVerb joins them.

Sade wins reward. She will go for a day of pampering, and she’s allowed to take one person. She chooses Ashley. Interesting. As the first person eliminated, Gys can pick someone other than himself to go with them. He chooses GiGi so all the girls go off for some spa treatments while the boys remain behind.

Kaseran did not fail to realize the obvious. The other tribe views Izak as a lazy, untrustworthy backstabber.

Gys suggests voting for GiGi. Okkert doesn’t like this plan. He’d rather get rid of Izak, retaining the lead. Sure, that works out great for Okkert, but what does it do for Kaseran? He plans to wait until he finds out what Ashley will do because he knows she won’t stab him the back.

While they’re off on their reward, Ashley tells the other girls that she wants to join them in an alliance to the end. All they have to do for now is just vote as they otherwise would, then flip when the time’s right.

Like Izak, Okkert says he’s all alone in this game.

The immunity challenge is an elimination obstacle course. They will grab stakes, dig up bags, which they will use to hop, grab some puzzle pieces, head across the balance beams, and solve the anagram puzzle. GiGi is eliminated on the first stage. Okkert has a huge lead. Izak and Gys head to the puzzles next. Ashley is the last one to arrive at the puzzle station. This poorly planned stacking challenge is taking place in the middle of a windy storm that keeps knocking over the blocks. At least it’s not a fire building challenge. Ashley seems to be getting somewhere with the puzzle, if only she could stop the wind. Attempting another strategy, her stack crumbles again, striking her in the face and causing her to bleed. This is a really stupid challenge. Izak wins immunity.

Unable to vote for Izak, Chibudu will now be targeting ProVerb, who they say is not working.

Ashley comes to the conclusion she should have come to last week. They can count on Izak voting for Gys, but they can’t be sure about whether he’ll vote for Okkert. When she approaches Izak about this, he says that he’d feel more comfortable getting rid of Okkert.

Because the other tribe has voted for Louw every single time, nobody from Timbila has a vote against them. However, Okkert and Gys both do, so as long as Izak sticks to the plan, his tribe will regain the lead.


It’s another tie. Taking into account previous votes, Okkert has 4, so he has been voted off the island. He believes Kas will do very well in the game.

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Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 8

The merged tribes voted to a tie in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 7. The skull challenge sent Hanna home rather than Louw, putting Timbila back in the driver’s seat.

There are still two tribes, and it does not seem as if Chibudu will be doing anything to change it. It’s rare we see any tribe get Pagonged, so there’s always a chance. But if they just roll over, they may as well just leave now.

At their first reward challenge as a new tribe, they’re split up into teams of three. Blue: Kaseran, GiGi, and Okkert. Yellow: Ashley, Louw, and ProVerb. Red: Gys, Izak, and Sade. The game consists of three ropes, a ring, and a ball. They must use the ropes to lift the ring and carry the ball. The first team to get to the other side wins a brai. Fastest will not necessarily win. The trick is to get there first. If you drop it, you’ve gotta go all the way back. Red team drops their ball to give up their lead, allowing the blue team of Kaseran, GiGi, and Okkert to win the BBQ.

Kaseran doesn’t deny that they’re both in trouble. He says, though, that it would be exciting if one of his tribe goes off track. All he can say to them is that tonight’s going to be a toss up between Okkert, Gys, and Sade. That would mean he believes GiGi is going to be safe, presumably for quite some time.

While Kas is off eating, Izak, Ashley, and Louw discuss how they want to get rid of him eventually, taking themselves to the final three.

Everybody gets letters from their charities, an emotional reminder of what they’re competing for.

The immunity challenge is to sift through the sand using a sorter to find a slinghshot and marbles, then they need to break three plates. GiGi is the first to take a shot and miss. Izak hits his first plate. Ashley is next on the board, followed by Louw. Louw then breaks his second plate. Gys strikes his first. Ashley gets her second. ProVerb strikes his first plate. Okkert hits his first. Then ProVerb joins the leader board with his second. Kaseran is next on the board, and then he hits his second. Sade finally gets on the board, then strikes her second plate as well. Gys is the sixth person to break his second plate (Okkert and Izak have 1, while GiGi has yet to score). A lot of people have a shot. It’s just a matter of who hits that final one. Following his slow start, Kaseran wins immunity.

Ashley says that their plan is to whittle them down so that they can’t influence the end game in any way. The flaw in that theory is that two Timbilas in the final two would mean four Chibudu jury members.

Louw seems to be outdoing Okkert on the fishing front, with a catch including an octopus. Being the fisherman is a good way to stick around to the end, although Chibudu does their best to say they’re unimpressed.

Okkert is the obvious target. Izak’s going to have to get over himself on this front and make the sensible choice. GiGi and Sade pretend they’re going to vote for Okkert, too.

At tribal council, Kaseran tells the other tribe they need to start thinking of a way to change the game in their favor. They don’t take kindly to this.


We have a tie. Uh. What? Taking into account previous votes, Louw has 5 votes. Okkert has none. Louw has been voted off the island by Izak. Way to throw away the lead, dude. I hope Okkert kicks his ass in some more challenges. To be fair to him, his tribe should have just voted out Gys like he wanted to, then gotten rid of Okkert later.

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Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 7

Timbila switched things up and turned on Sandi in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 6. Meanwhile, Gys and Izak were caught in a tribal shuffle.

Gys continues to spread his efforts to break up Hanna and Sade. Now he’s trying to convince his new tribe that it would be a good move.

Nico is passing out parchments. Everybody must rate everybody else on a scale of 1-10. Afterward, they will get on stumps based on how they are ranked.

First: Okkert
Second: Louw and Izak
Third: Gys
Fourth: Hanna
Fifth: Kaseran
Sixth: Sade
Seventh: Ashley
Eighth: GiGi
Ninth: ProVerb

Okkert says he should be somewhere in the middle. Pro says he’s underrated.

It’s time to merge. The new tribe name is Kululama. As the lowest ranked member, ProVerb will leave immediately for his new beach. Everybody else gets a beach bar from Liqui-Fruit. While they get refreshment, Pro’s not completely screwed. No, he gets a clue to the hidden immunity idol, although his time alone is insufficient to allow him to find it. However, he believes he has found where it is, but he’ll need to find some time to dig.

GiGi wanted everybody else to be ranked higher than her so that they are targets. Granted, if you finish that far below everybody else, it’s hard to claim it’s intentional.

Sade believes that Chibudu has the numbers, seeing as Izak’s been with their tribe for a couple of days. On the contrary, Izak tells Kaseran that his plan is to get rid of Sade first, although he says he’s never going to vote for Okkert out of respect.

Ashley’s already planning for the future. Her request is that nobody on her side chooses alliance members to go on rewards.

At the immunity challenge, they are given 15 seconds to memorize symbols, which they must then replicate on their own structures. The lowest scores after the first round are Ashley (8 out of 10), Okkert (8 out of 10), Sade (9 out of 10), and Izak (8 out of 10). GiGi, Louw, Gys, Kaseran, Hanna, and ProVerb will all play round 2. The lowest scores are GiGi (5 out of 10), Louw (6 out of 10), Gys (6 out of 10), and Pro (6 out of 10). Hanna and Kas advance to the final round. Hanna got 1 wrong. Kaseran wins immunity.

Following a puzzle challenge, the logical move is to get rid of Okkert. They may not get a lot of opportunities. It does not seem likely that is the move the tribe will pursue, however.

Chibudu is targeting Louw, apparently because Izak suggested it when they were on a tribe together. Now Izak seems to be shying away from a Louw vote. They don’t care. They’re voting for Louw anyway.

Timbila now wants to get rid of Hanna, instead of Sade.


We have a tie. Since this is a new tribe, no prior votes are considered. Therefore, we go to an elimination game known as the skull. Hanna and Louw both step forward. When the clock starts, they must count to 30 seconds in their head. The closest to 30 seconds survives. Louw touches first and Hanna immediately after. With a time of 47 seconds, Louw is safe. Hanna has been eliminated, shifting the power Timbila’s way.

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Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 6

They’ve been waiting for a while to get rid of Darren, and they found their chance in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 5.

ProVerb’s been on the outside with his tribe, so he’s likely to be the next target.

Everybody will be pirates for the reward challenge. They must do a hostile takeover of the other tribe’s boat, but without too much violence. They must walk over the gang plank and be the one who remains standing. Reward is pillows, mosquito nets, and a hammock. ProVerb sits out for Timbila, which still leads by one thanks to the two quitters from the other end. ProVerb drops Gys first. Once that happens, all of Timbila rushes to the other side and starts tossing Chibudu overboard. They quickly get rid of most of the tribe, but Hanna and Okkert aren’t going down without a fight. The girls are struggling with Hanna. Realizing that Okkert’s not going anywhere, one of the guys comes over to help Sandi and Ashley to throw Hanna overboard. That will leave everybody to fight against Okkert. Kaseran is out. Then Ashley falls in, bringing Izak with her. Despite their odds, it appears Timbila has thrown this challenge away. Sandi’s the last person left standing against Okkert. Chibudu wins reward. Louw is angry, saying that Okkert did not play fair.

Each tribe must select an ambassador to capture an opposing tribemate, who will be part of their tribe from that point forward. That person will be granted immunity for the next tribal council. They will also be able to obtain an item of value from the other team.

Okkert will be the ambassador for his tribe, so that they don’t take him. Before he departs, the tribe hides everything.

Louw is the ambassador for his tribe. The one thing they wanted right away, which is the first thing Chibudu thought of hiding, was the tool that Hein gave them. They pretend Okkert carries it with him. He doesn’t want something else. Louw has noticed that they seem to have run out of everything. No tools, no pots, no chickens. Gys offers up the chicken. Realizing they’re playing games, he takes Gys and walks away. Sade believes they’ve given the other tribe reason to hate them and come for them. A fair statement. There’s playing smart, and then there’s just cheating. I hope it backfires.

Okkert grabs Izak, as if his tribe’s not physically dominant enough.

Louw blames Gys, the patriarch of his tribe. Gys lies without shame.

Two giant balls will be released into the pit at the same time. Three members of each tribe will have to push their ball into their opponent’s score zone. Gys, Ashley, and Sandi go against Sade, Hanna, and Izak. The girls defend against the girls, while Gys defends against Izak. The guys are standing still in a corner. Sandi and Ashley score for Timbila. Okkert, Izak, and GiGi go against ProVerb, Ashley, and Louw. It comes down to Okkert against Louw. Louw just keeps getting shoved around. Okkert eventually gets a warning to be less rough, but it’s irrelevant. Chibudu ties it 1-1. Izak, Okkert, and Hanna go against Kaseran, Gys, and Sandi. This time Okkert goes against Gys. Another predictable conclusion. Chibudu wins immunity.

It’s too bad they can’t get rid of Gys for that stunt his tribe pulled.

Pro seemed to be the next one on the chopping block. The other option is Sandi, whose post-merge loyalty is being questioned.

ProVerb approaches Gys about getting rid of Louw. When he goes to the rest of the tribe with this, he doesn’t get the positive response he’d hoped for. Instead, they say they’re not sure.


With 4 votes, Sandi has been voted off the island.

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